Sticks & Stones

ChorusSticcs and stones and broken homes your curses are what hurt meYour heart is stone it breaks my soul your hatred is what birthed meYou drink my blood and drain my love and you always seem so thirstyYou act so high above us all you act like im not worthyI tried my best to reconnect but i dont think that its workingYou runaway from things i say but in the darkness you are lurkingYou want to care but dont know how and i dont think that your learningWe scream and yell our tempers flare but yours will always burn meYou made me sicc im done with this theres nothing that can cure me Verse 1Sometimes i think you want to love me but youve told me that you hate meAnd thats something thats so hard to hear from a person that helped make meBy that i mean the part you played in the making of the monster the world made meYou contributed to me numbing all my feelings and suppressing my emotionsI never saw you express anything but anger and hatred and i thing thats where i got the notionIts like i was in a locced room it took me years to openI didnt wanna feel because i thought i wasnt supposed to You didnt know how to show me love and thats something that we both knewSo for years i didnt know how to feel or show compassionThat started to change when i found music because it is my passionI still could only feel anger and hate and thats why i started rappinI eventually started using drugs and its sad to say but thats when it happenedIts like i was trapped in a room and my hatred seemed to close me inIt took me years but drugs is what seemed to open it Verse 2I immediately started to feel all those feelings i never felt beforeMy mind was always closed to them and tripping opened up the doorAs soon as i felt them i instantly wanted moreI was overwhelmed and started to cryI never even felt before because my whole life i lived a lieBut after feeling everything i feel insideIt hurts me to think i could have went without feeling until i diedAnd thats why i know its hard but i just wish youd tryMaybe you can do it without getting highBut either way i promise itll change your lifeWords cant explain how it feels to feelEven the bad feelings can be good as long as theyre realBut love always feels the best  the one thing that could melt your heart of steelI just want you to be able to feel like i  can about somethingEven the pain that i feel tears i cry feel better than feeling nothingI know we both built barriers from things that we sawBut i found eventually you gotta let them fall Or well lose ourself like pink and build the wall Verse 3You left me when i needed you to tell me that you loved meYou walk away and leave me here you make me feel like nothingI wish that you would show me love or atleast that you feel somethingBecause all i see that you can feel is hatred that is bubblingYour bitterness your and empty soul siccens and disgusts meI just want to see that you can feel but i think i realise nowWere alot alike because youve been hurt so you never bothered to learn howBut through all our fights and arguments i just want you to be proudI wish that i could take your hurt away and show you how to feelI wish i could take your hate away and show you love is realI wish i could take your anger to and give you happiness that could killAll the evil in your hollow soul so i can help you healI know we saythings that we dont mean and do some hurtful stuffBut i want you to know no matter what that i just want your love

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My family
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