Promises by J.K. Spear

I watched it all unfold before my very eyes.

I was outcast by you.

And it took me so long to try and wrap my head around it all.

You stopped fighting for us.

All I wanted was for you to care and you couldn’t give me that.

When things finally came to the light, you denied hurting me and made it my fault.

But I still cared too much, despite losing trust.

Even now, my heart, despite the bruises you’ve left,

Still has a place for you in it.

And then I remembered who you were.

I remembered our promises.

But then you became a stranger.

Pulled the same stunts.

And everyone around me told me I needed to give up.

They had been saying it for years.

But it took me so long.

Because how could I give up on us?

Until you made the decision for me.

And I realized that even those we love, even those that know us so well.

Even they can be toxic to us.

So, I will hold on to the memories and let go of you.

I will treasure what we were and move on with my life.

Because you stopped fighting for me a long time ago.

It’s time I stop waiting for you to.


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