Have you ever been in love before like crazy in love

Have you ever been in love before like crazy in love

love means being there for each other and never let go

like when you have a bad day and the only one that make you smie  or  laugh

easily is them and if other people is make of of you your boyfriend or girlfriend don't 

care what other people says and they will standing up for you no matter what. 

It crazy love.we don't why we fall in love but it a crazy feeling to have.

when you look into their eyes you just know how they feels or what day they are have.

when they text you you still feels the crazy feeling about them like when they text "okay"

you have to think if they really okay or not.

when you have a bad hair day they dont cares they will says you still look  beautiful or 

you still look great no matter matter. 

there are different weird and special ways to fall for someone you have to knows to treat them 

right with respect and trust, make them feels like there is  no one else but them out  there .


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