Not A Game

Why am I searching for love
When its apparent 
That love has never started searching for me
Why am I searching for love
Is it because I want it
Or is it because that's what I think I want
Why am I searching for love 
When as I look around
I see all of mii close family and friends 
Being hurt by this this...thing called love
Love is supposed to be gentle
Love is supposed to be kind
Love is supposed to be sweet
But love is really just like...
A new video game
You see everybody else with it 
So you want it to
You have to have it because its the latest trend
So you go out and you search all the stores
Finally when you're about to give up
You stumble upon the last store open that day 
You go in and low and behold 
They have exactly what you're looking for
So you buy it
You do a little more looking 
And when you see nothing else that pleases the eye
You take your new game home 
Once you get it home 
You're so anxious to open it
You can barely contain yourself
You hook it up and plug in the t.v.
You've never had anything like this
So you're rather inexperienced 
You cut it on and its like magic 
Fills the entire room
The home screen appears with the words
"press start" blinking across the screen
You press start
Nothing happens
You press it again
Still nothing happens
You press every button on the controller and finally the screen goes black
Whew, finally you're in
But still nothing happens
The screen is frozen and you don't know why
You hit the t.v thinking that your problems lies there
Of course its the t.v. 
The t.v. is old and rugged
But the game is new so I know that's not the case 
You hit the t.v. 
Shake the t.v.
Unplug and plug the t.v. back in
Still nothing happens
So you wait...
Still nothing happens
You're beginning to get upset 
Why is this happening when this game is brand new??
I know this is mii first time but it shouldn't be to difficult.
It never appears this difficult for the others ...
Maybe I should read the directions
There are no directions...
For no one knows the true outcome of this game we all call love.
Its the type of game where you just bluskidoo and jump in 
You know where you're going but not what's going to happen
You predict you're situation by looking at others situation
But it doesn't work like that 
For love...
Is not a game...

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