I smiled at him

from across the cafeteria

and then the gym,

and he smiled back.

Tall, dark, and handsome,

but I knew that was not all.

Day by day

I slowly learned

his secrets and his fears.

We walked and he smiled at me

as if I was the glowing sun after a rainy day.

It melted my heart.

In the Spring he asked me,

with flowers and lights

to the dance that high school girls dream of.
We danced the night away,

his smile brighter than the stars.

Spring became Summer

I was his girl,

he called me his sunshine.

We laughed and swam,

and every day I was graced

with that marvelous smile

that fueled my sunlight.

As Summer came to a close

and I counted down those endless nights
I found myself standing,

my driveway was still in the shadows

tears everywhere,

filled with uncertainty and fear

of what was to come.

It was a new beginning for him,

off to the University he went,

and here I remain

to finish my last year.

As he drove off into the night,

flashing one last loving smile,

clouds rolled into my bright world.

I was left confused,

drenched in darkness.

I thought I was okay

I thought that I could do it on my own,

but the clouds cried with me,

I couldn’t.

I need him,

and he needs me.

His bright smile on the tiny screen of my phone

clears the darkness away a little.

Day by day he loves me from afar,

and I give him all that I can.

We count down the days together

until we can embrace once more.

I crave those days,

when I will run into the sunlight to his smiles,

escaping my gloomy world.

I cannot live without him

and he cannot without me.

I know I never will,

and I would rather be together and apart,

than not together at all.

But not a day goes by

that I don’t need his smile,

to fill me up

with light once again.

This poem is about: 
My family


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