I only had her for the night

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 08:59 -- Kelcie

The way her hair fell

cascading down her shoulder 

shimmering streaks of breathless beauty


Her smooth skin 

flawlesss to the touch

effortless essence of pure perfection


Though I had loved her many a year

I only had her for the night


Her slimming outfit

skin tight

Tauntingly toying for rough roleplay


Her beckoning finger

long and slim

cooly calling for paid provisions


Though I wanted her for my whole life

I only had her for the night


Her seductive voice

pouring slowly

rushing rapidly over my begging body


Her soft lips

teeth digging in

bashfully bitten for playful pleasure


Though I pleaded for her to stay

It is now morning 

and she had been paid

I only had her for the night.



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