Ode To My Own O.D.

Pop that pill 

Hope it kills 

Hope it eases the pain

Hope they choose you to blame 


Blame me

Blank cards 

Sent to all my friends 

As they read? 


Jake. The end. 


That’s all they need to know 

That’s all it will show. 

Don’t love me once I’ve left 

Don’t curse my name, god is deaf.


Your prayers fall upon deaf ears 

Your money can’t get rid of the fears.


No one cares. 

Rip out my intestines 

Don’t have any best friends.

Don’t love life. 

Doubt I’ll last long enough to have a mid-life 



Crises. Daily.


Emotions burning,

My heart to ash 

My soul collapses 

My brain fragments. 


Death will be sweeter.

Thank your sweet nectar 

Sour lips 

Evil lips 

Bite me 

Hit me

Kill me 

I love you cause loving you kills 

And I want to die. 

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