Lyrically Searching My Heart

These lyrics are the words of my heart

everything that I've hidden that's tearing me apart

The lack of emotions I never feel

being able to tell if what is here is real

I hate the way nothing good ever stays

somehow people always find a reason to walk away

I've never been sure whether or not I actually fit in

or if the mere mention of my name can make somebody grin

I don't know whether or not my feelings can make you stay

or even if everything is going to be okay

I never know if what I've said is ever too much

the shortness of conversation makes it seem like it's never enough

The warm feeling you get when hands touch

and the great depth of giving your love

For someone to look at you the way they do their mother

and hold you in there arms like you would a sister or a brother

The times when you're sad for reasons you can't explain

and the mere happiness I feel when you speak my name

My meaning behind the poem will remain unclear

depending if this is all you want to hear

Regardless of what I may do,

my heart will continue to care

but most of all these are the things that I want to say to you

even though I'm not sure they are all entirely true





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