When Love is here

You will find the right one 

The one who inspires your heart 

The one who motivates you to push on  

The one who always twinkle like a nighttime star 


In the moment you find true love 

The leaves will path a walkway for your heart  

The sun will shine so that you may truly see 

Rain will come down as tears of joy  

While the wind blows you to the only one you need  


Given that the lovers don’t last but Love is for eternity  

Create inspiration for Love so she can give a testimony  

Make her say " they didn’t need me they loved all alone  

They found peace and happiness in themselves so my work is done  

I can live on because the infinite number of smiles 


It makes me want to confront Death  

And ask him why the good souls has he swept 

Why does he make Love seem so misunderstood  

Has he ever been friends with life  

Has he ever seen good"  


Given that the lovers don’t last but Love is for eternity  

Create inspiration for Love so she can give a testimony 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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