You know? The funny thing about trust is that it’s a two way street
I trust you. You trust me, right?
Except you don’t
Instead you read my diary out to the entire courtroom
Just to make a point
You steal essays, that I am not
N-O-T, not
ready to share
and read them anyway
except jokes on you,
I was going to share them with you next week
When I was ready
Not you
Because not everything is about you
Yet, you have the audacity to hide, cheat, steal, lie, and gossip
Do I ask you?
Do I trust you?
Do you trust me?

You ask
Where you going?
Who’s going with?
What time will you be back?
What are y’all doing?
What are y’all talking about?
Is this a school project?
Who are these friends?
What are their goals?
What do their parents do?
Is there supervision?
Maybe you can have a little trust
After all next year, you will not know
Where I go, who I see, or what I do
Unless I decide to trust you
So no more playing good cop in front of me
Hugging me
Kissing me
Saying “I love you”
Only waiting for me to turn around
To show your true colors
Lying and stealing my secrets
And do not even think about rolling your eyes
Acting like you don’t do this
Because you know
Another funny thing about trust
It’s easy to break and hard to mend
So please I am begging you,
We’ve both made mistakes,
And heaven knows I’ve tried to fix mine
But now I’m handing the baton off to you
It’s your turn to do the mending
If you ever want me to trust you,
You need to trust me too.


This poem is about: 
My family


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