Forbidden Love

I sought out love and in you I found,

my muse, my inspiration, that one thing that keeps me going.

Is passion this deep and desire profound?

If you only had a hand to wear the ring.


You are all around me, within close range.

Ever nearby, your hues a fiery flame.

You are all but imperfect, who could ask you to change?

I love you so much; my heart trembles just to utter your name.


Why must it be that we are warned to be apart?

You are really not that bad, whatever they mutter.

You can’t put it on me that you’re bad for one’s heart,

I can’t help that thoughts of you make me stutter.


I’m hoping that my words may keep us together, oh please oh please.

I will love you forever, my Mac & Cheese 


-Sarah Sisk 

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