The fuck am I suppose to trust 

When you take advantage of my kindness 

When your ignorant soul is causing blindness 

When you believe this is man hood 

You living in a cliche 

wake up! 

Did it hurt when they made fun of you?

Called you a pussy a faggot

Is that the day you swore 

To suffocate your emotions

To drown in your deepest of wrong devotions 

To learn to not learn 

To leave before it hurt 

To brokenly disguise love as lust 

There has to be some indication that this isn't right

You only learned how to flight not fight 

Materialist objects flood your head and heart

you do not know 

What it feels like when another person touches your soul. 

I just hope to one day stumble 

Upon a rare flower 

A flower that'll grow through my core and set my insecurities aside

Strip me of my fears 

A flower cultivated in love and kindness 

So when I strike it with a passion that most would not understand 

It will continue to grow, vibrantly.

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