I love the essence of your beauty
The way your confidence portrays in not by what you speak but by the way you walk
You have an aura, yes this bright aura that captures me up & feels me with love
I love you, I love you, yes I love YOU
Maybe its my admiration,adoration, or mere respect that holds me to you, a bond unbreakable because its been there from Day One,
The first time you found out you were with child & from then on I was yours just as you were mine
Or maybe its the fight I see in you, your durability, the constant morals you instill in me, how do you do it?
Or maybe it's your compassion or your giving spirit that rubs off on me and creates a mini you...I see a better me from you because you make me shine
So when I say I love you, I love you, yes I love YOU
It's true because the best title in the world to have you carry, My Mom

This poem is about: 
My family


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