Love Is

Love is an emotion you cannot control,

You can’t and shan’t choose to feel it,

Development of yourself is replicated,

Unfortunately your weakness is emphasised.


Love makes exceptions to flaws,

Brokenness is overturned,

Two people hurt and love,

As they discover the truth about one another.


Love uncovers the deep reality,

It unleashes someones mind,

There is no longer a mask on their face,

They understand the real version of each other. 


Love is understanding your companion, 

You will know their way of thinking,

Words are no longer needed,

Eyes reveal the truth.


Love is not an easy process,

You will frequently end up broken,

But what ‘love’ is perfect,

Who in the world is perfect.


Love however enables you to see perfection,

Undeniable excellence is seen in the one you admire,

Through hard times you remember,

How you continue to adore their flaws.


Love is acceptance to patience,

To cherish the moments of happiness,

But to accept momentarily silence,

Where sadness suffocates the air.


Love is the beauty of contentment,

The delight of their company,

Between their connection they bring,

A euphoria… an attachment.


Love is the recognition,

Of when you hurt your loved on,

Undertaking responsibility,

However feeling the pain of your lover.


Love is constant forgiveness,

The reoccurring event of pettiness,

But still wanting to continue the discussion,

Just of further the need of their company.


Love is never ending,

A feeling of elation - sadness - confusion,

Your first thought,

Your last thought.


Love is what I feel for you,

A constant undeniable feeling,

Of what I know will only grow. 


Love is what I,

Promise to show you forever,

Even in the darkest of days.


Love is what I feel for you,

An unexplainable feeling,

Despite the capability to define love,

I find it in you. 



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