A Groom's Perspective

My collar's too tight, the room is too hot.

I shuffle my feet, my stomach's in knots.

Once I look up, I can breathe because I see

There she is walking towards me


As she comes my way, passing pew by pew,

Everything else fades from my view.

Her eyes shine and her smile is bright.

She's my angel; a vision in white.


The music plays, soft and sweet,

And it only stops once our hands meet.

She looks up at me with a secret smirk

That always makes my heart jerk.


My anxieties start to disappear,

I have no need for any sort of fear.

For when I look into her eyes,

Forever and always I see blue skies.


Worries come and worries go,

but together we will always know.

You and I are stuck like glue,

for I will always want to be with you.

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Our world
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