There's A Larger World

There’s a larger world than the two of us

Seas that expand from continent to continent

Reaches of the universe and

Worlds beyond our comprehension

That our two souls combined could never

Think to




Our lives have found

A path like no other

To weave through

So that pieces of us

Get knotted

And twisted

And stuck

Even after we

Escape each others tangles

And I find pieces you

When I

Unravel myself 10 years from now

And I find the reaches of the universe we

Did discover

In the

Knots you left behind

By then I’ll have realized the world is bigger than the two of us

And I’ll have found all of the memories you’ve woven into my life

The ones from today

And the next months

The ones that make me forget that the universe needs discovering


I have you

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