What's Unseen

How do you love something  you can't see?

It's sad to know of nothing but mystery
 The one thing I can't get over is you
You don't even know what you've put me through
As my existence has begun to fade
I think of all the memories we've made
I thought that you would never leave my side
I was sure our fates would collide
But there you go again confusing me...
Please just tell me if we weren't meant to be 
I still don't know how you can love something you can't see
Your existence is my joy and misery 
I still can't get over you
and to this day you don't even know that it's true...
Although it kills me to say
I wish I would have never met you
For all the the pain you put me through 
For all the things you said would be true
For all the innocent lies
For all the times I cried...
You were always there
For my fallouts as well as my victories
The only one who would care
I now know why you can love something you can't see
It's because it was you who made me, me
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