Don't Forget Me, Okay?

Dear                 ,

You should know just how unplanned it all was.


I never meant to grow with you

                     to befriend you

                     to miss you

                     or to love you...

any of you.


It just sort of happened.

in that unforgiving sort of way that existing just happens to have...


I can't accept all of it

          take it away

          apologize for it

          or forget any of it.


I've tried pills




and I've even combined them all

just to try...


but this is who I am now

      this is what I am now: inconsiderate. I know.


So this is my last selfish act

                my letter to you

                              elaborating my feelings

                              explaining my thoughts

                              excusing myself from all of your lives.

that I unintentionally grew with

                               and befriended

and as a result of that I painfully miss

                                                 and love

all of you...


But this is my pathetic


             self absorbed


                                                                                 Pinky Promise - No Politician,

                                                                                 Pretty Lady

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