Check-Out Mom

So is this what you wanted? To become a stranger  to your family for money?

To leave your flock.        Confused

Believing you can navigate the storm.           Vast

Instead it pulls you in.                Parasite

Waiting for a host to become induce.     Neglegence

Instead you thought this can be the life for you without a family.    Responsibility 

But all of that throughout the years turnt into       Envy?

It's decapitating of me to think that I can subdue you in anyway.    Convince

What you once knew is now in development so lets cut the chemistry out.


Your 24 chromosomes in me shouldn't have to win you over,  I am you're flesh, and

your heart. our  skin on skin    When Met   should feel normal


Recognizable to the Touch but (ah) SCRATCH SCRATCH - Trying to  Recalculate 

with the umbilical cord of time.  Remember  pap cut off the line but you

Permanently  left the ring on the side.     Check-Out

Checking Out   Never went to my appointments when I was sick.

Check-Out    You became a check out mom and not a cool mom.

Checking Out   Never lived a profitable life especially when you have bills on the side.

Checking-Out   Taking care of everyone else but when it comes down to you 

Hard Life!  but this is what you get for Checking-Out.

"I peer out of the window hoping you will turn back around. "  Hollow

This poem is about: 
My family



Hi Delasia,hope ur well?

A poignant piece.


Delasia Vanterpool

Thank you so much, I appreciate you. :)

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