My Angel

Come visit me in my dreams one day

You might as well be a world away

Angel, Angel, why did you have to go

I'll set the sky on fire just for you 

see the flames and think of me

I'll thing of you

The night is light blue and I'm all alone

these four walls aren't a home

since you left I've been a shell

I don't sleep at night so I watch thesun rise

The green up there matches your eyes

the orange in the sky looks like your hair

Angel are you watching the sky too? 

The clouds are pretty and perfect just like you

looks like I'm gonna wast another day

Every time I blink I see your face

Maybe thats why I'm always awake

Look her comes the stars

One two three four five six seven eight

nine billion stars, ain't they great?

Look up my Angel, it's the man in the moon

He's looking at both me and you

So tonight when I try and fall asleep

Angel, Angel, fly to me on the wings of dreams

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