I Love...

I love all the little things about you, 

And all the crazy things you do,

I love the way you look at me,

with your beautiful eyes just as perfect as can be,

I love the way our hands fit together,

I honestly know now that our love is foreve,

I love the way you talk,

Together hand in hand we wll walk,

from now to the ends of the earth,

and all the way through our children's birth,

I love the little things you call me,

honey, babe, baby, your little queen bee,

I love all the crazy things you text,

never knowing what will be next,

I love the way we were made for each other,

Never wanting to be seperate from one another,

I love it when your lips are on mine,

Making it feel like the whole world's gone blind,

like it's just  me and you,

I love how when im with you time stands still,

I love that we still have time to kill, 

it's amazing how much of a thrill,

you give to me kinda like a crazy pill,

I love the way you make me feel,

My heart is yours and that's a really big deal,

I'm ready to spend my life with you,

knowing our love is forever true,

I can picture us together,

Always and forever,

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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