Beautiful Breakup

Sat, 05/17/2014 - 11:15 -- Eche
Beautiful breakup
Pardon your make up but I can't make this face up you stare into my soul hoping for me to console 
You The one who destroyed me
You the one that controlled me 
You the one that beat me and
left me broken and lost not sparing any cost
My soul thrashed by constant trash which poured out your mouth like an ATM full of cash 
Where's the beauty here you wonder?
Look into her eyes you see the hollowness, this girl whom thought she had me in her palm...who thought I couldn't leave 
The tears pour and I can't help but adore them
Your torn face makes me feel a warm embrace that's the beauty
That is the beauty 
This bitch fucked others guys and told me endless lies but I still loved but not now
As they caressed her thighs I sat at home with tears in my eyes thinking of you 
So your tears bring me joy a joy lost 
Sometimes I wish I could ressurect you on a cross and see you come back like we were never lost. 
But I realize now
Our love is forever lost


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