Bitter Tears

I once loved a girl,

But I wasn't enough for her,

So she ran off with other guys.

I once loved a boy,

But he just wanted to use me,

He told me he loved me,

Turned out to be crazy.

I once loved a girl,

Really thought she was the one,

But she took my heart and she played it,

Like Nero when Rome burned.

And I cried,

Silent tears that couldn't cut through the pain,

And I cried,

Bitter tears that couldn't bring back the days when,

I was young, and innocent,

And love was the last thing on my mind,

It was me against the world,

And there was noone by my side.

Noone to drag me down.

Noone to tie me up.

So I cry,

Salty tears for what is gone,

I cry, 

Silent tears for what I'll never find,


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