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Today I am tears of joy Triumphs on a mountaintop Autumn leave and funny T-shirts Today I am shaking knees Giggles for no reason I am songs hummed to no one The squeak of new shoes
sometimes i don’t really know if there’s anyone there downcast, empty, broken i wait for someone someone who may or may not come for me alone i wait
A picture with no shadows in itHas all too much to hide.Pompous, plushy, prickly colorsWherein no truth resides.  
Morning Sky, Rotating Wheel, Marker stains Frozen time Falling sky Expanding world 
  I am from Starbucks and skinny girls in mansions. I am from can I feel your hair and is it real ?
I always thought my parents were happy together, I attatched myself to that idea like a tether. As I grew older, they grew colder. Secrets softly spread shattering and shaking my innocent soul.
Learning to read, to write, to speak, I realized that school was just work every week,  It wasn't that hard, till after 6th, I realized middle school was no longer a myth, Not just one teacher, not there's 7,
Then   he took the respect she had for Herself  and the wonders from the earth around Her he took her her kindness  and what seemed, the air from Her lungs he took Her curiousity 
She chose the path they told her to, yet she could not recognize the face, she who stared back from the mirror. You are not enough. Was it the glass breaking under the weight of stress, was it she?
When You dig a hole, where does the dirt go? And do You dig it fast or do You dig it slow? In the end, a hole is a hole But once You are in, it is time to console.   To get out of the hole, here is a clue:
Focus Misdirected                                  They won’t like me they don’t care  they look upon my person  and see nothing  as if I am not there.    The fear of rejection
I’ve lost my map and I have no clue where I am going The fear of not knowing has continued growing The way I am has been lost for months
Strong enough to destroy you. Powerful enough to prevail you.
Taking the first step can be difficult Overcoming fear is no easy task All I could think was how nervous I was Always hiding behind my own emotional mask   But I needed to know what they thought
I couldn’t ever skydive Don’t tell me I will say I can do it and I am not afraid Then my mind tells me I am too scared to face my fears
By daypowered and unafraid,By nighttired and afraid. Tired of all the lonesomenessAfraid of accepting love...Who am I to rejectwhat has been set in motion from those above?
Adapt to surroundings overcome your fear no matter the fear the only thing to fear is fear itself fear is natural overcoming sepaerates you from average overcome you fear
Underwater it seems I live my life today. There is no escape from the thoughts I call my own, The fear, the shaking, the future unknown My body reacts without control  There is no end in sight. I hate
When I was a kid, I hated speaking in front of people I used to hide from any opportunity there was to speak From speaking to a relative or my teacher, I hated doing it
A plethora of predicaments race though my mind at best. which one can I fathom to ponder about next? Shall I even think of acting upond what my mind stirs about, or cry my soul asleep by this never-ending drought?
I can’t speak on behalf of 1.8 billion Muslims But I can 100% assure you this one thing I am not a terrorist! This all started when I was in fifth grade;
You can't hear me You can't see me You can't feel me You have given birth to me But you ignore me I am alive! Not your dearly departed And yet still to you I am a failure, forever imperfect
Take a breath, No one can hurt you here.  Close your eyes, And worry about nothing. My heart beats in my chest, My breath in my ears, The start of an anxiety attack. I want to cry,
They say my writing is expansive It's alot to say When been through a life of tragedy And empty space The thoughts in my head you can never see Cause your never me Sometimes tears fall on these pages
I didn't know How to make it On my own I could recreate But not create My words Were their words My smile Was their smile Until their words Inspired my words
Never expected his hands to grab there, Invading my body that parasite, His arm on my throat I could catch no air, He would never hurt me he wouldn’t bite.  
The sun Set on the King, His crown gleaming as he, Shrieked with hatred That the sun was commanding the attention Of the world.
Crawled and Bawled in tears Ponder the overcome Deep dark Donder white Suddenly wishing there was light  Seek help  No sight Please stop Please stop Please stop Silence
Great writers Sit in silence When they work, And I Am anything but.   Silence is madness. He is the killer
I need to stop falling in love with people who set a fire in me only to get themselves warm; and to watch me slowly, burn away
Does it not hurt to think about the digressions this world goes through? To know that people descend and ascend everyday, and how it could've been you?
Fear always seems to get a bad rep But fear is one who helps teach me whenever I misstep The fear of becoming a failure Seems to be my unlikely "savior" No matter where I lay, or where I go
Trauma trapping, tripping Over the roots that I have grown In the back of my mind To conduct oneself like so
I fell in love at a bus stop I fell in love and came out on top I fell for him and it was my fault I fell in love at a bus stop   Across the rows I crossed alone More than hope
I blame you. I blame you for my completely shattered trust, i blame you for the countless arguments of dramatic cussing back and forth and each day ending in acts of lust. 
I am a fucking phoenix. You can tear me down You can burn my body Leave me in the ashes of memories And even blow them across the floor
rain creates rainbows through storms comes peace darkness turns to light Mistakes make way for improvement losses are encouragements for wins   every pain has a purpose
I don't remember when you showed up in my life. You're the companion I never wished for, A thick silence that sucks away the flame of my soul.   A vacuum of grey is left in its place, not bad, not good.
To the ruthless killer that changed my life,  
Ode To Lewis:   Lovely cards of life Define her future They spoke with their eyes Minds gleaming and newer Carnival prize,
Dear Depression,   You’re getting heavy, I’m sick of carrying You. I’m tired of You beating my soul so black and blue.
You are intelligent Yet you know nothing You are full of ideas Yet you don’t know how to express them well You are full of wisdom
You may be hard sometimes, But not always are you this way. You may make me cry and shout, But still I laugh and smile.   You may weigh my shoulders down, Burdensome you can be.
Fear. A gentle breeze stings. Failure whispers into your ears. Hiding is the only peace. Hiding stops the wind. Stop. Stop your hiding. Rise to challenge the wind The wind will blow back.
I realized, as the world before me was bathed in yellow and orange sunlight, that I have been cold. It is warm and homey and yet, I am cold. In my bones there's a sickening chill,
In the land of the free we enslave each other We're suppose to love, but instead we betray our own sister and brother We have the chance to overcome, but we hold ourselves back
And now I’ve come to the end, I walked a very long way. Miles and years, Smiles and tears. But there is nothing left for me to say.   You didn’t hurt my feelings,
                            If I spoke in lines of poetry, it would be broken  Every line seperate from the rest My words would fall disconnected You would not be able to make sense of it   
Stabbed in the ear by ten different tounges That made me work for silver one. You are neglectful of my own neglect Now I am sitting tall, purched over the blind Calling me weak made me bench weights so I can bench you
Somber winds beat against the door fallen words halted by the sound  forgotten ways yearn for the past feelings once erupt are now bound   without words how can I express, 
Wasn’t it just night outside? I can feel the sun. Somehow I find myself again splayed on the couch SVU still muted on the screen.         Every morning starts like this, in blurred disarray
Have you ever seen a Flower A Single Blooms every Hour But when comes the shower They fight Instead of soaring up like a kite They became a revolting sight  Lowering themselves without delight
Place cards at an empty table say that not just anyone can sit but if you find a blank one in the trash and in your pocket there's a pen then a wasted piece of paper becomes a justifable document
I wandered over the black bald And fingered through the blue wrinkled pages.   I recalled when I cracked my neck and rolled my eyes and I asked you what was the point. When
I wandered over the black bald And fingered through the blue wrinkled pages.   I recalled when I cracked my neck and rolled my eyes and I asked you what was the point. When
When I was a young age of four, I wanted to understand why the other kids could run faster and l o n g e r than I could. When I was six, I did not know why the big, bad
You told me to look inside myself. And find the answer to your riddle. To reach into the deepest caverns, Of a heart that’s damn near shriveled.   You want to know about my life,
Voices in the dark Madness, that defiant spark Words, Rhythm, Poetry, Rhyme Escape, Express The Truth is mine. My speech on paper, The world unkind, Speak out with thunder
The one thing I cannot live without is the belief that I am GOOD ENOUGH. Before I realized I was GOOD ENOUGH, life was much harder, days much longer, problems much bigger AND worries much more suffocating.
Into the darkness she started Hole in her heart, broken hearted  She wondered through desolation  Tear-streaked eyes, no salvation   
No one can truly know how it feels to have an addiction until they have experienced it. It lures deceptively attractive temporarily appealing then, disapointingly unsatisfying and
Like the leaves drift through the wind, They start from somewhere not knowing their end. Their frail fragil bodies supported by the air, Forgetting their burdens under its care.  
The only time I can’t forget you Is in my drawn out fever dreams. Half human, half animal, You draw me in Like an “Alice in Wonderland” character that shifts
" I am a women of Power" with strength and matter, all girls matter, i am strong and made of steel, i can make all things come real, with a heart of gold my heart is my soul, I am a women,
Dark clouds do not creep up at night, Instead graze our minds when the sun does shine And the thoughts impale us with softened blades, Though our smile rivals the daylight, If pried and smeared away with time,
Everything I need Is contained in my actions. To be different Unique Stand out from the crowd. I cannot live without The differences I make In myself And in others.  
Am I I am ADHD I am Anxiety I am Depression  I am the product of all  the hells I encounter.   There is a monster in them I morph into the monster. I become  ADHD
I am a feather blowing in lies pushed all around by family ties. People I love and people I trust corrode me away like iron and rust. I try to see and to understand, but I feel like I'm lost in a desolate land.
I have reached a resting s
I believe in the human condition
My life is a book.
A smile from an unexpected stranger A generous tip to a hardworking waiter   A plate of food offered to those not fed
We were taught of depression
Slick sleet, sleepy things Stumble over me Hot mess, camo dress Be still to not be seen   Fire moths busy Setting sparks to trees No time to seek for shelter As grenades go  
How can you miss someone who was never physically there Never felt their touched or the texture of their hair Never held their hand or kissed their lips Yet they seem to be the only person you miss
Dream Big and Dream Small Dont let the Failures Fall Step High and Step Low Choose the Right Path to go Succeed Now and Succeed Later Succeed when you Make Friends with Haters Live Now and Live Then
Judge by the hourAll they want is powerAll they want is to see you cryBut it's only liesIt’s not the truthEven though they have the proofJudge by the hourBut they are the cowards
Cigarette burns and bloody towels on my carpet make the world seem like a bitter lonely place A place in which I stare into the mirror and can not recognize my own face
I strut my stuff because I love who I am. Not going to let a couple of kissing bugs hop on the train like a couple of drugs. And if I fear would I be here? Might as well call me musketeer.
you  have a past many scars use them to break down bars let go of your fear and dare to succeed now you know that's the reason" they're always lookin' at me " be bright, be bold
I sit and I stare into the mirror at my chest.
She's so far gone it's like she was never here Just a hint of a glimpse of a what if,
These demons This pain And this everlasting dread.   No friends… just devils Inside of my head.
I love coffee stained breath in the morning.
No, I am afraid you’re wrong. I am words And lyrics  I am “tell me that I am everything you need.”   No, I am not silence.  I am tears and laughs 
TREVOR FLAWLESS (greased and polished) When you're standing tall and proud,
At 6am, I'm miserable. Time to get out of bed, move my behind, Clock in for $7.25 at the daily grind, Eight hours for this is fucking criminal.   At noon, I'm finally awake.
You're all that's ran through her mind,  overthinking and lack of sleep, What was it about you that captivated her? Why was she in so deep? Two years ago she was different, 
You don't have long to live So why end it now Stress can go so far but  obtaining the power of decision can save your lives 
Depression kills ones brainSelf-harming, what do you gain?
Am I a black male? do you judge me by my skin? or am I a male who is black? do you acknowledge my dark skin? Ignorance will tell you alot about me I am from the hood always up to no good
Judgement and speculations  Have always been passed over me Always been placed on me By family  By friends By people I don't even know   Why is this? 
Justice for all? Damn near justice for none! People die everyday, Because the world can't control their guns Innocent people die in vain. If the police do a crime, Is it ok?
Everyday I walk through this down trodden Earth.
It's that time of year
" i just don't have the proper training to deal with your...condition...i hope you understand." i nod, because yes, i do understand. i understand that when you look at the scars on my thigh and ankle, you get chills
The secret signs you imagined The signals you gave back The special smile you thought was solely for you The feelings you thought were there but it turns out lacked The way you felt when talking to them
 You would think someone with a disease would have problems in school such as socializing or generally fitting in. Growing up down south and moving to New York city was a huge change for me.
This house sometimes feels empty No one understands I don't mean to hurt them I just don't know how to reach out My mom was my galaxy and I was a stargazer Now she's just part of the Milky Way 
     I woke up on a dirty mattress on the floor of a friends house. It's my 16th birthday. A huge milestone in a young persons life.
Ripped but not running
A broken heart and shattered dreams Left this man wandering 
The worlds a stage and we are just mere actors, But the stage is too large, the lights to bright The audience won’t like us if we aren't just right Just the right amount of funny, pretty, smart, kind We panic under the pressure but it’s all just
If together we pushed aside our hate, we can awaken the serenity inside us all
You see that person sitting alone? That person hiding pain behind a smile? Had you even looked into their file Would you not have seen the suffering? Would you not understand?   You see that person?
I am me You are you You don't know me I don't know you  Nothing but rumors  Spreading like a disease Some can be true  and others can be false You wouldn't know
you got that summer time sadness
Who could have ever guessed
i feel weak
I sit quietly ignoring the pain, but she whispers to me. I try to eat, but she whispers to me. I try to laugh and almost succeed, but she whispers to me.    What is she whispering?   Hate. Slander. Lies.  
Because you said I couldn’t wear my long hair down. I stomped into daycare, Threw my bands on the ground.
Violence, much happens to people who keep silence  Oppression led the oppress to depression One gun can kill many sons  Teenage girls are confused, all bruised 
What makes me tick?  What doesn't!
The strongest man endures the darkest days But to endure does not mean that he simply Takes And
I have been gone too long, living in the past.   Trapped by all the mistakes, I have ever made.   Remembering everytime, I let someone down.   But it is time to move on,
The air is thin   I could suffocate    I am alone    Rushing through the fog   I ascend    A light   
I have an associates degree at eighteen but I haven't made it , to everybody else my goals are just... dreams just because i have a limp, i have no potencial it... seems  on top of that im Mexican with a love for hip hop,
Something about this room Holds a ghost of you In the dark it makes me cringe Causing me to check shadows When you dwelled here Your words where nine-tail whips Every vowel cracked mid swing
The devil is chasing me  Always has been  Since the day I was conceived  He tries to make me give in    Though there're many enticements  And many temptations 
Not a day goes by,  where I can't hear the voice...
It's IIt's like you lit my soul on fire
Dear Person Who Deserves to Die a Fiery Death While Simultaneously Being Eating By a Shark,
You say this pain is my fault   that i put this gapeing hole in my chest  when all i tryed to do was set you free  from your monster inside  i put myself in harms way over and over again  i tryed to help 
Little girl grown, how you toss and turn in your bed while images of him plague your sweet mind.In the night-time you see his face.
  No matter  I hate you 
You're fat. You're short.. You're dark.
Bridges are such high places,
It was five years ago to the day
"Next Time."
Sometimes life's a bitch. You practice for something over and over. It's Practice, Practice, PRACTICE! But even then it's not enough. I didn't make it. People always say there's next year. What do you know?!
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" why does she starve herself? you're fat those are just words why does she hate what she sees in the mirror? you're ugly 
My mind is a haven for imagination. No need for sleep in order to be dreaming. Stories are just constantly streaming. Visualizing unwritten characters is my daily preoccupation.
Sitting. Waiting. Wishing. Hoping that life will spare me today. So impatient, anticipating the change of atmosphere, but there is none. Negativity surrounds me; four concrete walls of hostility slowly closing in.
beautiful blue eyes
Sliding a blade across her skin to quite the voices
The sky Drowns the world In silent sorrows Of its own.   Oversized droplets  Create a harmony Of misunderstood Memories.   Like the raindrops
your life is as refreshing as water it doesn't always seem that way. you think of where to go and the endless amount of water in the ocean can almost a + d + d up the tears you've shed. you
All my Life I been going through the same thing At times want to give up  Because of all this pain Trying to prove people wrong  They say I wont change  Well why judge me when they are doing the same thing
My heart races as he walks by I am nervous, I hope he does not say Hi He caught me watching him carrying his tray. Yes, he is looking my way He is praying before his meal
Just one job may change my life
There's a crime that's stuck inside my mind A life built on this crooked line I'm lost in these innocent times My cries are unheard My destination is absurd So many crowding around my room
I want to hear from you What you have to say Whatever is on your mind I know you feel empty, Alone, and scared.   I know that from the very first Moment you heard the phrase
If I were to say,
Dark shadows underneath those frosty blue eyes, smudged with jet black mascara from a long, hollow night. The wind blows relentlessly, the world is still asleep as you trudge the streets that
Whats the point of faking a smile? when in all reality your miserable inside people call you selfish for wanting to die but your whole life you've faked the smile so they don't feel guilt
He waits by the streaming Falls. A healthy mind is stalled by a growing void. It spills deeper into a pipework of drains,
I used to think I could not write for a living Because my mind was blank as The pages of a journal just picked up from the store
Stumbling, falling, staggering, bawling No one cares (Or so I think)
Some need to change how they fulfill their life. Live life. Love it. Do not waste it. I wish they would understand life is a river that will meet waterfalls sometimes.
The ocean level rises
You are a star. Not a bright, burning ball of gas somewhere so far away in the atmosphere that we can only see a small speck. Not an actor, or singer, or dancer, or some other famous person that is famous only for being famous.
After everything, you were ignoredLike me before, lonely and boredI chose to take a standGave to you my hand
When I was eight years old they told me to stop At eight years old my academic license expired I was destined to be average All because little girls and little boys ridiculed my intelligence
So you pick on me? Why? Do you really hate me like you said? Or is that a lie. Like the lies you tell to everyone else saying I did something Like I am your enemy Well your mine Your my enemy
He played me like a cello soft and sweet   until the finale.   The high notes whined and the low notes dragged on, on, on.   The finale was agonizing.  
Scars do not mean that the pain is over Healing deprives me of strength Ubiquitous flashbacks of the good times  Mingling with frustration, despair and longing I’ve been trying to retaliate
Ode to No One
Sometimes I feel loneliness in my soul, loneliness that even with people around me it can’t be removed A loneliness that I have since December Not even with the funniest joke will this great solitude purge.
I feel useless I feel unloved I feel like no one contacts me unless they need something I know it's true because when I need someone, No one replies But the second they need me I am there
Today is today, I mean that's what everyone says. But today is the day that I hide , in the shadows, faces of you are revealed in my sight. I'm afraid to ever walk in those steel doors, because with me you have no insight.
Not a Nobody   This story rings true To me and you A story of a kid Who thought he knew
               Somtimes in life it seem's you take two steps forward and get knock back three 
The wind beats me down
the ten year old boy sat still waiting for his mom to drive him to school his stomach felt ill the kids called him fool i look at him he looks at me i say keep your head up it'll get better
Curled up Trapped within A living shell   I slam against it Scratch at it Work harder than I ever have   But even when It is open I still am not free  
He lifts me up even when I  deserve to have fallen I constantly seek this faith and he guides me to my calling He is an awesome God with plans for my better He is my shelter in stormy weather
All of a kids high school years, are spent in fear, fear that he'll get picked on because he's fat, walking down the hallways and hears them, pointing, laughing, all for a joke, he sits there and wishes he could choke, every single one of them.
I often regret the day we met
People do not think always when they speak Some words can change us and set us apart We have heard it before, fat, fool, fag, freak These words are like sharp daggers through the heart  
I can taste it no feel it the warm, crimson colored liquid as it seeped out of my flesh ahhh FRESH but as the darkness devours me all I can think of, see, is you.....
The world is too big for one man to do all the talking The world is too small for everyone to speak at once That’s why I’m speaking my mind now
She goes by no name. Nor has any friends. She sits alone watching everyone else smile and laugh.
What is in my way? In the way of my dream? Incorrect phrasing. Who is in my way? Is it the society that surrounds me? No. Is it my dad who wants me to be a money-maker? No.
I'm "that girl". The one that everyone wants to be. All the parents point at me. I have the great grades.  Looks like I've got it all made. I'm blonde and blue-eyed.
Everywhere we look, people silently judge, that's what they always do, we think we look fine, we act polite, we dream big and cry inside, everyone is a judge, you just don't know , they could be your best friend, a parent, or just a mere acqainte
I know it won't be different
The words mental hospital
The words mental hospital
Have you ever told the voices inside your head to shut up?
It hurt when the one you love leave you. It hurt when no one cares about you.    
Why would you just stand and watch? What if it was your friend or family? Feeling emotionally lost. Feeling as if no one is there. Feeling embarassed.
What I Would Change By Adde Kramer   Sadness I have a happy voice that can be heard by fe ut e people that do hear i hop are happy too.  
You ask what I would change about things in my life, today. Why does the world listen to the media and accept what they say? Why doesn’t internal beauty matter to us more than external looks?
ahe looked at her scars, her bracelets and then she told herself "ill never need them again" she picked up the razor and aimed at her wrist but something peculiar haooened; she missed.
He said that it was such a stupid thing to have that I must feel embarrassed  And I was embarrassed for the sheer innocence of it all I didn’t understand why he scorned upon it hated me for it
I know what its like, To not belong, To be called weird, Just for being me. I am alone, I know not what I did, I know not why, But I stand alone.
Where are you when the children call? Memories revive at fixed scents. The way your hair swept in the wind. Your hands, delicate and soft objects.   Tell me, how are you nowadays?
Some say you have to be cruel to be kindI say being cruel is just so you could say hurtful things to othersAnd not care what that person thinks.All my life I have been bullied and witnessed others being bullied
I looked up and saw that dark shadow, My keys fell to the ground, and I knew I wasn't allowed to make a sound. The next few seconds went in a blur, Until you bashed my head against the window my words began to slur.
She, she knows all of what love is not. It comes to her like a foreign language nobody has ever cared to teach her.
Diseases, diseasesKeep me with Jesus. My name's not punk,Nor am I junk.To give you a start,I have my own heart.
Life isn't as easy as people make it look, next time your in class, think, you see that kid acting goofy? The one who sits there and does nothing all class, sits there on his ass and makes comments trying to get you to laugh?
Why must we try,  on something that'll never work? If just looking at me is painful, Why even try?   If there is no rhym nor reason, then what's the point?  what's there to say?  
one hit two hit
I’m on the verge of setting free of all the pretty things left inside me does that scare you?
she lived through pitch blackness she held siccors to her stomach for hours on end she held bottles of bleach in her hands  her tears silently falling as she tried bringing it up to her lips
I draw the blade across my skin,Like a maestro con
The depth of it all, the rise and the fall. Room 116A, just making sure I'm okay. Tomorrow isn't promised, yesterday wasn't either. Blood steaming like fire, it's like my heart has a fever. Yes, I'm a non believer but I did believe him.
I got people looking up to meBut  I'm just not that heroic.It's like I'm living a double life,I promise you don't even know it, Cause I don't even show itAnd I don't even flow it
There we stood face to face neither one daring to flinch The mirror howling screaming in agony its cries growing more and more and even more intense
All the room is silent Sounds of pens clicking Teachers flipping through the pages of the same book Suddenly a girl walks in She seems different Smells different, too Boys snicker and tell her things
Life. Sometimes it works, and then it doesn't.
Bullying hurt.. No matter how old your are Step up and say something More than a 1,000 kids are bullyied It hurts... I know it does Make a change to your school and reach out to others
Why such hurtful words? Did you enjoy the first time you got a tooth pulled cause your cravings called for sweets? Did you find pleasure while falling from your bike, scraping a chunk of skin off your leg?
Empty Promises
I believe in the innocence of a child The freedom of a kid The choices of a teenager The maturity of an adult
Stop It You've got beautiful arms, no need to abuse it You've got a beautiful soul, id hate for you to lose it so put up that razor, up that knife,  up those feelings filled with strife.  and stop it. 
Drip drop, pitter patter
The hours she spends to be perfect, the hours tries to cover her flaws. She cannot see the beauty within, she only sees the ugly outside. If only she could leave the quarrel; just disappear into thin air.
  The apostle Paul, in the first book of Corinthians and the thirteenth chapter said: "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a
Don't quit, When the roads are hard, And darkness is around you, Don't ever quit. You're worth it, More than the pain, More than anything, You are worth more than giving in.
  ***This Poem was written to help others who have difficulty coping with depression and bullying who need help**    
I feel broken and understimated by the people that I deal with in my lifeI'm overcome by the thought that I will never sleep a whole night in my life
Depression Terrifying, weakening Ripping, tearing, killing, Done with life
When you look at me what do see?Do you see an original or do you see a copy? Do you see beauty or do you see ugliness? When you look at me what do you see? Do you see a rich person or do you see a poor person?
You let others break you And they watch you fall Do you even try to fight? To speak up at all?   Or have you been silenced? By the mocking And the pain   When they knock you down again
Once in awhile 
You are beautiful, You are love, You are worhy   You are worhy of love that you cannot even begin to comprehend. This love is everlasting, unconditional, unfailing, never ending.
Now he's dead No one knows why He committed suicide On his first try No one knows the thoughts  that went through his mind They're afraid to delve deeper  For fear of what they might find
Never spare a passing glance, 
She stands, head hanging With an unbearable grin Happiness is dead
Stuck in the dark, so bland and dry.Tired of remarks, so full of lies.Shutting it out, yet in it seeps.Without a doubt, too many emotions to keep.
High on life, feel so joyous No more strife, lovely world so glorious Darkness descends, enveloping joy Unable to mend, this overlapping ploy
The pain you cause her, is it worth it? You don't know her, her life, her story or her thoughts.  Why is it so fun to cause her pain? What if she goes home and get the same tourment?
No matter how long it's been,
Walking down the hall, is like being on display. People point and laugh, every day. The fact and the matter is, is that this is not okay. I know that I can't be the only one who has anything to say.
I'm looking at the waves, entranced by their strength. They throw me under and thrust me aside, as if my presence isn't a bother at all. Yet when I look into the compressed sands, I see my reflection magnified.
Your words no longer faze me, they can’t hurt me. I cried at night you made me hate me. Your words cut, cut so deep I watched myself bleed. You with your pretty hair and your perfect skin how can I fight back.
Here I Lay Under the ceiling and over the ground
So suddenly it pulls me down. It makes me feel like no one's around.
A lot of people wonder why I’m so concerned on listening to people’s problems and respecting people.
Everyone's going to have a bad. Some people take it a little more seriously. There are people who need someone. They sit in their rooms and blame themselves For EVERYTHING.
  Teasing  Teasing  Teasing
They didn’t have to clip your wings, You were never meant to fly, You were only born,
why cant i see you? 
Dear Soceity,  You need to stop with these lessons, Where young girls are forced to see How imperfect their bodies can be. How sex is a tool for sucess,  How breasts are ment for something so much less.
My life, its not as bright as the sun nor the light, but it stands out at night, my arms, they arent what they used to be, pull up my sleeves and  you will see what I mean,
If I jumped they wouldn't miss m
Do not be fighterDo not be curse that person or animal outinstead be a peacemakerDo not steal a thing that you really wantDo not kill that person
Here's a thought, The thought is life The thought is need What good is life when no one believes?
People say life is short,And that "You Only Live Once"But life is the longest thing you'll ever do.Why should I keep going?Why should I keep breathing?I can't find the meaning.
Is it normal to hate someone we've never met Is it normal to talk about the way they look                                                                       talk
Brighten up your darkness By opening a bookA recordYour heartYour mindYour handsNot your skin
A single tear Falling from a face All that is seen is the fear That no one can embrace   Many ask why Why so upset Why cry Behind the tear is all regret  
We live in a world where double standards bloom around us Waiting for the picking  Like fresh lillies in the spring time. If you have acne, you're ugly If you don't, you're stuck up.  
It rises and falls only to rise again.   A circadian pattern, until one day it falls too hard.   Shattered and torn, It attempts to rise.  
People say don't Give up on something if it means a lot to you, 
Every abuse is not a physical pillUnless you’re unwise and unskilledThese tones stone the insidesOf happiness and eventually toss youTo shame and leave you fearing any game 
Why should I do what my peers say to fit in?If you think I would hang out with you delinquents, you are sorely mistaken.I have control over my mind, my body, my soul.You try to slow me down because I'm on a roll.
Kick me when I’m down And tell me I don’t matter I want to feel I belong That’s all I ever asked Now really can you blame me
I throw a rock onto the flaring surface. It sizzles, Crackles. Sputters As the last bit of mineral disintegrates into nothing. Testing the waters, I suppose  
You are never too far gone Though life is never easy or fair Hope appears much like the dawn Bringing with it something rare   The light shines brightest in the dark
A tsunami sent by one line of text Adrenaline floods my veins- emotions are drowning, tumbling just trying to catch up with my brain My heart jumps, flips, flies out of my chest-
To play victim to the same cuel fate, fills a person with such strong hate. Yes, i'm da fool once again, yet I never know how it begins. You sit there and fill me with false pretentions.
Are you mad at me? I sent you to the hospital because I’ve been there Been where you are now   I was surprised when you thanked me Now I feel awkward I couldn’t let you die  
Help up in her room, No more time for tears, Another fifth gone, But it won’t numb her fears, The words they said, Even in the silence it’s all she hears.  
When I was ten, my friend asked me, "Do you want to fly, or be invisible?" I chose to be invisible.
You may have had a rough life, present & future – but who are you to judge the future?
Wandering mind with idle words stating demands, I am who I am  
I feel as if I'm stuck in a cage, knowing my potential I bring myself to burst out in rage, this stage of trials is rough, as I lay under the rubble it is tough to see light, in spurts I try to raise with all my might but through the dust it's
“Not in Vain” Another mistake, love gone casted to flames The good went wrong, am I the one to blame? This train keeps moving along, wait stop this is wilderness
My Father is the greatest My Father is the greatest because of him I have been created
The difference in me is great, the becoming of my life will bring me to my fate, the mysterious I have for myself brin
I’ve been given a gift, rather a blessing that takes you for who you are in all 
As she walks through the halls the whispers get louder she's listening her tear drops glistening your telling her she's not good enough some say she's not hood enough she's debating
Hands in the sky On my knees Nobody heard  My piercing scream   The broken remains Of the world around Shattered and fell With a deafening sound
I walk alone, my head hanging down;
Honorio Freeland Lost in the World Who am I? What makes me, me? Eighteen years young, With not plenty to show for it.
You Can Not See Who Are The Students That Suffer Please, Open Your Eyes
Things aren't always black and white,  There’s always a tint of grey. Someone's always watching.... judging, It happens every day.   Teachers never see it,
Never will I forget the heavy chain of scatterbrained problems that emitted from a simple choice.
In the shadows I sit Away from the crowd, A class full of voices My own starts to drown.   From class to class I rush and hide From room to room I stumble and cry,
I am the girl you laugh at every day I am the boy with scars on my arms I am the geek who hides behind books I am the jock who's scared of sexuality I am the cheerleader with the imperfect body
Never has a man cried so softly As the sound of a single tear hits his cheek
Run baby run Don't ever look back. They'll tear you apart If you give them the chance
It's really a funny thing, people assume  those who are the sadest: never smile
If only they knew , if only i could say..i hate coming to school everyday. Not because of the lunch, or the switching my class rush.
I can't cry, Because that is admitting defeat, I can't cry, Because if I did you'd tear me down more. I can't smile, Because you know if I do it'll crack into a thousand pieces, I can't smile,
 I am reaching out to youBut you cannot or will not hearCan’t you see that I am in need?You look without seeing my tears I am so lonesome. All by myself
Hand in hand our gazes met. One quick smile, one skipped breath.   Is this love? Do I have faith? To lunge head first or am I too afraid.
you will never know unless you are in that persons shoes
I wasn’t happy with me, So I tried being a different me. I tried to be the me everyone else wanted to see
 It can come on slow and it can come on fast   Sometimes you’d never know it’s even happening Your palms start to sweat and your heart is about to burst
There is an empty place in my chest, an empty spot where my thoughts use to flow and my memories use to play. The familiar rhythm that's kept me alive for so long is slowly coming to a halt.
My heart sings the words Of my soul It feels all my weeknesses It hears all my screams It tastes the chalking of my blood It smells the fear of my aching beat It sees the nightmares that I
Used to be friends our first year Fast-forward, I’m standing here Halls are deserted, no one in sight Here you come from behind and body check me on the right   That’s how it started
She may have finally done it She may have finally found her path   The sky blue comforter was appealing, But with deep thought, She found that its arms of cotton, Its pillows of visions of fantasy,
There's a saying. It's quite old. There's a saying. That's often told. "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words with never hurt you" I don't believe that this is true.
The small boy
Positivity is hard when the whole world Keeps shoving SOMETHING down your throat
Let her alone                                                                                You don't want to go in that zone She's a freak of nature
Paddling so hard from the water wall behind. Too slow and i fall. Then I tumble and I roll to submerge to the unknown.
And I still love you. My love, my love hurts though.
  She was a very young girl Life just started it would seem About fifteen years old Life being torn by the seams
All alone and so very lost 
She stands speechless as the colors dribble down the wall
I’m walking a thin line, I’m running out of my lifeline. They’re letting go, they’re moving on How come I’m so far gone?   Why am I so worthless? My life so pointless?
I thought about it once or twice, maybe three or four. About suicide, and what it would be like, if I didn’t live anymore.   My world is dark and gray, filled with sorrow and lots of pain.  
Society has spoken, nobody cares. He cries all alone, for the truth he cannot bear. He bleeds all night yet no one is there, not one single person nice enough to care.
There she was alone again she made her choice so we'd  hear her silent voice maybe I was so stupid, for not seeing this before This is why,  she cried to sleep at night
I'm a glass house. Just take a glance, you'll know if I'm home or not Maybe a light is on, music is playing Peer a little deeper to be sure that I'm not Survey my windows to see if you can find me,
Gnawed on pencils, annoyed expressions, Everyone had their own confessions. Yet, here we were, sitting, pretending to care, About the lives of others, like it was even fair. Judgment and the shifting of eyes,
  my path is a well-worn one
Broken pieces shattered on the ground They continue to tip toe around Afraid to clean a mess that wasnt theirs  Scared that I will only break theirs Taped together many times for moments
Slipping soundless.
Living in darkness seemed  the best way Light never reached my face as I lay As the fabric of life seemed to fray   Hateful words spoken in spite Light was no longer in my sight
For what it's worth? This is my new start, new heart, shining at the end of this semester's tunnel
We harldy know each other
To love, to live,To hug and forgive.With out love of others, we live without hope,From sisters and brothers,to bacon and the Pope.Learn to loveto come above.Find the one without shun.
There she lay, On her bathroom floor thinking only about death, She stared at the pills scattered on the floor, As she took her last breathe, Only being able to see gray, She was happy she finally escaped,
I miss your smile, i miss your face, i miss your strongly supporting embrace. I miss your voice, i miss your words, that made me feel like, the only girl in the world. I miss your laugh,
You see the discrimination.You see all the hurting eyes and the crying faces.You just stand there as they suffer. And I, a third party, am just as guilty. Insults sting like gunshots to the legs,and she takes the blows. Words hold no power.The gun
As she closed her eyes she imagined her life before her Her eyes were bowed down in defeat, in weakness She reminisced on what she had lost, what she had gained
Your the love of my life, The bright star that shine in me, The inspiration that put me to my feet. You mean the world to me. Everyday dreaming about the day we will meet again. Your the sorrow in myy heart, I never knew you and i was like stars.
I was alive when i met you. Alive but cautious because I always feared death... feared what it would be like if you left.... You made me live reckless on the edge.. and the times i spent with you....
A young girl is brokenThat poor girl shed tearsThe little girl is leavingNo one even hears Crying, she falls asleep at nightWaking up seems to be a curseNo one ever loves herMaybe its time to go home
She strokes my hair gently Kisses me passionatlely Hugs me tightly Always loves me Wants to be with me forever Cares about me more than anything Spends every second of every day by my side
Vibrations in my head’s empty space; unoccupied. Relative measurements of relative ideas. And drops of controversy fall from the unmarked sky. Ebony sky; full of fire’s red embers.
There is no day that goes by I feel angry with the world I sit quietly in my room I pray for a better tomorrow… How would my life be Without fear and sadness? How would it feel to be
  Two lovers intertwined in a complicated web. One compromised by word. The other compromised by heart. One chained. One free.
The Night arrived room, The flame lit up the glistening blade. Her towel fell from her body, on the ground it laid.   A drop of moisture from her hair, curved her upwards chest.
Upon the polished pearl slate Lingers the past within: Blood-stained hair and eyes. Remember the queries and suggestions: Stay the original course, No altering just for appeasement.
             As the sun rises andAnother day takes flight;The blessing is fulfilled again.As the dew begins to lite;My heart flutters,For my love is forever in sight.
life is full of opportunities if you're in the land of the free where dreams will come true as you will do become someone important and you will achieve big than an ant
Its always a secret We cant go here, we cant go there So and so comin, so we cant go I cant follow you on social media, cause people might know You put me in a little pocket and take me out when you want
They think she's happysee her smile and just assumebut what they don't know might kill herit might lead her to her doom  Little do they knowher mind has the controlshe is slowly dyingsoon she may very well go  In her eyes is the painon her arms ar
Reaching out, gripping your hand with mine, Muscles stretching, tendons straining to hold on. My grip is starting to slip away; I Won't Let Go. Your memories entrenched within my mind,
The pain I feel is from within, The smile is all a show, The dreams I had Once big and bold Suddenly crushed and hopeless. Who needs me I am no-body Unwanted, alone, trapped..  
You really don't know when the end comes, the end of anything. I felt everything I needing to feel, craving to feel and it's sharp heel digging into my skull, I never asked, but was worthy enough for it.
Have you ever wanted to die Have you ever wondered whats on the other side Have you ever looked yourself in the face and thought why WHY… HY… HY… am I alive What is the meaning of life
I ask for your forgiveness in writing this to you, and I can assure it will be my final interference in this delicate matter.
I know the voices in your headThey've reached down into your coreI know the lies that they have said because I've heard them all before
Maybe it's time, that I give you a simple rhyme.  A reason to listen, as my eyes glisten.  I'm tired of the lies, those that binds and ties; my very soul from becoming whole.  I may not be the poster child, but I wasn't raised up wild.  Don't mock
    Your thumbnails are very beautiful, I’m sure you think so too; You must be very proud of them, gorgeous, pink, and small; I can tell you love them very much, because staring at them is all you do.
  Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me We've heard it, said it, learned it. But tell me do people choose to take their life because this rhyme is right?
The perfect girl, That's what everyone saw. The one that everyone knew. The girl without a flaw.   But when she looked in the mirror, She hid behind a facade. All the scars on her wrists,
Say what you want, do as you please for I know that whatever you doin ain't gonna happen to me. You can scowl,snarl, and glare but I'm untouchable like the air. You may say your wicked taunts and do your evil
Isolated from your peers, alone and rejected, different from the others, you feel diseased, infected.    it's impossible to change everyone,  difficult to get it through their heads,
She’s far from an innocent For deep in her past Lie memories in waiting, Coming on fast. The shame and the guilt Are too much to take, So she closes her eyes And accepts her fate…
He was my summer love the year of twenty twelve He was my everything for him I'd do anything he was what I needed and maybe if I pleeded, I'd get another chance or at least a last dance.
  Chains Chains clinking metal frozen wrists bound reaching for freedom no key to set me free or strength to uncuff
Life, life goes on. It goes on. A bus full of light, and im not on board. It continues to march forward in an illuminescant path, but i cant seem to find my way. Am i trapped or am i stuck? Why cant i approach this light?
I've been knocked down before someone knocked down my door.  They been down a street where you didn't want to meet, as well as me. 
If you walk into the lighttowards the end of the tunneland you don't come backhad its beauty ensnared youor had it simply scarred you?
Am I stupid? Am I crazy? A maniac, perhaps? How can I still love you? How can you still love me? I look at you and I still see utter perfection. The way you walk, talk, laugh, and smile.
I keep thinking about you. But I'm not sure what to do. Maybe If i stop dreaming of what could be.Maybe If i stop thinking of it as you and me.Maybe letting you go is the key.
  I miss that feelingWhen I felt the surgeThe boost of spiritsThe sound of birdsThe world was laughterThe peace, like rainBut since it happenedIt won’t come again
       i want to read the lines of your hands as if they where peices of paper with a story to tell. I want to kiss your hands so that my lips could tell the verystory of which your hands plead to speak. I want to swim in the river of your emotion
Sticks and stones break bones, And they aren't always alone,  Cause sometimes words hurt even more, Leaving behind a heart truly sore, And beating three beats behind, 
My wrists... like paper. The knife... a pen. The blood it savors. The ink, it sends. My skin is torn. The paper is ripped. Blade like a thorn. The pen, it shifts. Every scar has a story.
I am the ugly sister. These are the words I can’t escape. I cannot escape the rejection, or the hate. I am the one that no one comes to claim. My sister says the muffin top will go away, that I need to work harder.
Come with me to the room of doors for some funTake a deep breath and open door number oneIn this room livesA teenage girlHiding awayFrom the cruel cruel world.Her eyes are hollowHer soul a shell
What do you actually see when you look into these dark brown eyes? Do you see a girl with happiness all around her or a girl galloping through a meadow filled with dasies.That's what you think you see but you dont really see the
I'm always dreaming, Even when I'm awake. In my dreams, I have control Usually... Until one day, There was a razor in my hands And I awake to lots of blood Everywhere...
She glances at the clock, As it flashes eleven twelve. She sighs once again, As she places another notebook on the shelf. Through another clover patch, She searches for a wish. Her efforts to no avail,
Why would someone do such a thing? Someone please tell me why. He gave him so much of his effort. So much of his money and time. Between the two was everything. He'd helped him stand back up.
His Holding Into My Emptiness of my universe , while my mind is out of earth ! A start wont probably reach to my hopes ! While im here left in the back with a bag tht was left ! It was left to the wrong person 
What you see is what you get. What you see I don't get, you look but you don't see. you know where I be, but you do not know me! you see black and you see white, you think what you might.
Tainted, tainted is the light, No more is it pure and bright, Tainted, tainted as the night, No one can see for it is dark with fright,   Scarred am I from battles and wars, Recovery is not an option,
I've paid the price of losing someone I lived my life without a rule book I'd always imagined he'd be the one I came untied and fell to ashes I loved him, he made me cry  
Your subtle whispers  scream in my ears exclaming hate pronounce my fears I can see your staring eyes looking through me judging, spreading rumors lies But I am strong 
They hit me always They tease me and put me down Make bullying stop
A horizontal line, A bluish-purple vein, how much would it take to drive me insane?   A few more hospital visits, A few more prescription pills they say recovery is possible
  I stand here touching the breeze in my hair, feeling unconscious full of despair, I feel the touch of freedom. You told me i have legs, so I walk. I stand here with the darkness in my eyes,
                                       This                                            teardrop                                          I see when
ou claim to know me. Yet you don’t see my pain, my suffering, my black, shriveled up excuse for a heart. All you see is the smile, the overweight child, the kid that sits alone at lunch. You claim to know me.
Not a sight nor Neither here or there  A covering vail ​Would you care?   Here today but not in the morrow In view but far away Yet there is Nothing to say  
In her eyes
Cradled by solitude Because of other's attitude Death, depression, and disfigurement do a bully make Leaving destruction in wake. Take a soul, bottle it up Pour out a wretched thing.
Your eyes through me cut like a rusted knife,Your voice, it salts my newly bleeding wound,Do I belong inside your lonely life?Though you hoped I never willingly swooned,
Life sometimes can play tricks on the distracted eye.  Sometimes you see the horizon but not the road ahead of you.  And sometimes there is no road and you have to find your own trail.
It's sad to see, through a student's bruised eyes How mock and torture, Succumb their lives. Brimming with ridicule, socially inept. Feeling like an outcast,  Like a total reject.
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!I wake up to my alarm going off...another day,another scar.
You only write once Well I think that's a lie For writing is eternal It will never say goodbye My life has been a mess Lots of stress I'm almost done with high school And that's my final test
Love is when you feel cared yet hurt. When you life is complete yet empty.
Im tired. My body is sore. I lay in bed and feel like I cant take it anymore. I feel weak. Hopeless. Like no one cares. I tap my fingers on my phone, waiting for a sign. Some kind of hope. I shut my eyes and feel the dull buzz in my hand.
We sat on the steps of my eroded muck stained porch. We contemplated our lives and our identities while sipping on unclean glasses. We laughed at my awful past of abuse, neglect, and insanity
  Shattered Soul   It started one day Out by my favorite tree. I was so lonely, so cold But you somehow found me.   I thought you would have listened, I didn’t expect this change.
One heart two different worldsOne body two opposite girlsOne chose love the other hateOne chose corruption the other faithOne always tries to devise a planThe other simply follows the great I am
All my life I've been silent, Never let out a peep Even when tumbling down hills, rough and steep Before I cry out in pain, I hear my mother's voice Hush! Be quiet. Don't complain   When I go to church
Because The Sound Of Voice & My Lips Were Close ! You Told Me Just Repeat "Strawberry" My Heart Beat 100 Miles per hour! Not Knowing How and When To Say it ! Poor Child only 9years old !
  Tears trace my face as I stand over this sink I am crying again Every lecture I get, all the expectations I don't make
I don't understand why you hurt me or make me have these scars you always say no one cares of course i'm going to take that to heart. your suppose to love me and take care of me but you havent been doing that lately
Knowing that I have an attraction for you makes me so upset with myself. How could I let this happen to me?
you've been here with methrough thick and thinyou knew i was hurtbefore i told you you fought my wallsgot yourself ini cant get you out nowno matter how hard i trydid not want to trust you
Founded by people who want us to succeed, Surrounded by people who do not believe, Hurt inside because of depression, No emotion or impression, Hurting others with a fist, Bruising at no risk,
As the years escape my eyes. You try to say your final goodbye. But your hand won't leave mine. Thoughts of you fill my mind. Life without you is full of pain, no laughter, no smile just gray painful rain.
A steady rhythm,  A speedy pace, My heart now seems to race. A race, A fight,  What we do in the night. Loving, leaving,  I begin to start bleeding. Remorce and grieving
Steve Momphete 10/9/10   Mind Prostitution
Walking through the halls you see them everywhere, The mean girl making others feel invisible. But where, where are the teachers? The ones who should being protecting us. The ones that are supposidly our safe haven. The warmth in the sun.
He's a failure  In my class he won't survive  17 and black? I'm surprised he's alive He's just a stupid football player Is that all you think I am? Just another statistic?  Disgracing Uncle Sam?
I miss how you looked in my eyes that first night I could not recal anything else the way your soft skin felt on my cold hands The blurred memory gave me a rush I miss when we layed recalling the past
She’s kind Though she never really says much She smiles Though it never really seems real She laughs Though she never really seems to enjoy being around She’s here, doing what she has to do faithfully
I want to disappear I wanted to fade into the background...... I thought that losing the weight would make them like me...... They don't... I started to get more involved in school no one seemed to notice either.....
No one knows that she still hurts- But she keeps herself composed hoping no one notices her flaws.
The truth has been spokenWith the words that was suppose toSet me freeBut instead hurt more feelingsThan my ownI didn't intend for this to happen
  Tears like rain fill oceans of sadness; It’s the pain that we hide – greater than we see; I’ve spoken to broken looking for suns to soak in, But the heart is missing Where a soul leaves space.  
Razor Blade   Dealing with depression—it’s a hard thing that I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy. Seriously.        Wanting to not be alive, to disappear, and to not be seen. It’s too hard to deal with.
We take baby steps forward Then back we’ll fall But our steps are in synch We’re giving our all Best friends and sisters We float hand in hand Down the river of life Away from dry land
One love doesn't last longbut here is one thing it is going to be alright once a pon agogo out and find another one when you are lonely everytime you like of him or her
The dull lull of rain On my heart wears a stain Of all the trials and pain On this day in the rain.   The sad rain from above Reminds my heart of All the times it's not loved
Floating Leaping Screeching Clawing your eyes out just to Spite you Spite me instead I can't live the way you want Me to. The way you look at me Tells me that you want me to respond.
Im making my mind up to express. Living this way is just a mess. Laughing at nothing Is funny when its serious. Im Living life to the fullest So im a gangster. Living is dying.
I cant say what I need to. rather I wont. caught between what was and what is. not really caught actually, rather.. stuck. in pages I haven't read yet. scenes I haven't seen yet. would you care? no.. you don't have to care.
What's wrong with your ankles?Why do they look like that?I had a roughly drawn childhoodthe brown is painted with pinkbeige splatters across the waysome white spots are seen.
You are my South Wind, There to uplift me There to surround me But never to falter.   You are my Sun, There to light my way There to give me hope But never to dim.  
I push so hard everyday I know it angers you so much to wake up knowing Im not with you no more to drive you crazy I wake up too but here or not you still drive me crazy
I want to dieI want to turn away away and say goodbye There is just to much painI can barely stay in my own laneI'm falling apartI hurt in my whole body, especially in my heartI'm going to end it allI may step a little far over the edge and just f
I have left the world of Darkness, Having stepped into the Light, A new sensation of bliss has emerged, A sensation having not witnessed in a thousand years,  
Maybe She Would Be Alive Today. If I Spoke Up And Said What I Needed To Say. If I Thought Differently and Choose A Different Path. Crazy Thing Is I Didn’t Think She Would Last.
She screams as the light beams pushing and pushing the wall of despair.  Times of love from above is just like a dove resting on my shoulder. Times of love, Times of love, Times of love.  
Things falling apart All around me The world Breaking at the seams A rush of emotions Like an avalanche But yet I feel nothing You’re lying beside me Smiling Reassuring
Because all the things you've done im like this today. Hurt, numb, empty; whats lost is gone forever. Forever feeling a unsacred empty space. You took the only part of me that wasnt yours, the part of me that you havent already distroyed.
Thump Thump even steps on the floor A rhythmic monotone inciting horror Who is it that makes such a beaten path Is it death or man with a thought to pass
Lost in the world around her The kids in school call her names, Mock her ripped clothing No one knows the truth. She goes home to a drunken father, A broken mother and a missing brother,
clouds are thick, the ground grabs It weighs you down, It tugs at you slowly pulling slowly drawing walking against the wind heavy feet heavy head forced back held back no movement, no progress
I’ve had a target on my back since I was five.I got to the point where I didn’t want to be alive.Like other children, I just wanted to be an actress.That turned into hiding razors under my mattress.
It fools the inexperienced and breaks the ones who aren't careful.   It's the thing we always look back to and always look forward to.   It's strong and brutal; Happy yet sad.  
Bullying. A subject that when comes to mind, makes me want to cry. I have been bullied. Not physically, but mentally.  People telling me "shutup" or "you're stupid". I take everything to heart all of a sudden. I feel so insecure. I feel suicidal.
I came here alone, others are apparitions. Strangers to mother's. Opponents to father's. Siblings are apparitions. Friends are apparitions. Lovers are apparitions.
  The hole in my heart is deeper than the sea, The hole in my heart is blacker than the new moon sky. I still wish you were with me, your touch still lingers with me. As I’m asleep I dream of me back in your arms,
I am a silver moon. You are my world. If you do not desire this gravitational pull any longer, then I shall take myself elsewhere. I can find another planet to orbit my heart around. Someone who does not consider me to be a meteor.
Cold ice stretching over a fortress of falling beams. Rolling from blue eys come the diamonds of a sad day. Once strong the brick buildings fall in a crumbling rubble of distress. In a silent room a fire is ignited.
  what seems so easy isn't to some makes them feel queazy terrified of whats to come   speaking in front of a variety for a simple presentation those who suffer social anxiety
 I am like a ceramic bowl, and this bowl has many assets.Beautiful from a far, but up close you see my cuts, scars and bruises put there by all the hate and doubt of the world.
The Inner Me. It's the soul you cannot see. The pain, the struggles, the beating, and troubles. I cry out for help. Suicide thoughts. No one there to tell me, stop. I'm am confused at the mind.
There's a piece missing from my heartStomped on, shattered, torn apartA feeling hangs over me, the feeling of dreadFrom that moment that everything was soaked in redIt pooled around and pulled me deeper
You lay among the brokenLike a dry and wilting roseYou need someone to save youBut there's no one there who knowsYou put on a mask of happinesBut deep inside you acheYou're full of pain and suffering
Sitting, staring at the wallsWhy am I the one who always falls?In the mirror across the room I seeMy bloodshot eyes staring back at meMy eyes skim over my too pale cheeksAnd see the tears plus all their streaks
theres many ways to show love actions speak louder than words  many people may recall the scene of pain  to overcome pain forgiveness is the key.
Holding on to that one last kiss. Remembering what it was like to hold you like this. My heart is slowly burning to the ground. With the passion in the love I had found. Your words still linger in this place.
Welcome to my world Of lies,loniliness,hate, and depression My world of tears and loneliness  Of fear and scars and rust-tinged razors That smell like fresh sea water somehow don’t satisfy me anymore.
There oncewas a boy who rode my bus, with wide green eyes, who sat alone... and didn't seem to care. There once was a boy at my school, who was quiet but had the most beautiful smile,
You think school is all sweet and all. And you think teenagers like me are the generation to fall. But you don't understand that outside those silver gates. Life soon becomes a brawl.  
The Hill That Never Sleeps   Have you heard of the hill, That never sleeps? We’ve been properly acquainted, In my virtuous sheets. Watching-your every move, In search of flaws.
Kids may say I'm uglyKids may say I'm dumbKids may say I'm weirdSticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt meThat I'm fatThat I've pimples all over my faceThat I've got butter-teeth
So apparentlyPeople don't careHow what they sayEffects others So apparentlyPeople don't careHow what they sayKills others
Looking around, there are smiles everywhere The more I'm surrounded by people, the more anguish feeling of lonliness I feel and then you realize, nobody cares and you feel as if you will never heal
It's happened to you it's happened to me By word of mouth Or physically It's an eight letter word No body likes That word is bullying And it needs to cease to exist
How do I keep moving forward? Do I strum the guitar, and keep hitting the wrong chord? Do I let everyone push me into praying to their "Dear Lord"? Do I use my words and make them hurt as much as a sword?
her scars itch as if they feel her pain they want friends more of themselves to add to her collection  it's like they can feel her bring the blade to kiss her use-to-be-smooth skin 
As my heart beats to the rhythm of love and happiness; It slips into a coma of depression, Hidden from my laughter and smiles, Teasing everyone who passes by. Days pass of nothing but a drop of excitement,
The autumn is upon usit must be an enrichmentof all that went before
I wish my life was over, My world made of broken clovers, Falling out of place, going into a dark space, filled with blood, nothing to love...   No one can see through my facade,
Can a heart still break once it's stop beating can you believe me even though you know I am lying will you be there when I need you even though when your in need I'm never anywhere to be found when your in need will you catch me when I am
Your eyes are so stunning, that they could cover the night sky, and outshine the moon, and stars, and even all the galaxys combined.   Your smile is so strong, it rocks me to my core,
All my loving, It’s easy to obtain. Refrain, Everyday is the same.   What do I have to offer when you’re gone? I tried to tell you that I loved you all along,
I'm not bleeding it out. There are no razors to touch my skin, none to cut it. Bleeding does not help. Not like others said. Physical pain is not a cure, for this kind of agony.
3AM (One Cut) Don’t ever wake up at 3am It’s scary enough falling asleep Waking up out of a state of rest Takes a lot of energy mentally Like your mind gets tired, fatigued Overthinking starts.
I want a ......Guy who notices my sensitivityGuy who notices my heartGuy who understands my confusion and pain and where it comes fromI want a ........guy who confident. In saying i love you day one.
First Period: Wake up, shower, dress Motivate, sigh, late Again Second Period: English, essay, notes Homework, due date, yawn Tired
You can say that you're my friend. But i know in my head, that you're not. You can say that you're here,  But you'll just ditch me for beer The next Saturday we have off. You can say that you wont'. 
I remember the way you told me You loved me That it would never be you and I It would be we  I remember your beautiful  Smile I remember holding hands on the beach Walking for miles
We are all victims, persons targeted to feel pain and misery and all that are out to slam a foot on our brakes, while driving they have stopped us on the train tracks leaving us with what you think are only two options;
His head is low, his eyes full of tears. He gets upset easily, but I know it's not anything small. There are people laughing, people laughing at him. I say something, something blunt but true.
Do you see the pain?The pain in my eyes.Do you see the hurt?Hurt buried deep in my heart.Did you search to knowKnow what I have been throughOr did you just wishI let go and never looked back?
This ol' heart of mine will never be the same I guess I'm really the one to kind of blame I might as well move on and let it go Well since you're here I should probably let you know
breathe. in...out... in...out... the calm rhythm of my day undistrubed.   trigger. sharply inhale.  remember.  "no..." push it aside... "focus."
I said a word I made a friend I am yellow   I said a word I am in a relationship I am pink   I said a word I got into a fight I am blue   I said a word
In this world I am but a man, Crossed with confusion and stooped with dearth. But with your love and inspiration I stand, And rise to a vantage between Heaven and Earth.   On this podium I see crystal clear,
when i get tired (this feeling of lonliness) i close my eyes (come meet me) i walk through my dimly lit mind (everything is empty) and i begin to pray (there you are)
          Its was the silent kill. The infinite glare of a million eyes focused on the point of a pin. Its power could fuel a revolution, but would rather push its victims to the deepest pit of denial and thought.
  I breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Two easy movements. Involuntary. Necessary. The difference between two ends, Life, Death.   Breath changes everything… I breathe.
I like you a lot but don't know how to tell you...why can't we see eye to eye?  Set standards for each other? Everything is just so paper thin. With not enough time,
You see smiles they glisten, There's nothing else but listen Dark shadows, cold walls You hide and try to ignore the calls.   You ask yourself is it worth it? Not one bit.
People will treat you maliciously and wonder why you hate them. They will drag you down and wonder why you won't face them. When it comes to your dreams they try to stop them. But when it comes to your failures.........
He first treated you like you wore a crown. He fucked with your mind until your smile was a permanent frown. He convinced you as if you were the one at fault. Like a daily dose of a wound filled with salt.
Those words go deep as you toy with my heart and emotions My very essence being ripped out and examined by vermin like you Looking for any weakness like being too nice to speak out against the torment
Your Kiss infects me like the flu infecting young children it finds me and absorbs through out my body taking a few days to leave my system forever i remember the 1st time the feeling so new
I knocked on the door just to listen and see if she was home For some time I waited, cold winds flowing past me and down my back my mind started to rome Alone is what I began to feel but then she came to the door
A minimum amount of words were said, and time was spent together. Before we knew it. Time was over.
today the secrets outyou are beautifulthat you would ever think otherwise is a crimeyou are beautifula flower no matter the colorno matter the shapeno matter the sizeit is beautiful
i bury myself in facts organization to a faultto hide from the world,from people and fearspeople think I'm shyI'm hiding.i hide in plane site, yetnobody sees me i cry for someone to see me
Betrayal, Bruised, Left alone, No one to hold, No one to love, Blessed I’m sure, How can you be blessed? When no one loves you When someone toke your love. Forever alone. Forever apart. 
A man who's life was strife by death left mights in his regrets. Life can be a pain and with punishment they may blame, but one thing that it gives, its forgivness for you'r sins. As the man shouts to death
how dare you put me in a box labeling me because i dont fit in with the hollywood image how dare you belittle me because im different i rather be happy being me then being sad trying to fit in with this asshole society
I used to write poems about the colors of your eyes with a stomach full of butterflies. But now I write words about the voices in my head and how I wish I were dead.   You used to promise
Is it my time? Is it my time to shine?Is it my time to die? On the outside I look like I’m doing just fine. On the inside, I’m trapped inside these happy lies. Is it my time? Is it my time to be free? 
This disease, I wont let it get the best of me. I'm depressed though, it's got me by the throat, how can I get free? How can I be all I can be, if I'm missing a part of me. On the oust side, I seem as happy as can be.
Tearful eyes. / Burning throat. / Stiffled cries, / So they don't know, / I scream inside. / I miss my home. / On my outside, / You'd never know. / I'm tired of sadness. / I'm tired of lies. / I'm tired of secrets, / That everyone hides.
Life turns to death, as the present fades to the past Its the bleeding of pure silence... The slow thumping of a partially broken heart.. The twinkle of a knife Hidden by the night
We wake up early to go to bed late Go to a place that we all hate Have seven long hours of school Only to go home and have four more It is was to much for a young teen
Gently falling down, The poem of my lifetime, It's never ending. 
You see im not much into historythe dictionarybut I know what the words we say mean,the words we say take affectrecalect, no respect,Like tomorrow , sorrow,we have so many things to see
Have you ever seen someone going through a anxiety attack?It's not an east to thing to witness. Their body tenses against their willThey shake and cry with no cause or relief
Her mind flooded by judgment and oppression Her body aching from hate Her soul yearning to escape the cage it was forced into She is only accelerating her fate   She is only accelerating what is intended
Silence broke out, and she hid in fear. Crying to herself, hoping she wont hear.   All the voices, that tell her that she doesn't belong. And she keeps telling herself,
Beauty is the eyes of the beholder That's why he always found beauty in my body And you always saw it in my eyes   He was only looking for one thing; and liked what he saw
Sometimes                           I stare
It’s funny how someone who was supposed to love me, never did. It’s ironic how that a person that I never knew hurt me. But it’s even worst that I hurt myself.  
To Open Her Eyes  When I look in the mirror I see a face The girl looking back at me is so lost She feels lonely in a crowded room But is suffocating in her mind What do I do to make her smile
Silent, empty, lonely, hated (Sitting in a classroom, smiling vaguely) Muffled, lost, self-sedated (Top grade in the class! Congratulations, be proud!) Can't think, breathe, feel my way
Why do people bully so much. why did they put people down. why do they want us to suffer as much as they did. I think bullying should be stopped. you will never know who will get popped.
Teachers will teach. Students will learn. But, the way teachers teach, is the students concern. They rely on their education to make them great.
I like how the cereal screams in terror as I put the little guys in my mouth Mmh how sweet, cereal blood between my teeth Snap Crackle Pop! goes the bones of the breakfast mom bought
Every day seems somber. I look away and as I walk to school  I can feel myself removed.  I watch myself sit there in class  I watch myself write  I watch myself get through it 
I didn't know before how to light a candleTo set by the picture of us on the mantleThere was no flame to light the wayThere was no night to darken the dayThe monsters came to devour the heart
Tears roll down her face as she sees her lover with someone else Disgusted she feels She wishes she was someone else The anger inside from the lies he told  Disrespected from his actions  He is so bold 
My mind is depraved. A sarcastic fringehead, erasing my thoughts faster than they can swim. Breathing in water, my lungs fill with salted froth. I bite my tongue and an acrid brine pervades the void.
How can you claim to "love" someone when all you do is hurt them ? What is "Love" ? People say its a big word with so much meaning... Everyone who said they "love" me, all ended up hurting me.
To the lost, the forgotten, the outcasts, to all those who feel hopeless and alone. This cruel, sick, and twisted world you live in has made you think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable.
It all started on the first day of school, not passing the rule. No one coming to my aid, on my shoulders the cruel words laid. Then came middle school, people even more cruel. I was a fool,
Kids walking down the hallway with they're heads hanging down. Because they just got teased, about they're hair, clothes, or laugh. Kids just walking with agony, wondering when this is going to stop.
Kids walking down the hallway with they're heads hanging down. Because they just got teased, about they're hair, clothes, or laugh. Kids just walking with agony, wondering when this is going to stop.
I do not like that. The weird place. The odd shape. The abnormality.  I do not like much. Not what I see. Not how I see it. Not much at all. "But this is okay." They point out.
My heart was once so open So innocent and free I shared it with the world For the world enamored me
Walking Through The Halls, Every one Stops and Stares, Laughing and Teasing, I Drop To My Knees With These Tears, Frickled Face, Old School Clothes, But Poverty Struck My Family, I Guess Noone Cool Knows, The Way I Talk, How My Glasses Look, How M
  Keep your head up in the halls It's only a hop, skip and jump away Ignore the people and what they say Stay away from those bathroom stalls    You're here safe and sound Crack open your book
My teacher Waves her hands  Towards the board like my attention  Should be focused on adjectives and verbs She placed me next to the smelly kid And the girl who always makes fun of me I stare outside
 To overcome?   You have no idea. The dark is suffocating. The pain is allocating. Try to make it stop. It's not enough. It keeps coming, and coming, and coming. Looking up, praying for better. Why me?
She sat on the porch as she wiped her tears.     Put on the same brave face, the same face shes done for years.     Now she never lets her guard down,and make sure shes always in control.  
Well I’ve come to tell you a story. I gotta warn you, it’s probably not a happy story. I gotta warn you, it’s probably not even a good story. But I think it’s probably a true story, and that’s good enough for me;
Why do you pretend you're happy? With that fake smile on your face, pretending everythings perfect. You go home and cry... Because you're living a lie. With tears rolling down your face, you say you're okay.
Tell me you love me because you want me in your lifeTell me you love me because you mean it from your heart Tell me you love me because it's written all over your face
After the storm comes a rainbow, I have been threw that storm but don't know where to go, where is my rainbow. I need to feel the calm that comes after the storm, for it's the only way to reassure my self.
It’s strange. This feeling. This heart felt feeling… Sigh… not again. Could I… could I really? No, no, no! I’m not! I’m probably just sick. Yeah! Just sick… Damn, who am I kidding?
Death is opportunity Life is the challenge.   Opportunity to relapse Challenge to stay above.   Opportunity to give up Challenge to remain on track.   I am a survivor.
I cant go on with this pain on my chest It's like a bolder with its final place of rest Theres been no greater sin Than keeping this all locked in You've thrown me and shunned me
  The strive you have to have to do your dreams , While the dollar bill appears and disappears in your wallet, The scheme, yeah they get you , Raise you up then they forget you or have you forgot yourself?
    I shatter mirrors relentlessly thinking ''what more bad luck is there in the world, than the bad luck I serve every day.''  Bad luck is my parasite, It consumes my little bit
I need my space. It'a silly thing, this love thing. Comes around, rebounds, till the ground hits your face. Don't chase.   Break your neck left and right like you're crossing the street,
Another white tee Tie dyed in four shades of red Out of the twelve you’ve already encountered Bleach will do no good this time Neither will a Band-Aid You never have to worry about people getting in your way
Cast over me, a sheet of confusion and foolishness, and yet it took more than one rude awakening in my life to help pull this sheet off my head but I still wonder why do so many tragedies had to come for me to finally understand a part of life.
Crying in the snow will do no good The tears you cry will never come out As the touch of blood feels like snow The animal that lived before you must move on Letting go is sometimes the only choice for us
I remember one time Someone said to me, "What? Were you emo or something?" And they laughed. And I laughed, But I didn't say anything. To me, it's not funny. That rusty blade
DEPRESSION Depression is like the color black, and is darker than the dimmest parts of space. It sounds like thousands of screams echoing in your ear, and bashing at your eardrum.
Mother I forgive you for you know not what you do Call me a zero in hopes it'll motivate me to avoid the bar stool Most men live there life defining and executing functions I have yet to define a single variable 
Every person has their own bible,  whether it be a cookbook, Gods word, or your old copy of "Alice in Wonderland" everyones is different, and helps them in different ways. 
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I can't help but feel like there is a hole in my chest I keep searching for something that cant be found until I hear a voice saying "Turn Around" When I looked I couldn't believe just what I saw
 When I looked I couldn't believe just what I saw I saw a man Sitting on his throne With my mind blown I fall to my knees  Screaming out  "LORD HELP ME PLEASE" He says "Son what you're looking for isn't on this EarthBut if you can trust me you wil
Laughter is healing for my soul, thats the medicine I have chose. Needless to say I'm okay,  afterall I did laugh today! Wondering why I may be depressed?  Half the time I'm super stressed,
We are young. We are strong.  We are capable of anything.  Sometimes we are wrong.  Colorless and yet so colorful. Madness but mostly wonderful..
Jugular venous pressure is estimated by positioning A patient’s head at a 45-degree angle. When the veins in the neck Are swollen as high as the angle of the jaw, Blood pressure rises.  
Maybe,The whispers will overwhelmThat beautiful mind of yoursThey'll pull, rip to shredsThese worries in your headInsecurities you didn't knowPlagued you.So convinced that they know
There was a place and timeDon't ever go back to thenIt is just filled of memoriesAnd sadnessOf people who don'tRemember you, andPeople whom you wish to forgetYou've visited your past
A leaf upon the pond, drifting along,  No wiser to the water below than the sky above,  The wind blows it goes,  No control of here or there,  As the day unravels the weather above eats away, 
  I'm just a typical teenage girl, but I still struggle. My thoughts engulf me. I wish I could escape. The girl you assume you know is probably fake.
I'm a prisoner, one of love. Women an men both abuse love. I give my love out freely an passionatly. My heart lays crumpled on the floor, weeping blood. It's on the floor because
Dark and despair in the air Tame those people who want to swear Make them believe in something else But keep it close to them like belts Help them decide to take a better path
In, out Right, left Yes, no Go through the motions.   What if you can't?   The walls are caving, The ground is shaking, The world seems to be falling apart.  
There once was a girl who could never stop crying, who had so much pain she envied the dying   Her eyes were red as a recent cut's splatter, but she could never stop crying, so it didn't matter  
  you are the thornless rose that grew amongst the baobab of my ribs roots that wrapped around my lungs leaving me breathless and blue i am content    
  At first it started Something like a joke or a game but I soon found out that the true winner was brought to shame for the first few seconds everything was cool
Hand over brow, sweeping horizon  over and over to find something new.  Head over heals, falling  in circles, don't even realize you don't  have to look.    You do have to lose. 
Education is spoiled by the rotting brains Disseminating by the television cell membranes As learning decreases Society let's ignorant fame and material things sink in Getting rich quick is more motivation
Silent aspirations call from the cracks Of motionless stone slabs. Within every drop of rain, another drop of blood. Stretch, pull, stretch, pull, Exhale. Knuckles scratch against concrete that
I am Yin and he is YangI bring peace but he brings painI am pure, while he is corruptedI am collected while he is disruptive
You thought you could take me You thought you could break me All the things you said The things you wished would go to my head Congrats  
-She walked along the darkness of it all. That was it. The darkness, it seemed like she was blind walking without seeing anything around her. The Abyss.
Sometimes life likes to screw you overWhy can't we just live and let live?Horrible parents, a cheating loverEveryone takes what you have to give
Her neck cranes skywards, they are there, beyond the haze and mist of a day long since past. They are there and she will bring them forth. So many times, so often she has searched the endless abyss of the sky for answers.
Hey dads, yeah not dad, but dads. Although I should call one "the guy who didn't want me" and the other "the step-father who left the family", both of you are still my father.
Time elapses where the world was spinning,  the spinning stops,  the world collapses Collapsing and falling we all break silently in the spot that counts soft, red tissue unmeasured  
Upon your rest I give you strength To hold on tight for one more length And in this night I take your sorrow To give you hope for a new tomorrow So take my hand and hold it close 
Can you see her? can you see the acid rain falls from the skys, every time she crys? She walks through life with her head held high,
The blue moon is the theif that comes to steal all of those things that makes us feel- feel those things that keep us true blue moon can only  keep us blue so recognize-when he comes
She chases you until you're out of breath.
They say make love, not war But there’s always a constant battle With my heart I’m always fighting for another And with every battle I grow weaker Losing soldiers, losing power
 You call me fat ,  you try to demean my character .., why do you follow me home ... When all you do is laugh..... if you feel so much dislike for me. Take a step back and ...
Will anyone finally understand the pain, the one in my heart? For so long I kept it there, but to what end?
Spinning, Whirling, Flailing, Falling, Dizzy, No where to turn. Distant, I'm alone, with everyone around me, Drifting like drift wood, In a mind boggling sea
its funny almost, how easily you can lose yourself but how it difficult it is to find yourself again how you can go from being completely in the now minute
Cothurnus is defined by the pain of our past, the weight of our world and the anguish of our eyes.   We, who have been hurt, relish the notion of rest. Where wounds can heal
and I only have the sound of your footsteps committed to memory.   because the only memory I have of you   is the one of you walking away.    
Miss that girl, she used to always smile She loved talking to her friend and hanging out She loved to smile Loved to talk I do not understand what is wrong She cries herself to sleep
"What shall I say  Whether or not be truthful Or bask and in my sorrows all day. What shall I say? Sometimes a piercing gaze puts the pain back And I shut it away. What shall I say?
Bland. Broke. Hopeless. Pain beyond understanding. It cries out to be fed. But, the truth is the food is gone. Without you here makes me dead, makes me want to die.
(For full effect, listen to 40 Part Motet- Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis) 
Today I was anxious and in a rumble,  but I tried to stay positive and not stumble. I looked out the window and saw the blues, the grays, whites and greens,
The past,  the present, loom together to torture. I can't even seem to remember, or even able to consider, the future. Everything is wrapped together in a maze,  the past, present, future, it's all the same. 
I thought my first love will be my last I thought its you that I belong to But now, what I once thought remains as thoughts For you are now waiving goodbye.   All your smiles are for me 
Never give up, Always look up. Strength and courage are all within you. All the light is inside of you. Never let anyone bring you down, Never let anyone make you drown In this world full of obstacles,
Behind the door there is another lie With these two I don’t even get a break Having to deal with these two until I cry Staying there will be another mistake Was walking away, forgetting it all
Angel, oh angel,Why have you forsaken me,Cast me out for nothing,Thrown me to the ravenges of the dark?All this pain,All this torture,For a simple change in thought?Do you know not what I feel,
We have forgotten, Summer’s last innocence at Sunset, How the colors melt into Oranges and Yellows and Purples… And that faint breeze That Used to tell us We were forgiven.
With genuine smile and open arms Bliss succumbed with twice the charm
It’s 3am and I can hear myself breathing but I’m questioning the breaths. What if I told you that I’m not really here? I am just a blurry vision in the mirror where I slice my wrists and hold them up to God.
  Why I write   all we did was make eye contact.   but in that instant between my blink and her smile  
These are the times we live in. This is the day I see. The sky is cloudy and gloomy, But the clouds will not defeat me. The struggles threaten to smother, My strength is growing weak.
She enters the setting, With a mindset cluttered in utter agony, But her beaming grin seems so effortless, Despite the distress staining her heart and soul,
  Dreaming is what got me here. I used to dream that all the power would be in my hands, but here I am pressed against the ceiling this cement ceiling.  You fed me words  that made me hunger,
The loons call in the night, spreading my heart open. Scarred feet slide across the tile floor, slipping away in her nightgown. Down the newly wet grass gateway, advancing into the shocking water.
Born into a world were it’s not guaranteed I’ll succeed. I still reach high, breaking stereotypes as I go. I graduated from High School; I am in college. What else is there left to achieve? As I sit and think… LIFE.
A thud  A bang  A walk to a room  A mother in pain A father drunk with machismo A son with fear and hate in his heart A threat against a life A broken family A time to take charge 
Dark brown eyes with a personality that brightens any gloomy situation No one can pronounce the name but remembers the face and the smile
Dear Son,   Recognize your power, strength, and courage.   You have the drive and the power to achieve great things. And then there is power ascribed to you.
Before my known days The sun shone splintering rays of diamonds With gorgeous scenery to complement Bliss was rampant Faith out-lasted And dreams materialized into obtainable goals But yet
Why do I write?  Ha Why do you breathe? Why do fish swim? Why do plants photosynthesize? Writing to me is not only a way to express myself, but a suicide prevention plan, an escape from reality,
Why do I write?  Ha Why do you breathe? Why do fish swim? Why do plants photosynthesize? Writing to me is not only a way to express myself, but a suicide prevention plan, an escape from reality,
Painful memories my heart storesLooking for a way through these doorsFinding my way back into the lightUsing up all of my mightBut when the darkness is backAll I see is black
Two Weeks: Two Weeks Two Weeks too long Two Weeks dragged on Two Weeks ended wrong Two Weeks long gone Two Weeks
Who would have thought it’d end this way. The crows flying above and the people screaming out of love. The car came out of thin air it seems.
When you look at life as an Ocean, you will suddenly start sinking.  You see the beauty all around, as you struggle to keep breathing.  Your lungs are full of water, the oxygen is depleting. 
I dont want the scars  to represent the weakeness  I aquired.  I dont want them  to be a false representation.  They do not define who I am.  They should not tell you
The abandonment that I have experienced,  no other should feel. Enjoy your family, if not for you. Do it for the peole like me. People who have no mother to say "I love you".
The rigor of staying sane is hard to steady, especially when the rain falls harder for those minds not ready.
Fight through the pain now Don't give in to the night. Take your last breath while standing Let strength be your fight.   (chorus) Lock-down 'cuz we're loesing ground
 In the last day where the line is drawn in blood,  We choose our sides And fight for those we love   (chorus) If you'd only known that this is why we stand Then you'd free yourself And join the last of man
One night I feel the falling rain Drowning out the moonlit night. Gloomy thoughts of fierce betrayal Linger on my mind. (Shadow Dance)   Hallucinations of my pride Give me the strength to fall.
Cold steel touches warm skin. This time I hope the blade wins... Sharp edge touches bare skin. The slice feels like nothing more than the prick of a pin...   Drop by drop crimson appears... 
An Unexpected Therapist I wrote because of a snake that slithered through my vessels, Wound around my lungs and constricted, Sank fangs into my heart and Exchanged venom for life.
When you see a pretty face When you see a shining smile Does everyone see that same thing? When some one is crying blood
People think me strong. I know that I am weak. People think me wise. I know that I am foolish. People think me happy. I know that despair has taken over my life. People think they know. They have no idea. They don't know my mistakes.
I am the hollow woman My merry mechanism failed Left with so much opposition from other's emotions that are stale My normal state is empty but my capacity half the world I took on that responsibility
            Ever since I was young, my mom always said what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. But what if it does?
Hopes and fears, lies and tears. I do not want to feel like a failure anymore, I am sorry I most go on. I left you behind because you were no good for me; now you are back and I do not want you here.
There's beauty in the soul If you gaze real deep There's hope in the veins That keep the hearts beat   There imagination painting Blurred dreams behind the eyes
I open my eyes and feel the morning sun graze my skin and I smile. "Its a brand new day", I tell myself. Everything is okay...
Normal is Boring Doing the Same Routine Daily Everybody dresses the same Its like playing an old game of Follow the Leader One that never ends We all go this way Or that way
Poetry is self expression. No guidlines, no rules. Noone to tell you, "you're doing it wronge" or "you have to do this too." Poetry doesn't have to rhyme, have 10 beats, or eight lines.
Watching stains on the sidewalk.. Listening to the birds talk, - Mind's Gone. No one with the words to say.. or listen to the words I say, - I'm Alone. Soft whispers of those who hate..
Wake up feeling tired What a slumpy day Want to get the myself going But stays in bed all day Hate to see that happen But it happens anyways
Sometimes going through depression is what makes a person It gives a glimpse of reality A vision with everlasting loneliness and destroyed self-image This emotion holds one hostage
I entered a new place It was different and scary I was afraid of it I didn’t know what would happen I knew most But also knew none There were those who knew me When I didn’t know myself
Hey Dylan, I’ve been here for you for a while now. But for 19 years straight, you’ve been nothing but a villain. Your love toward me, you disavow.   I didn’t do anything to deserve this. With each puff,
Keep going, keep pushing; but in what direction? Everyone out here is trying to teach a lesson You can't teach those who have already been taught what you're trying to teach
I see my soul soaring, Flying like an eagle, They try to tie me down, Where I cannot be free.
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Fire, light, inhale. Breathe, obsorb the poison. Deep breath, obsorb the smoke. Feel The Addiction Take Over. Breathe, obsorb the pain. Deep breathe, obsorb the cancer. Feel The Addiction Take Over.
Oh when the drugs wear out and the crash kicks in painful glares pierce through yout thick skin and it all comes down  to who you are with in not who you try to be, just to fit in
I paid for my sins with a couple our fathers Five Hail Mary’s and I didn’t even bother Wrapping up the prayer coz I didn’t see the point Church congregation I reluctantly joined
They don't kow the tears I cry, They don't know the life I have, I have wings and I can fly, Going by my own path. I seem weak, But I am strong, Very sweetly meek, But not for long.
Expectation is experience laced with arrogance. I would be lying to you if I told you that I expected this. Because of this, the impact was cushioned by a pathetic surrender to a philosophy of acceptance.
Small but poisonous, Black but rimmed with green Envy and red Rage, Darts are thrown with Deadly accuracy They pinpoint their target, Puncturing the peachy flesh and Exploding upon impact.
He laid there in his bed Motionless, clinging to life by one single thread His memories reflecting through his eyes If only he had the chance to give one last goodbye So tired and broken, frail and worn out
We exist only behind the words we speak. Standing at this distance, we forever reach. We swallow the affinity because we know deep down it can never be. We put the dreams to rest and embrace the reality we live in.
Maybe you do not understand that the past is in the past, yet I am still chained to it. Maybe you do not understand that every time someone mentions that theme I cringe.
I find myself here again, Stuck in this same place again. Surroundings so familiar, Foreign visions in the mirror. How did I get here? I thought I’d sworn to never return. In my mind I’d made it so clear,
The patriarchy Self-congratulatory of its own bias. The working women Polishing her glass ceiling weeps for potential. The conservatives attack her choice as murder But her life counts too.
I stand utterly bruised, not defeated, just bruised. I've come into battle with the conflict of words, the conflict of unjust actions, and recently in war with you. I've taken your arrows, your bombs, and
I was always being swept away by the current, it hit me hard. Crushed my lungs, bruised my skin, bloodied my face and body.
I was always being swept away by the current, it hit me hard. Crushed my lungs, bruised my skin, bloodied my face and body. I never understood why.
She used to be an innocent girl But the devil has changed her Staring in a mirror The reflection is a stranger She yells out to God With tears running down her cheek Praying to become strong
Tough to live through, it truly is Involves many of America’s kids, Maybe a friend, maybe a foe The sad thing is we will never know, Once a friend now turned to dust Bullying begins, friendship rusts,
When winter storms bring snow and ice and springs face hides beneath And life is draped in cold regret where jealousy sinks its teeth The road is dark and rough, though often traversed by those
It's funny, when people ask you if you're sad and you just smile, and say "no", and they walk away, satisfied, Thinking that they were mistaken That they misread the moment of pain, depression,
When you hear the story of ignorance think of me For I’ve been here for as long as the Earth been to existence I’ve been here when God was creating the universe I’ve ask god to create human because of bored-some
my reality. day by day you tell me what i can do we do not have the same mentality but if you only knew what i go through have a seat ill tell you my story ill read off this sheet but dont you worry
She walks into the classroom, and sits in her chair.
Everyday the same routine Time passes Is this really the life I dreamed I wanna be Spontanious Active Free There eyes Judging Turn around Don't look at me My personality
Pain you're the dark, grey, cloud that covers the sun, and what takes light away All that you have left me with is this cold, bare, lonely darkness You're the one who causes all of my suffering You're the cause of the river I have created with all
Facebook asking me to write something Asking God to leak inspiration from my veins Open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out my pain It pains me, that I am not living to my full potential
Disease is the reason For the loss of my loved ones, And possibly the future Loss of others.
Today is the day for change, Eyes up, Signs high, Voices loud, Jim Crowe has no hold anymore, Chains are crumbling, This is a revolution, We are more than 3/5 of a man, We are human,
Tears streaming down these tired eyes, But I ain't afraid no more. I cannot stop all your lies, But I ain't afraid no more.
Look at the sky, It’s pure and white. Nothing compared to my soul That’s neglected and dark. The trees stand tall, Branching out far Nothing compared to my soul That slums down,
A door opens Empty of memory Cold, Dark, Eerie Depression creeps in Sadness takes over The walls drooping with pain Crying tears of blood No acceptance from reality Pain has overcame pleasure
Delicate features, slight stature. That is who she is. Shy, unassuming, ignored, She dances on the air, moves like a ballerina. Twirling, twirling, twirling, One wrong move could send her falling.
I’m done Yet I can’t quite grasp it Why something like this would happen to me How could something like this happen to me That trust I built has just been destroyed I’ve never been this broken before
Whatever happened to the flowers? The water lilies and poppies and marigolds, With their dewy stalks and folds?
I don't know who I am The white in my life blew out I don't know where I stand At thirteen my soul was left in doubt The only white The purity The innocence... of me Taken in the dark
Stop and stare. Who goes there? Not a pal or a friend. Maybe a foe or a fiend. Can you see her? Or maybe its a him? Duck! And Dodge! Close one my friend. Don't fight back.
It hurts like the sting of ice and cold. It hurts cause I know that's what's like your soul. It hurts because you forced me to believe the words you say. It hurts to think how can I manage another day.
You’re words, they hurt. If I cry, it’ll make things worse. You keep playing games. I don’t think they’re fun. The rumors, they haunt me. There’s nowhere to run. That’s how I used to feel.
Looking in the mirror Sadness stains her face. Red lines cover her, making feelings fade. They call her names. The torment her. The wall she has built is breaking. She goes home to a world too adult.
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