Confessions of a resident of Asteroid 325



you are

the thornless rose that grew amongst the baobab of my ribs

roots that wrapped around my lungs

leaving me breathless and blue

i am content



day by day you inch towards my heart 

threatening my home;

i belong deeply to myself.

but you demolished the walls and flattened the fences 

you left me defenseless 

I am content



you didnt mean for this to happen

how the wind had carried you to be planted upon on my sternum 

why that was just pure 


or was it fate?

I dont care, I am content.



I used to think daisies were my favorite

quaint innocent and simple to understand

a yolky center feathered with petals 

The desire to have them,

fades as soon as i have plucked it from the ground

and i do so, so often on my hikes

feeling how fragile it lays in my palm, i felt nothing

a temporary source of beautiful until i find another with a yellower yolk

a whiter white

a greener green

until the first time i saw the layered red on my chest, daisies were my favorite


It was different holding the corpse of a beautiful flower and having one rooted in you

just like how amputated limps dont work as well as the untouched

I didnt even know what i was missing until you blossomed



i had no barriers left; you were inside of me

roots breaking through undisturbed soil and graveyards of the past and broken dreams

just like the extension of an upper extremity of a pubescent boy who felt stiff in the pelvic

you knew my secrets and didnt judge me

you still wanted me



so here i am

the source of your nutrients

nurturing you every ounce of the daily 5 i could offer you





and a beacon to guide you home when you've wander too far into troubled waters


and in return

you shed petals of beauty and happiness

tranquility and peace

appease and ease 

onto my fragile form


What is this feeling?

I don't dare to find out 


but i am content


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