Here's a thought,

The thought is life

The thought is need

What good is life when no one believes?

Believes in overcoming fears, goals, everything?

One must try to accomplish anything.

Maybe it's the town I live in,

If I don't watch out I'll land on my face,

Everyone wants first place..

If I want something done I have to go get it,

Or else I mines well forget it,

Forget what, you say?

Forget everything I worked for,

I'm seventeen and my life is a chore.

We all could use some help

But help is hard to find

What's that saying, "No man left behind"?

Behind for the wild dog,

Behind with nowhere to jog.

This is my choice, this is my life,

I'm ready to believe that there is no more strife.

Anything is possible they tell me,

Now I'm finally ready to believe.


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