The Valley

Fri, 08/30/2013 - 13:08 -- Edmonds


 When I looked I couldn't believe just what I saw I saw a man Sitting on his throne With my mind blown I fall to my knees  Screaming out  "LORD HELP ME PLEASE" He says "Son what you're looking for isn't on this EarthBut if you can trust me you will seeyou're looking for a manand that man is me" I ask him how he could loveThe one who cursed his holy name above He says he doesn't care He knows my every hair Don't waist your time with this song of mineFind his love todayHe is the one Who sent his only begotten sonSo that we may not runFrom his eternal love So At last looking back on my pastI know I'll never go there again Seeing is one thingDoing is another Now I stand tall Never to fallBecause I'm walking with the onewho saved my souland he payed my tollSo That I may spend EternityPraising him for his golry Now I as I walkThrough the ValleyOf the Shadow of DeathI now Know that there isn'tAny hole in my chest. This wasn't written for just me or just youIt was written so that You can know too. 


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