Letting Go


Reaching out, gripping your hand with mine,
Muscles stretching, tendons straining to hold on.
My grip is starting to slip away; I Won't Let Go.
Your memories entrenched within my mind,
The emotions for you are deep within my soul,
My thoughts of you running through my blood,
All of this is tearing me apart.
My eyes, locking with yours, I Won't Let Go.
The more I hold on, the more my reality blurs.
Farther and farther you've slipped away,
My fingers intertwined with yours now,
The pain is becoming unbearable, I Won't Let Go.
Trying to cloud the memories of you,
Blocking out the emotions I have,
Learning to look past the sight of you,
But I can't, my love for you is to strong.
Holding on, to all the things we said,
Looking back, to all the things we done,
Traveling back, to all the places we've been,
It's So Hard To Let Go.
The force pulling you away is also pulling me down,
Down a path I don't want, nor do I wish to travel.
My joints are now popping, my skin is tearing,
This weight of you is ripping me apart, I Won't Let Go.
Looking down to your face, I see no emotion,
Continuing to hold onto you will kill me, I Can't Let Go.
I see this now, my fingers numb, muscles torn,
I gently, with all my might, open my hand,
Fingers slipping away from yours, I've lost touch,
Our hands still reaching out, just an inch apart now,
A tear softly rolls down my cheek,
From there it falls, slow and calm,
Full of all my memories, emotions, and thoughts,
Of You.
I'm So Sorry, I Can't Hold On Any More,
This Is Me, Letting You, Go.

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