Knowing It All

Knowing that I have an attraction for you makes me so upset with myself. How could I let this happen to me? How could I let a complete stranger come walking down the road to my heart, staying, not in my heart, but beside my heart, your words scribed on the outer walls of my pumping heart. How could I let you just overtake my mind, making me head over heels for you. I said I wouldn't. But my heart told otherwise. If I could choose, I would runaway. From you, from Society. I wouldn't want to love you, knowing I wouldn't ever be yours. But I can't control myself. You control my heart. All rules break loose when your name enters my head. I wish I was skinny. I wish I had colored eyes. I wish I was your girlfriend. I wish I had my old lifestyle back.... But then I don't. He who has created us has placed it all around us. Everything happens for a reson & without all this, I don't know where I'd be  .I'll have you one day. One day Cerdric. One day..

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