Have you ever seen someone going through a anxiety attack?
It's not an east to thing to witness.

Their body tenses against their will
They shake and cry with no cause or relief

If you look into their eyes you will find pure terror
But what are they afraid of?

Their dreams within, eat them alive
Tear at their insides and reopen wounds suppressed
Battles they fight with themselves

Bottled up to hide their pain
Afraid to cause others a burden with their confessions that keep them up at night

Rings around their eyes from lack of sleep
No appetite
Paranoid they'll get attacked from within again

They pull away from the people who care about them
Subjected to a pain that is indescribable.


Truth is...
They are afraid of not being in control
Not being able to stop or to get better
And they are afraid of what they could do to themselves if they don't get this under control


They become afraid of themselves.


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