She is Beauty



he took the respect she had for Herself 

and the wonders from the earth around Her

he took her her kindness 

and what seemed, the air from Her lungs

he took Her curiousity 

and love for understanding Her gifts

She felt nothing

no purpose

no determination

no will




full with Respect for herself,

permeated with the wonders of the earth

surrounding her eyes and hands with color.

Worthy of the Kindness

the air brings to her lungs.

she is Curious of words presented to her ears

and Centered in Understanding of her own gifts.

Smiles are her perfume

Intoxicating those around her with Happiness.

her movements are Purposeful 

creating a Detailed dance of Determination.

Willful to help and Reserved to ask

she is Confident in her decisions.


She is Beauty

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