"The Difference in Me is Great"


The difference in me is great, the becoming of my life will bring me to my fate, the mysterious I have for myself brings me to the curious of what I have in me and what I'm meant to be, the character I've become dose not coincide with where I come from, all of the transpired events and what they have meant to me within seem to lead to the way I will be and the way my life will end, the times I stray the unfulfilled part of my heart never goes away, it screams and and comes to ache calling me back before I break, saves me as I give Him my soul to take, I'm always left wanting something more, of knowing, learning, feeling to what I have in store, it's like a lure begging me to bite and when I do it turns my darkness into light, the for shadowing of what appeals to my eyes blinds me to not see through the diceitful lies, leaving me with nothing as I come out with my cries, asking for guidance and the sight to see what is true but also knowing I need strength so I can get through, It brings me to tears because I will have to face my fears, also bring pain upon others but knowing I will lead them to gain, making the selfless sacrifice of being a Christian trying to become more like Jesus Christ, feeling the pain but having the power of will which God has instilled knowing in the end I will be truly fulfilled, hanging on by hope, getting through by faith, someday leading me to death as I come to Heavans gate, the glory of salivation now that's my fate, God guiding me in that will be truly great... 


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