don't be surprised

Life isn't as easy as people make it look, next time your in class, think, you see that kid acting goofy? The one who sits there and does nothing all class, sits there on his ass and makes comments trying to get you to laugh?

Or the one who sits in the back, quiet, he seems shy, right? Wrong.
And that girl that, the one who sits with the populars, gets her work done, send like every thing is goin pretty good, little do you know, the shoes on her feet, they're not hers, they came from the good will right down the street, now, have a seat, your gonna need it.

The loud goofy kid, don't be surprised when you see him on the field at lunch getting high, don't be surprised when you sit there, had never said a word to him, you sit there and look over at him, and see him cry, don't be surprised when you ask what's wrong, he snaps at you, because all of the hard ships he faced, every name he got called, was halted by his grandmother, and that's all shit now, his grandmother's dead, and that alone, is a bullet wound to the head. So when he sits there and cries, because all his life, he was called fat, stupid, fag, and so many other things, that when his healer left, so did he. All fucks went out the door, the next stop was his dealer, so don't be surprised, when all of his stoner friends eyes are red, not from pot, they just found out he was dead, don't be surprised when you hear he od'd on his brain, he went insane, because after all those years, sets the pain in your chest, knowing you never said a word to him, and all those times his eyes were read, those were tears, because when he was young, he was told he would amount to nothing, and that's exactly what happened.

And the quiet kid? He's not shy, he wants nothing to do with the world, he hates all of you, his parents are drug addicts, and when his dad left to get cigarettes when he was six, ever since, he's felt nothing but pain, he's insane, on the inside, he sits there, in the back, and wants to die, when he gets home, he cries wondering why, why, Wbu didn't dad stay, all he wanted to do was play, but it sad to late! And so he sits there, filled with hate, so don't be surprised when one day, you hear that he died.

And that girl? Addicted to cocaine, it gives her the enjoyment she needs to get through the day, to put on that fake smile, and sit there with the bitches, the witches, who put a spell in her, so don't be surprised, when she's the only one left alive, she's so stuck up, if you even look at her, you hear "shut the fuck up" she survived, because her whole life, she was told nothing but lies.


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