Routine Daily


Normal is Boring
Doing the Same Routine Daily
Everybody dresses the same
Its like playing an old game of Follow the Leader
One that never ends
We all go this way
Or that way
Never one in one direction
And another in the other
But today someone broke the spell
Somebody went the other way
They decided to be themselves
They wore black when everyone else was wearing blue
He wore sweats when the crowd wore skinny jeans
She was Different
One after another People awoke
They feel from the sky
A cold rain that soon turned into a puddle
A puddle of individuals
People who weren't the same
Some wore red
Some wore heels
Some wore sneakers
Some had gages
Some had afros
Some were pale
And some were Pale
Some came out of the closet
And admitted being gay
Some spoke of supporting the Bi's
But they all had one thing in common
They were human
Just like me
And just like you
They all had minds
And they were finally being used
To create their own path
To do what they wanted
And what they loved
What made them happy in the end
They did what they thought mattered the most


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