& Again

Who could have ever guessed

I'd feel like shit so soon again

I got out real late at night

cuz the cold gives me insight

maybe I'll find out how

I can go fix my shitty life

but I give my tongue the bite

& keep my lips shut tight

will you be with me tonight

if I look / just / right


Jesus christ / holy shit

when will I get a god / damn / grip

jesus christ / holy shit 

you can't fire me cuz I fuck / ing / quit


I don't feel like you're there for me

when I need you the most

I'm wandering around

like a homesick ghost

but when that rain starts spitting down

I can feel my sorrows drown

& all my planned complaints

seem to spiral down the drain

& if I look / just / right

will you be with me tonight


oh jesus christ / oh holy shit

when will I get a goddamn grip

oh fuckin christ / oh holy shit

you can't fire me I fuckin' quit


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