Living the Masquerade


Everyday I walk through this down trodden Earth.

What are you doing with your life,

How can I assess your worth?

The people all around me don't care what I think,

It's all about going to college and living on the brink.

You know it's not free, you have some work to do.

Apply, Apply, Apply, you'll need them to get through, 

You don't control me, I want to let loose.

No more applications, I've had it to here 

I want to move on and forget all this fear.

The future is not here yet, I can't worry now.

But there is always more to be done,

There's no longer time for any fun.

I see my freedom slipping away,

Soon to be lost to some foolish school.

But I'll put on my mask and do my time,

I'll go to the ball and pretend it's sublime.

A clever charade is all that it is,

A masquerade dance with the anonymity of chance 

Maybe someday I'll pull that curtain back

And let everyone see the true man behind the mask.

For now I'll stay concealed and keep my secrets in

Cause in the does anyone really win?



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