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(One Cut)

Don’t ever wake up at 3am

It’s scary enough falling asleep

Waking up out of a state of rest

Takes a lot of energy mentally

Like your mind gets tired, fatigued

Overthinking starts.

Never having one thought at a time

It’s like a plethora of darkness

An endless explosion of nothing

(Two Cut)

Go back to sleep you’re only hurting yourself

You think about how you’ll look tomorrow

That thought turns into questions,

What do people think?

(Three Cut)

You have to wear a fake smile

The one you perfected in the mirror

Not to fool others, but to fool yourself

No one worries

No one cares

The only thing that matters is image

But image doesn’t matter to you.

Not anymore


If nobody cares then why are you here.

Parents have always deceived you

Told you that you were beautiful

That you were important

But you’re not

Not anymore

(Five Cut)

Stop pretending that you’re fine

Because you’re not

It’s okay not to be sane

You’re not attention seeking

Get help.

You’re mentally not stable

You have an addiction

And its name is unknown

(Six Cut)

Continue life as you want it too

This cannot go on forever

You need to stop the act some time soon

One day you’ll lose too much

Of that vital life essence

(Seven Cut)

Keep going, keep pushing

Always think of peace, deliverance, and inner strength

But realize you’re alone

In your own battle

And other people don’t understand


These are all the things

You think about at 3am

Don’t wake up.

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OMG this is fantastic keep writing

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