I'm not her, just listen

This house sometimes feels empty

No one understands I don't mean to hurt them

I just don't know how to reach out

My mom was my galaxy and I was a stargazer

Now she's just part of the Milky Way 

Some light years away

The night she left me I believed she'd wake up

The night she left I swore I'd never give her up

Then four days later I let her go

pulled the plug

lost all I'd ever looked for 

I thought to myself, what will life be without her?

I cried in my pillow and I cried and cried

I didn't watch her die but I did inside

That's what I relive every day

I think about her on that hospital bed wasting away

Braiding her hair so it wouldn't be tangled

Applying original carmax because she wasn't able

I believed she'd wake up

 I really did

Brain dead?

Not my mom

She'd live

She didn't and I know she didn't fight

It angers me, it made me lose sleep at night

But now I know you've got to work for what you want

A belt on a closet rack won't bring better life

I work so hard every day

To prove to myself I'm not her

And I'm not

Just let me prove it to you 



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