Prayers For Release


So suddenly it pulls me down. It makes me feel like no one's around.

All I want is to escape, not be a hero with a cape.

I wish I could be strong, I want to carry on, instead I end up going wrong.

To be myself is my dream, instead my eyes always gleam.

These tears I cry are for myself. Sometimes I wish I could put my heart on a shelf.

I hate this beast inside of me. All I want is to be free. 

This beast I cannot tame. It always keeps me chained- so fragil and so maimed.

The boy I love claims it is a choice: either him or this voice. This voice belonging to the beast, this voice that loves to feast. This voice who never grants me peace.

Oh God, my one desire, is to at last be free of this fire.

I wish it gone today. So dearest Father, show me the way.

Show me what will grant me release, from this haunting, daunting beast.  

Let me not be in dismay, for I can no longer downplay. 

This beastly plague that's shaped me. Lord, please don't let it break "we". 

This boy that means so much- the one I long to touch.

No words can truly convey- the feeling that he is slipping away.  So, Father, make him stay. Oh Father, this I pray.  

Peace, I ask You to bring. For this boy, I would do anything.

So hear my prayers, help me ascend the stairs. They lead to peace and love. So Father, send Your Dove.  

Show me the way. This I pray.



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