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Putting love at the wayside, I grip the edge of the bed and steady my soul

One step, that is all I need

And yet... it is too far

So I shiver and pull the sheets up higher

Higher, until they cover all of me

And I am hidden there, feeling nothing but the dull ache of love

The knowledge of what it once was


It was walks in the park and trip for ice cream

Camping, board games and monkeys at the zoo

And when mom called out with summer lemonade

I would come running

My bare toes lightly brushing the grass


It was hikes up the alpine ridges

And pictures of wild elk as they passed me by

Ice blue lakes and bright sunny joy,

As my legs carried me above the treeline into the sky


And now

I cannot run

I can only sit and watch the memories go by

Starving for love, for hope and for summer days with lemonade

Starving for a chance to run again



But I remember

Freedom bursts within me and I can almost feel my legs fighting the wind

They are running again, climbing, carrying me on

And I don't forget


I sit up in bed and take a sip of lemonade

Slowly, I take it all in

And I glance at the window as the rain falls down 

It will not last for long

The Son is coming and I will be free



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