Rash Evolution

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 08:41 -- Lmaynor

Does it not hurt to think about the digressions this world goes through?
To know that people descend and ascend everyday, and how it could've been you?
To even progress that thought in your mind that it could be the end of someone you're close to.
Is it really hard to be in by curfew?
These young men only begin with the need to have a shoulder to lean on.
Instead, these gangs give em fake heart and make them think they grown.
Thus begins the cycle of initiation and the growth of a death list.
Taught to pick up a gun, but if you gotta use violence, I'd rather ya pick up ya fist.
I want our loyal, powerful fellas back to the way it's supposed to be.
Show that you're not weak, get help, heck try and bring back chivalry.
It's okay, don't worry, I'm on the females too.
Girls stop tryna worry about these boys, and worry about you.
There was a time where we ladies didn't have any power.
Now we got it in our palm and we too focused on the man of the hour.
We supposed to run the world but the guys running us.
But we too blind to see it, we're busy confusing love with lust.
These young girls turning into Hoochie mommas before they even get their first pimple.
You getting child support and link, you got a life's that's simple.
No, girls, it's about time to act like women.
It's time to take advantage of the opportunity we've been given.
People as a whole have been targeted for centuries.
And dealing with people like Trump, Hitler, genghis khan, and Hussein don't make it easy.
Africans, Latins, Asians we're all one big strong race.
So don't let the death of Martin, Rosa, Madame CJ, Harriet, Malcolm, Nat, Frederick, Booker, Bessie, Coretta, Phyllis, George, Dubois,etc.. go to waste.
We got the world in our hands, let's get ourself a revolution.
So let's put this dark time in the past of our Rash Evolution.

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