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She used to be an innocent girl
But the devil has changed her
Staring in a mirror
The reflection is a stranger
She yells out to God
With tears running down her cheek
Praying to become strong
But all she is is weak
Years have come and gone
She is no longer young
Little did she know
The nightmare had just begun
Life is becoming too real
She can´t take the pain
With liquid courage in her system
And an intense tickle in her vein
Striving to be a saint
But can´t help but be a sinner
Losing in the game of life
Will she ever be a winner?
Scars running so deep
Too noticeable to hide
Painful memories kept buried
All bottled up inside
With love in her heart
But hate in her soul
Years of abuse
Has taken it´s toll
The spark is long gone
And faith has faded
Hope has been hindered
All that´s left is hatred
A confused young girl
Lost in the crowd
Her mind is racing
Her thoughts are too loud
Her mind is made up
To her feet she sprang
The voices had stopped
With one final BANG.


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