If you walk into the light
towards the end of the tunnel
and you don't come back
had its beauty ensnared you
or had it simply scarred you?

When your love lapses Saturn 3 times
and cuts to the heart of your soul
how is it you keep moving?

You can dance with time
and you can sing of dreams
but when your feet move, you trip.
At which moment had made you stumble?

With each heartbeat your palms shake
and every palpation
you find yourself closer to breaking down

Yet, It never mattered how hard you tried
You'd always watch yourself crumple to the ground
so, you always wonder what pulled the trigger.

When your breath falters above the smokeless air
and your every thought becomes wrapped in Velcro
at which point did you decide
the road was worth chasing after?

The roses will burst forth
with thorns tipped in poison
the very ground beneath you
will grow legs and begin to move
and even when your very being is strapped to the brim with bombs
ticking away
Every molecule drenched in cyanide
and the very world is dead set on killing you
you see that one thorn is tipped with panacea
you hear the falter in the timer
and not every arrow pierces your heart
then soon you realize that
as long as hope stands
there you will stand with it also

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