Dreaming is what got me here.

I used to dream that all the power would be in my hands,

but here I am pressed against the ceiling

this cement ceiling. 

You fed me words 

that made me hunger,

that made me thirst,

knowing all along that you’d never let me surpass you. 


I made the mistake 

of trusting you

of calling you a mentor

but I was only a kid.

You gave me hope,

you promised to lift me up,

to make me better.

Then you trapped me 

unable to move forward,

not wanting to turn around,

and now I drown

in my regret.


I didn’t see that ceiling coming,

but you did,

but for you it became only

a floor. 

You let those other people surpass me

and made my ceiling a floor

for them 

and all because they were graced 

with the same chromosomes.



they are just letters,

but for you they mean everything,

for you they mean power.


I realize now that

I am stuck where you left me.

Even after you planted the seed

that flowered into a woman who

strives to be the best.

You left me behind and all I can do

is grow stronger. 

I sharpen my claws on your cement ceiling.

I hook my fangs in those graced

with the right chromosomes that

you try to put above me 

because one day

I will break through the cement

and when that day comes

I will show you how sharp

the cement has made my claws.

When that day comes,

my only ceiling will be the sky.


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