Shattered Soul



Shattered Soul


It started one day

Out by my favorite tree.

I was so lonely, so cold

But you somehow found me.


I thought you would have listened,

I didn’t expect this change.

You grabbed ahold of me with violence

And you didn’t seem ashamed.


I tried to snap you out of it.

I thought this is only a dream.

But suddenly it hit me,

When I heard my shrieks and screams.


It hit me with a rush of force,

As it took my breath away.

You slowly took my innocence,

With no regards to my dismay.


You took every single part of me,

And shattered it to pieces.

As I laid in the snow

With blood splattered in the creases.


I met you one upon a time,

I thought this love was true.

It turns out I was wrong

I knew nothing about you.


I can’t believe you did this.

How you made me feel so small.

While you think it’s funny,

You say it was only sex after all.


To me it wasn’t just sex,

It was taken from me by force.

You see nothing wrong,

But you haven’t looked at the source.


Unsolicited, uninvited,

I really thought you cared.

The only thing that really mattered,

Was the skin that I did bare.


I don’t know if I can forgive you,

Of these heinous acts against me.

I only hope for your sake,

That you haven’t taken my key.


My key to happiness, and hope

Is all I wish to have.

I wish I could block this out,

And no longer allow you something to grab.


As I sit beneath my favorite tree,

Mourning the death of her,

I must wipe the tears and walk away,

In hopes of finding the cure.


Finding all the pieces,

Of a shattered depressing soul,

Is not an easy task I must confess,

But I’m making it my goal.


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