My Father is the Greatest

My Father is the greatest

My Father is the greatest because of him I have been created

He was there at every single football game, every birthday, and talent show

He gave me guidance and kindly smiled as he watched me grow

When I was hurt he was hurt too

His love for me never ends and always stays true

If you came to him he would also help you

Every time I call him he answers

Because to him my life matters

He gives me peace as he ensures I’ll be okay

Telling me stay strong, it will all be worth it someday

Even when I betray him and go against his desires

He forgives me and leaves me inspired

Even when bad things transpire

He is always there for me

But he is not here; he has a home for me in eternity

His everlasting love is for all to see, with him everything I do is meant to be

He holds my all tears in his hands

His plans are great and on his promises I stand

When I fall he sends his mercy and grace

He gives me hope to hold on to and love to embrace

So that if I live for my Savior, all my sins are erased

Leaving me stainless and letting me lead my life blameless

Keeping me strong and truly fulfilled

Giving me power of will which he instilled

He gives me purpose and a meaning to live

So that this life doesn’t even matter so I’ll just simply give

I’ll store up my gifts in heaven, have the world I just want Jesus

He didn’t just die for me, he died for all of us

When he was dying on the Cross he was thinking of me and you

And when he rose from the dead he followed through

So stop, you don’t have to make due

It’s been done

Jesus died so we may be called Gods son

A child of the one who created us all

Jesus loves you and won’t bring you to fall

All your pain he feels, to you his Love is reveled

Take that in, Do not, I repeat do not drown in your past sin

Because in him you are born again

Called to be a Christian, that’s Christ like

So lead your life as a selfless sacrifice

The Lords presence is with all of humanity

So stand strong, he wants to set you free

When life is a mystery, don’t lose yourself just give God your misery

Jesus says to take up your Cross and follow me

Lose your life for my sake

When I call you home I’ll welcome you into Heaven’s Gate

Wouldn’t the author of Salvation guiding you in his kingdom be truly great?

Telling you Good job my faithful servant, you have reached your fate

With me you will rest

You lead others to be blessed, stainless you dressed, you spoke truthful testimony and progressed through the tests, you weren’t depressed or oppressed by sin, instead you looked to me to be forgiven, My son I am proud, here in my kingdom you are allowed.


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