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"TEMPLE OF SOUL" In the temple of the soul, we find, A sanctuary for heart and mind, Where candles flicker, shadows dance, In timeless rhythms, we entrance.
Danger.   Warning.   Don't step there.  Please.   Don't step that low.   Don't go high, either.   Don't even move.   The mines are all around you.
"MIND THINKS Sometimes the eyes thinks, as the Brain sees what the mind think, the heart pump fuels life. Pay attention let your eyes listen open minded."
Nostalgia is the only thing we have left A culture created for us to consume could this be leading us to question our own susceptibility to false rebellion? Are we becoming true rebels instead?
She keeps me tossing and turning at night As he forces me to wake up at first light She believes in love at first sight  And he strengthens the grip on her kite   
Encapsulated in a trance.No voices, no sounds. The solidity of my body,It disintegrates in a whisper.   Dancing above in pushes and pulls,My mind leaps.Thought to thought.Question to question.
hardwood memorieswell-rooted, time-tested, safe~ hiking in mind's woods......Mark Toney © 2021.5/15/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
  Thought.Judgement.Thought, and judgement.Thought or judgement?
Sit down with me, There is something I want you to see This empty canvas, It look as if it will always be empty.   With the sound of my erratic screams, It fills
I was so open, Legs open,  Heart open, But mind closed to the idea of Your deception. Of How you
"HEART OF A MAN" Even though rock cracks. And the heart of ordinary man easily cut, but an extraordinary man's mind hardly perverse. My heart is fixed #c9_fm
I wanted to read but my mind was at work Listing all of the things it had seen, felt, and heard There were days void of hope, there were nights spent in tears Over all my love, dope, had costed me through the years
with beautiful words, we glow like water makes a plant grow. with a little mistake, we're forever scarred, like that flower in your backyard, exhausted, worn out, dull. when we can no longer take
RICHES Riches isn't all about materialization. Richness is lifestyle and divine. The most valuable thangs are invisible to the naked eye.
  People grow Angels too Not just those Helping me and you Heart and love Flows in all dirctions Angels Angels Beings of Heart Come share community Right now's a good start
THE FUTURE IS BORN Bury the past behind, live the life of the current moment. Love the moment and cherish the present time, can only hope' for tomorrow but is uncertain.
As I spilled the crimson petals, The air around me, began to fill with it's fragrance. And as the sun began to set, It's rays painted the sky in diff shades of colours. But the sunset that I created,
You have one life, one chance, one take, and one shot Why settle for anything less than what is the best If you won't have it someone surely will have it You have as good a chance as anyone to have it
It’s Pretty Clear That I’m LETHAL... !!! When It Comes To My CEREBRAL.... !!!
i lost a little more of you today there must be a wormhole in the bathroom  because when you walked out  you couldn't remember who i was i showed you the television 
"your capabilities do not lie in here" he said gesturing at his arms and legs he tapped his forehead "they are here" his finger hovered over his heart "and here"
when I was thirteen years old, I discovered the power of words. not just in the philosophical sense, not just in academic settings. no, I discovered how deeply words can cut, deeper than the sharpest knife
Again, An another sleepless night passed,Again,A chain reaction of thoughts occurred,Yet Again,YOU crossed,Again, I forced,Again,I missed,Again,Yet Again,Constant I feel, Room of emptinessThis pain, This rage,This sorrow, This bitterness  Wonderin
This feeling I have now It's so painful I can find it in my mind Your lie and my truth I hate liars I like truth It is painful but whatever I say what I am thinking I say who I am
This is a war i cannot win. I cannot hear myself, above the din. But really, it's all just within.
My mind… is like a cage full of birdsHow do they live together?
When she smiles, I smile. When she laughs, I laugh. When she loves, I love. When she thinks, I think
The mind has a funny way of playing tricks on you, Even though you have it planned in your head what you want, your mind still takes over and tells you what to do.
Dont put a sticker inside of your laptop. Only on the outside can a sticker go.  It can cause the machinery to overheat. Damaging its systems inside. Show the sticker on the outside so everyone sees.
I am staring at a piece of paper, My brain quivers at the sight of my words and My thoughts start spiraling and I am lost in my mind.  
  Are you still dreaming? Or are you still wandering around in your sleep?  
What’s wrong? What are they thinking? Why did she leave? Why did she walk out the door ?
Phantoms lurk in my mind Haunting the neural networks On which I must travel They dog my thoughts They pop-up like mushrooms Sometimes beautiful and poisonous, or Tasty and cute, or
My travels start  Right here  Deep in my mind, My travels take me just where I please, I don’t have  To leave my warm room.   My travels start, Sixteen, sun Beating down,
The questions pop up like fireworks Sparks flying out  I cover my face, evading them while fire licks the dark sky I push my hand over my ears I don't want to see, to think It hurts, my head straining
My mind is like a haunted mansion. It's beautiful and big, decorated elegantly.   But there's a hidden mystery. There are unwanted guests, who come and go as they please.  
Lately, I have been feeling lost. Searching around in the clouds. For something, anything. I surround myself with my thoughts. They torture me.
A split second is all it takes, for everything to change whilst everything stays the same. The surroundings have remained constant but the perception has glitched.
You wear a brave facade to hide your fear of the dark. Looking Looking for another light to follow because your own light has finally dimmed
The bottom of the ocean. Not viewable to anyone. 95 percent unknown. Yet, many people do not fear it. I am not one of those people. Yet, my senior project was to swim one mile.
I think I am happy I smile and laugh I have friends I have family but... I am sad I am stressed I am scared and I am worried but... I am strong I am independent
Tread lightly, For this is a realm of darkness, A realm of pain and fear. It traps and breaks the unwary, Then leaves them lying dead.
It’s amusing to me about how societal standards can affect one's mind deeply. It causes multiple questions to cultivate and confusion to disperse about identity.
Unmoved by tears Untouched by reason Without heart nor mind But welcoming of the vilest For they bring gifts of gold Triumphant is Trump.
(The mind is a fragrance of the brain. To change minds the brains have to be healed. Our leaders keep trying to change minds and so nothing changes.)
I wrote a poem about you I called it 'I wrote a poem about you My heart spoke to my mind My pen wrote words that were hard to find Nevertheless I wrote you a poem To tell you that I don't know who you are
The clock ticks down the day, How much longer I have to wait, For the revolving door to make its final spin. Around it goes in a shadowy blur, Its magnificent speed is hard to ignore.
Swimming through my lake of thoughts I gaze and then behold, The dreams are singing, and hopes are ringing The young and also the old
I need little. I need something that alot of people think it's something irrelevant. I need moments, the little moments. The ones that you remember when your heart is broken. The cuddles at 3:00 A.M. in the warm bed.
i don't really know what i'm doing here. really, i'm just trying to get by. i don't think life has a purpose, but that doesn't matter. my life has no direction, but somehow, i have a natural optimism. an optimism that is
My savior, my soul, the seeping safety in which I have solemnly become so secure in the arms of my loved one who portrays themself to me in song.
The voice of my voice The leader of all I do The right and wrong   You are the advisor The decider The leader   You've shaped my life Told me what to do And what not to do
It feels like I'm falling, Down. It seems like I'm running, Out. I think I'm dying, Inside. My mind, It thinks, It speaks,  and I believe. I wish it would go.
Come, come, come with me Let’s embrace each other,  seep into me. It’s warm and deep.   But there’s something underneath.  
Whirr, click! Whirr, whirr, click! Torque jerks gears and chains to life. My Innovation.
I keep my poems Close to my heart You told me that I could share them With the world if I really wanted to.  
Sometimes my brain kicks on overdrive Running in circles and swirls and lines Antsy with thoughts I can't place racing by I can only conclude that I won’t be fine.   One such day I took a walk
    In a mind with no terrain   A way forward is deemed impossible   Instead a cloud looms, attempting shape   Stirring itself indefinitely   As if constant flux will produce its form   Its stagnant slosh makes me nauseous   So, pained, puzzled, a
I am quiet most of the time. I just stare and think. My words get frozen within my lungs. And I believe my thoughts are deadly. People tend to ask me, "why are you so quiet?"
Your mind, works in a  Peculiar way. Filled with many Gears and Parts, That work in harmony. To produce such Beautiful Inspiration.
Devil: Good Evening                                  Me: Midday Are you-                                  Don't start.                                  You're the same.
Sitting next to the window Watching dust stay suspended in the air My breath does nothing Under the harsh yellow light  The window is cold And blues fill the void beyond the pane  Neon flickers to life
The mind is a battlefield A realm of chaos Thoughts fighting for dominance To be discovered and elaborated upon Fragments
What are the feelings that I hold for you? A strange new vulnerability in my outtake for life. Holding me to the weaskest point in my breath. Breaking the links to the chain than I grasp.
The mind, my mind, is a melting pot. I add and add stuff and singing Baggage and things. The pot can only hold so much, Not enough it seems. People dump their stuff inside
Internalize In turn all eyes turn inwardand find only darkness,what a clever disguise.
Again I lay in bed,  searching for a distraction  to block the dark thoughts stuffed tightly in the back of my head, for I am afraid to rest in my own mind. --Far Away Fallouts (c.p.)
Again I lay in bed,  searching for a distraction  to block the dark thoughts stuffed tightly in the back of my head, for I am afraid to rest in my own mind. --Far Away Fallouts (c.p.)
Break the bonds of doubt You are a slave to you, Change you To change your world, If you don't change your approach The outcome will not change. Break the bonds of fear You are chained to you
you broke me broken inside I now am you touched me in places others can not reach my mind places I did not want the world to see you told me to let you in the light house
Dear Purpose, I am searching for you. Day by day I walk by my mirror. Side glances and momentary looks judge my exterior. Day by day life gets more monotonous.
At times of utter chaos, the mind sleeps. Hiding behind a closure, until vulnerable no more. And days later, after closure, comes a newfound fascination- in what exactly happened.  
Wording, words, thinking think-Pulsing backwards, concentration and circulation continuing,   but pulsing is all I feel.Everything turns fuzzy, my mind, my life, my eyes, picturesque moments begin to fog up.
When you are hard on yourself, you cannot escape Running through your mind, from these thoughts. Your mind constantly drifting, lost at sea. Some dark places can be found, some bright places too.
In our conversations in my head, I always know exactly what to say I always know exactly what you'd say I always know exactly what to do   But this is a script no one is following   Not even me.
To the person I have been:  You were a young girl who carried the weight of the world on your shoulders. You were a sea of consciousness,
She has a heart for you. Her heart is as deep and wide as the ocean, though her mind is greater. Her mind is an infinite expanse like the universe and that’s what you fell in love with.
The constant eradication of a soul A soul broken into pieces of a whole Leads to a stone heart That can no longer feel pain
  Frantically sinking into the Sea of Death Trying to catch a single breath A breath of life That--- for a moment--- can take away the constant strife
“Storm”   Have my anger, my greed, and my anxiety But foul thoughts, aren’t reminiscent of my piety. So time after time - and via subtle rhymes.
My brain is in a state that I can't even begin to explain for everything is in black and white and is moving backwards at three times its usual rate causing every bit of what I do to never be in the right.  
Suddenly I became ur reflection in my mirror.Suddenly things have changed when the worlds' issues grew bigger.And overtime I mesmerized about the shit that i was sick of.Putting in work for people who couldn't care to even pickup.My moral benefits
I can hear screaming, no theory of where its coming from,  or where the sound is streaming. What is this meaning? Why is there a dismal sound 
The colors in my brain make more sense to me than the words that occupy the spaces in between them. They form the story of evil and heavenly that is printed on the pages that represent my life.
I stop to think every once in awhile. I wish I wouldn't. You wonder why I don't have many friends. Why I block everyone out. I can see it on your face. You never hear me speak, yet you hear my mumble. 
Tuck in the shirt and tighten the belt, it'll help you look smaller. Tighten the apron. Eat breakfast because it should be the only big meal you have today. I wonder if they think I'm beautiful?
Life is just… by Vir Singh   Life is just dull, Just lifeless If your thought isn’t in mind. Life is just meaningless, Just devoid of beauty
Love is fighting Love is arguments and tears Love is uncertainty Love is doubting and fears Love is disagreement Love is pain
If a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, I'm intellectually encouraged to paint a portrait on each line of each verse.
I'm always alone no matter what I do All my friends that I have Will eventually leave me soon All the promises we made, you broke them All the things we said we were going to do We didn't
I will not start with once upon a time.     This is not past tense.     This is now.     Every day. Every second. Every minute.       Looking in the looking glass,
There  comes  a  time  when  we  will  be  tried,When our coats are sopping wet,And  our  brains  are  fried,Our shoelaces swishing through a puddle as we fret,
Mind Control
"The mind is a box And truth its key, A music box full of Unique melodies. It plays for those Who wish to hear, Its sorrows and woes Of many a year. You may also chance
Too Fast   Time, slipping away out of my buttery-like grasp, escaping from my memory, seeming uncapable to catch, ticking further from reach.   They never lie when they say,
Your voice haunts me. Your image dances in my head. I cannot escape this feeling that's been filling me with dread. I am in a constant cycle of anxiety and despair, 'cause every time I go to sleep,
The echoing halls are ringing with the forgotten cries comming from a raw throat. Nobody will turn to look at her as she cries for help, dying on the inside. Nobody will hear her
My friend, foreshadowing, was telling my future. Picture a fortune teller. Speaking with her mind, hands and such amazing creation of sound, her words were confident. She was confident. But, please, please do not.
Peace my child, peace within. I skipped a rock the ripples spin. I seek the truth I threw the stone, but still I ponder Where did it go? Peace within.  Look at the lake
Self lost, worlds collide,Before it ends, tell me one thing,Was it worth the ascend?The depths are so low, so cold, so alone.These feelings eat and devour the soul.Emptiness remains, abandoned and drained,
A song is stuck right in my head. I can feel it.  The lyrics, there aren't very many,  are rotating around my frontal lobe  and up and down my corpus colossus.
I've been everywhere, Although my body ain't been here or there My mind has traveled everywhere. I lived on the South Side for nine years And the North Side for eight, But that really ain't right. 
In false smiles There you will find Bitter sadness lies
I once was able to breathe To see the world To go outside and smile   Now I pray to stop To close my eyes And stay in my room and suffer   The healing is slow But I try
Emotional healing and heartache, /  Her Mother coddle her as if she was /  Seven years old, /  Red plump cheeks, /  Streams of water spilled down /  Hitting the tongue in a form of /  A salty back-slap of /  Betrayal for not being able to /   Hold
my consciousness sputters like a dying engine the pulsations of my brain slowing, shaking (muscles too slug-like to function)   beat, rest, beat, rest
The mind is such a terrible thing to waste And yet my brethren turn to haste Resisting the urge to thought before action Finding in chaos a morbid attraction
From here I see a world, A place I can touch and feel, But at times I'm uncertain if it's real.   Apart from the people, Puppets with thoughts and dreams, I wonder if it's all that it seems.   
Shy, excited, and turning into a lady This year, my life flipped 180 I was admitted into ASB O the sights I will see!  Nervous and shaky
Time goes byAnd I am still inside this crystal globeDaydreamingThinking about how life would beas if you were still here.  
Palms extremely sweaty Falling back upon yourself Collapse in your mind.
My minds got me convinced that I'm scared of the silence , so I sit here with the music off. My minds got me convinced that I'm scared of feeling alone, so I set my phone to airplane mode.
I would settle normally informally to rebuttal back at the attacks I’ve had a lot the bullies in my past I dissed em.
The wind is blowing cuts like knives throuw my soul This pain in my heart hurts more than the world will know   Voices in my head whisper light as a feather It'll take a little time
They're here, And I have so much fear. They tell me to die, And I can't help but cry. They hold me down, And make me want to drown. They love the night, And it gives me such a fright.
Our lungs full of oxygenOur heads full of thoughtsOur bodies full of energyYet I feel so emptyConversation seems pointlessThinking proves difficultSleep never happensWe are full of many things
My thoughts are unique I am the one in control Yet they are not safe
I laugh at the moon And all it says I cry to the sun And it happens again It's all a lie These romaticized gods It's all gone All taken by the one Taken by me I commit treeson
My mind is another place from where I live in I can imagine everyone with smiles and laughter
Lay in bed Sleeping time is finally here Just ready to pass out Forget the world Ready to dream
Doesn't matter if you're having a nice day. They come and go anyways. One moment, you're just hanging out with friends. Then a thought comes and brings an end.  "They aren't your friends,
The mind of a human… Split in half With creativity and logicIt interests me, so I zoom in,
   I admit I'm not tough...   I can't handle much... Or at least not at once.    Yeah...  Sometimes I cry and I can't sleep at night. I'm stressed out,                                It broke me.
“Venting Session”   Let’s talk, No WAIT! I meant  Let me vent Pour me a shot 
Outpourings of my soul Pathways to my mind Overflows of my heart Portraits of the “real me” inside   Desire and dream dancing oh so freely Fear and pain relenting as they lose secrecy
a humid haze after a violent stormthe spotted, dying leaf fallen from a maple treethe bitter aftertaste of a sweet treat,the remnants of what was once. one minute, it's so close, you can almost smoke it and the next it's faded, a ghost, you've los
I’m staring into the eyes of a man I don’t recognize. He looks back at me, eyebrows raised. His expression is cryptic, yet exuding empathy. “Don’t you look at me like that”,
Passion isn't something you know is there. It lurks in the bellies of darkness and in the shadows of all light. It isn't the calm before the storm, or the storm itself. It is the aftermath. The mess, the complexities of the unknown.It is the quive
I don't know how I got to be like this I wonder how I was so unlucky I just remember not wanting to let go Not wanting to forget her I remember she was all I thought about She was everywhere
The first time I caught a glimpse of your hair I couldn't stop watching I couldn't stop staring I followed The wavy golden hair The scent of innocence The look of innocence I saw this only within you hair
Painted Upon a Page my unspoken words sit. Sour and horrid are their meanings... deeper than I would like to admit.
It hid in the creases of my story books, nibbling away at the stanzas,Chewing across the pages as I, just a tike, lay at night.It sat on my window and sill and waited for years to pass.For knowledge to seep into my skull.
Late nights With music in my ears And demons in my mind, I feel water filling my lungs, Weights sitting on my chest And ropes around my throat. My mind racing 
Does anyone else feel like they are useless? Did anyone else think they could be better? Does anyone else hate themsleves more than their enemies could hate you? Did anyone else think they were loved this whole time?  
empathy communication compassion and love   simple skills that have been slipping away ive been whisking away through the cracks in the cold stone in the vast ruins of
Listen to her, as she plays that melody that I once knew.  That song that I thought was my saving grace, twisted now to a devils song. I want it to end, yet how could it stop, when for so long 
She with the lion's mane- She with her head in the clouds had always been one to suppress her thoughts in hopes to just fade in the crowds.   As she grew, as she learned
The structure is creaking from the wind drifting by No one is home No one’s alive An overgrown garden entangled with vines Reaching for something it will never find
04/19/2016     Entrenched in Existentialism 1:36PM   Trying
Turn up the radio, as high as it goes. Drown out the echoing screams, That tell you nothing, But mean the world to me. The inaudible screaming in my head, Where the little monsters play.
He tries to be clever, Tries to hide and take his time But he can never pull off anything Because of the innocence of his mind.   The youth of a child The body of a man
A testament to the human soul is its duality. Able to feel one thing at one time and another thing the very next.
YiN & yANg   You cannot Control what plays on T.V. channels   But you have a remote Control to change the channel.   Recalling the imprisonment from harsh shackles  
In the Right Upper Room, tinted cyan and splattered lavender and bittersweet, Lives a long man named Meraki. Growing wild white hair and shedding roses from his glassy eyes,
I have a skull And my skull hangs low When I'm walking around and I sulk Inside said head I have something that's one of a kind It's my one and only mind Call me narcissistic, call me pretentious
Mindless A state of being without the mind A state I hope to never find For I cannot live without my mind  
The only thing, that I need in this world, is me.   My mind, my thoughts, my feelings, my knowledge.    Without it, I am not alive. I couldn't reminisce about happy days,
I need the end to be here That’s when it will all be okay I need to forget about the fear And get on with my day   This week was hard
Haikus Inside, there is war. The heart and mind, They quarrel. Like kindred beings.   Fell between the cracks. Shortcomings, All too common.
All I need is myself The energy I emit is quite divine Powerful enough to internally survive My mind, my strength, my third eye  
Imagination As endless as an universe but as dark as a black hole It’s there in my dreams but gone when I’m awake There is a jubilant side but also a melancholy side
Being alone can be a pain Have to find a way to stay sane To grasp that inner kid sensation You have to have a powerful imagination
I cannot live here, Without my mind and I won't- Let it leave my sight
Empty thoughts have no sense of fulfillment My aspirations, desires, and concerns Fill in the empty spaces that cause me To provoke, ponder, and practice Every aspect of life Every aspect of humanity
Uneventful brain canvass leaves much to be desired.Ancient wisdoms, science laws I've struggled to acquireFrom the corner of my eye they sink into the mirethat stagnant swamp that's left behind when big souls lose their fire.
i am, i am, i am sylvia plath bragged and so do i i think therefore i am therefore i am what i think it doesn’t sound christian but all i really need is me what i mean is, my mind.  
All I need is my mind, And, in turn, my thoughts refined, For as Descartes would have sworn, That is all I truly own.   If I were gone and never found, Or stranded somewhere underground,
Hope A blazing fire within my soul Motivating me further Inspiring dreams  Creating purpose Hope Keeps my soul from withering Like a flower denied rain I am nourished as long as 
                A human being, sentient and breathing, cannot truly live without seeing.                 If eyes are windows to the soul, then all you know comes through your pupils.                 But count the eyes first.
I could not be without me. My memories; of them, of you.   I could lose my eyesight. I could go without hearing. I do not need to taste. I do not need to feel.  
      Darkness Is when all your senses Are barred behind a high stone-walled mentality   Darkness Is when your conscience Is unaware of reality   Darkness
The key to thee is that of three Know this mastory of three and truely shed thy body and be free Live that of three
My love, You are the sun to my moon, And the fork to my spoon.  Without you, I would have none to turn to. I could never live away from you. My love, I could never live one day without you.
If I am not beautiful, Will you care to see What lies far inside of me? If my skin is not tan, Will you care for my mind? Speak up young student! Are you creatively blind?
Tears that awakened him at night already evaporated. Filled with words that aggressively stroked his nerves. We cant forgive how lonely he gets. We cant forgive his thoughts of destruction he starts to mimic.
A Night With Her Mind
My photography is better than my write up What shall I do? What shall I do? I listen better than I speak What shall I do? What shall I do? I serve better than I care for myself 
His eyes are full of warmth. Mine are nothing but stone. He pulls me into his chest and his lips graze mine. I feel his heart racing and I know the words are on the tip of his tongue. He says it.
Somewhere in the oversized jail cell of my mind something is pinging.   A fly alights on the windowsill
sometimes i sit alone under  the constellations and think of the galaxies  inside my body, and my mind wanders  it wants to know if anyone will ever want to make sense of all that i am and all that i could be
It burns brighter than passion and higher than dreams a red brain, holding so much more than it seems. Beneath its front it boils and bubbles, melting our most hideous troubles. 
If there was ever one thing that I could never live without, I'd know exactly the object, without the slightest doubt.   Every day since I was born,
Not everyone understands What it's like to be… How to put it… Different? And I'm not talking about That circle peg square hole bullshit I'm talking about The open chest cavity feeling
When my person is forgotten When my body is rotten, dead I'll still live on forever Through the stories in my head   They have strong, brave people They have weaker ones as well
I will continue to write Until the day that I fall Fall into the ground Or let my thoughts overrun me. The day will eventually come When I can't get them out quick enough My mind runs out of space 
At 17, she thought she had the world Butterflies, tears of joy in her eyes She held on tight, no in between liesTime to let go, here comes the surprise
Prescribed with sentience, a mind is furled. The node, like synapse, encased from Deep Blue, Employs emotion, though no form is curled. On flesh, a chain of plugs will here subdue.
“Have I got, a crush on you”, said he The message passed, a swift From her pair of ears to her brain Her heart was beating up in at the highest Her mind was remembering it on and on
I am a jester and a fool Trickster here to scare your ghouls Living only for laughter’s mercy   I am a soft mouthed labrador
My heart feels cold,  like a dirty piece of ice,
Paranoia They whisper in the dark Voices of my mind The demons that lie within Madness
As my mind spills out of my mouth,
Matter doesn't matter, it's chemicals that scatter. It's your food, it's air, it's water. It's human and nature. It's infinite space around us. It flows like rivers and falls like snow.
I have these feelings trapped inside that cannot be put into words.
We live in a world of impossible possibilities  A world where nothing is really reality
orange with white stripes-- to go please
No one seems to understand How amazing it is To turn a word Into an idea And an idea Into a possibility
“Within & Without”   I see you from afar, A distant blinking amidst the stars,
An inspiration of words, whispered one last time; for a crowd of mouths to listen. An inspiration of sound, screamed with passed-on passion; for one to know, and many to hear.
A thought is all it takes
I start to wonder, wander through my mind that life
My path is lost, I must pause, For life has gotten without cause, Identity faded, I'm not who I was, Fazed into tomorrow, Sorrow in all, Must borrow happiness,
I can't remember a time when it was not normal to live in my head this way. To sit on the floor of the bathtub and be content with not washing up or being active in anything in particular. This was my Nirvana.
In my universe, My whole life is a curse, A curse I must live. In my universe, My mind is very fragile, My chin must face up. In my universe, All I ever feel is pain. And I have grown numb.
White walls,
    my soul is well, yet my mind is lost in an Identity crisis.
Through the glass I look Searching for some answer Faces slanted into an opaque distortion Everywhere I gaze
Welcome to my thoughts where you get mugged in broad day light, robbed of your sanity until you gasp for air. Imaginations runs wild and my obsession with fantasy becomes rather obvious.
How it feel up there? That act you got hanging in
I've been thinking about death
There it goes again  perpetual mosquito, flying ‘side my head Calm after the storm, after the calm                 before the storm With the galaxies aligning and the initial combustion engine
The Walls are Crying
My parched mind searches far and wide,
An escape from reality A world that I can explore at any time or place
Shut Up!! Shut Up!! Just Stop Talking!!!     Wait, never mind. With everyone quiet I can hear myself think.
I wish I could be like a melody My mind and body beautifuly in harmony   Instead it's a clash, a bang and a boom My body falling heavily while my head is above the moon  
Me? Oh, I, I am the girl, the girl with the curly brown hair, with straightened bangs, bangs that have grown too long— long enough to hide my eyes from the world
  The lesson sounds like one long "ohm",
After the door shuts and the footsteps die, I surf the darkness before my eyes. The vast emptiness goes on and forever I see, Nothing more then that of the darkness, Cascading before me.
Imagine the time that you used to be able to remember. You have to imagine, because you can no longer grasp that memory. The feeling of something almost there, torments you.
This sadness. I feel my chest being crushed ever so slowly. Pushing harder and slower. Farther and lower. My heart throbs like a beating drum before battle.
My mother is weak And I cannot stand it She is feeble, stupid, and plain Who are you? And where is the woman that I once knew? You’re a weakling, darling A scaredy little ghost
As the government cleans itself, it sees what is outside itself as more dirty.
how can i be so many people bound by one skin? am i one dreaming soul   
My Mind is Beautiful   My mind is beautiful. An infinite universe
 Reaching into myself Trying to find the real me
So if mind is a concept created by humans, then haven't we earned the right to control it?
One may have told you that you have one conscious. Today will be the day that I break the news to you - You have two.   You have the mind. You have the heart.   One has been taught its beliefs.
I stand with others
In darkeness, there is light. In the rain, there is sun shine.  So even while I'm unable to grasp the pai, my mind is at ease.  For even through death is life.   
We as people are canvuses. We get to write our stories and paint our pictures. We take care of ourselvs. If not, we are broken. Delicate, soft, easily destroyed. Every story has an ending, deside yours.
If I Lose Myself... Gabriel Reyes   I am no ideal person But I am exemplary. If I lose Myself... I have lost everything.  
Keep the deepest part of thine away from mortal
"There's no flaws in dreams,"Said my mind to me,"Be who you are, And who you want to be."I may have a personality,That's flawed in many ways,But a mind that's reigns...
"There's no flaws in dreams,"Said my mind to me,"Be who you are, And who you want to be."I may have a personality,That's flawed in many ways,But a mind that's reigns...
Emptiness.   That’s honestly how it all feels.  
Darkness and Light filter through from deep within  laden with shining gold that sparkle like broken glass and random  moving parts fill the dark eternal full of carnal needs and wants
Masks; not the ones worn on the night of fright, But the masks which portray false personality And refuse to uncover our faces to light. Such denial in agreement to a task 
I look in the mirror to see if it cures,
I don’t play games that the other slaves do You don’t want me in the game Cuz you would lose too I have too many thoughts Too much big stuff on my mind To play pin the tail on the donkey
Who am I? That's a loaded question. We are all dense individuals, filled like an overflowing dam with ideas, experiences and contexts.
I Am A Shooting Star Once You See Me I Amaze You But By Time You See Me, Im Already Gone My Existence Has Already Been No Longer Dead To The Outside, But Alive In Your Mind
I'm terrified of horror movies. I hate the zombies, vampires, and werewolves. But what scares me more than the supernatural, are human beings.  Because there is no possibility that they are not real.
How much better it is to be told you have a beautiful mind. Not just your appearance, but your thoughts that scatter and mix and create. Your feelings and beliefs and your emotions.
When we wake up, we see the sun, Golden and effervescent; Gleaming gladly with a smile at our bare faces, We shine in brilliance. Trying to shake things off to ignore the circumstances of Everyday life,
I stare in the mirror and what do I see? My flawless self staring back at me I don't need makeup or any type of weave I just get up, get dressed, blow myself a kiss, and leave
I think I am beautiful, In a different sort of way. I always keep them laughing, And they just want me to stay. My face is something of my own, One alike you'll never see.
At my school I am surrounded by wealth The girls are so beautiful, great outfits, great health   Their lives seem so easy and effortless, never a thing to bring them down 
What's in the shadows?What's in the dark?What's tucked away,in infinite thoughts?What is unspoken?What is away?In the mind ofa person,what don't they say?
It is a place where nobody speaks
It's not how I look, Or how I walk. It's how I react, When something's gone wrong.   As life goes on, There will be up's and down's. I try to survive, With the least amount of frowns.
Pictures are worth one thousand words and smiles can hide one million.  No one is as they seem. So I smile, pretty as a picture, and hide struggles that are mine to bear and no one else's to know.
I wake up and look in the mirror To red marks and scars on my face and body I cover them with makeup and whatever I can find But what I don't have to cover up is what makes me FLAWLESS
Ten. I can't stand myself sometimes but honestly who loves themselves one hundred percent of the time? Pictures are worth one thousand words but smiles can hide one million.
At my high school, I was a guy that everybody knew.  Everybody would dap me up and say "That Boy Rube."  They could easliy point me out by the waves in my hair and the color of my shoes. 
Why am I so amazing?   I got blood through my veins and oxygen through my lungs. Yeah my body performs so many miracles.   Plus even then I have the capacity to form emotions and a
You cannot know me, No matter how you try, For I am only known to me, There is more than meets the eye.   Inside the gilded cage, Inside the enigmic mind, No one knows my age,
Theres an artist behind this Idiot Theres an Ocean beneath this pool and it's full of sharks I present a calm surface because no one can fathom the depth and once they stick a toe in and realize there is no bottom
A place where most people fear,
Let me straddle your mind Let me lay on top of your thoughts Rubbing & caressing each care away Interrupting them with each touch & feel I can open you up, to love, lifting you up Giving you a high
Time. People. Dreams.   Times change
In my mind, the time rewinds--to moments, to memories, 
The world is so weird now, I always ask myself the obvious things. Why is this difficult? Or how could you be so sane?
Behind my smiles My good deeds My leadership My love for others Behind the eyes of those who look highest of me Who seek my guidence Behind all that i am I am paranoid
My hair has always reminded me of the ocean
The mind it worries And always hurries To dream up scenarios  In which it needs heroes. 
If I stay....
This unforgettable reminiscence haunts her daily, why can't IT let her be? Don't they know that it wounds within the spirit and mind?
Mr. Clock, why are you so mean? Every time I'm havin fun time flees, Yet every time I am unhappy you won't leave. Mr. Clock, your hands are evil, They control me in every way.
Nothing I do can stop it Nothing I look in the mirror I smile I see what everyone else sees But the mirror lies Beneath it all That's where the demons lurk
I reach out to grasp the door handle But my hand is stopped  Stopped by glass Glass is all around me and I panic Clear top, sides, bottom Then the water
The first day of middle school, dread and fear. This is what started my eighth grade year.   I knew no one, not one single friend
I found your pictures on my closet floor The only way of knowing you were here before And I no longer get waves of tears anymore
The world has not seen who I really am There is a fear whom one may know I am a girl who is afraid to show My laugh is loud and filled with joy People see me as if I’m a toy
 Fitting In. Well what does that mean? There are many meanings. To relate just wonder, but don't blunder. You want to be part of a group Have friends to relate too.
I don't make friends easily, I don't put makeup on my clear face, I don't have a sexual drive. In teen words. I am pretty much a fail. I assume I don't belong. To be honest, everyone's so similar and
I think To be “strong” is to be Miserable. To be “strong” when you feel your weakest, Is to destroy one self. I have never felt my “Strongest” when I’ve had to Pretend
Look all around you and tell me what do you see? Are people fighting for originality? Or hungry to be like you and me? This world lacks individuality, imagination and innovation.
On the outside, I am cold and restless Afraid to step outward, scared of the light I wear my social anxieties like a necklace For fear of humanities blight Upon my steel trap of a mind  
Well I've been sitting around lately
People say I'm beautiful.
The tiny tears slide down her face Alone and hopelessly Searching for a single trace Of whom she used to be Carefree, innocent girl Untouched by the evil unseen Now corrupted by the world
Here I sit, Mind opened, Thoughts spilling onto the floor, Creating a raging sea. A sea so vast, A sea so wide, A sight so magnificent I nearly cried. There is no plan of action,
Shine bright I love you a tear cries not me forever blue , you too hmmph Yes!! The moon looks good fresh like the soil in my pot grow little one grow big one
My mind is like an old paintbrush;
Walking in the the path I once knewNot understanding how I lost it all
I am a coward. I'm too scared to face myself.. Too scared to find myself. I'm always running away from thinking about the inevitable. I run away from reflecting on them.
My mind filled with so many thoughts Heart filled with hurt that won’t stop So young but forced to grow so fast No time to be a kid or dwell on the past Within an instant my life began to crumble
You told me you were going to do something, but it wasn't done. You told me you were going to teach me how to speak anothe language, I wasn't taught.
I exist within a beat A moment of synchronized sound.  An instance, determined by an ongoing tempo.
Traveling on my sub-conscience whim
Her heart is slowly dying. Her scars grow deeper and deeper. As she is no longer trying. Only watching the calamity beat her.   The fire surrounds her soul. She can no longer breathe, just take it in.
Inside of me there is an asylum,             surrounded by a moat of milky light bulbs;             the only bridge burned long ago.   The dungeon holds a dragonfly
The wall is there Looming tall and divine. Built from the bricks of adversity, Which bake in oven of pressure and worry. The wall is part of life.
My mind is curious yet all knowing, it jumps over obstacles like skyscrapers, falls but all ways lands on it's feet, puzzling but never out of place. Science alone cannot grasp the mind,
It takes time to make a mind impervious to cold and kind. Not one to fail because I never try, knowing all too well it takes time to die.
When the clouds roll in, thats when the fun begins Drops of silver falling from the sky, sit on the porch and watch the storm roll by Think of life and all its trials, think of hate and all my rivals
My mind is a mess I tell myself To take action    I know what I want I see it right there But I need to do something   I want to lock Myself in a white room
Rain   It was so cold,   We wandered through the woods to seemingly nowhere   Just because   Not even talking, just walking  
Is my mind so unoriginal, it can't think in another way? My thoughts have turned sappy Since he came around that day.   I love him, I love him He loves me too. I want this for forever
The best part of art lies in the subconscious, Not within the scrutiny of a scholar’s essay, Not within the thoughts that the artist speaks to herself, But within the very muscles of the hand,
Now before you decrease judgment, Heres some words yo
I think of it Often That urgency No longer dormant under my skin Pushing me to action Like a solstice Holding its breath Begging me along for the ride
You want to know what runs through a young teenage mind? Do you want to know the truth or lies? Fairytails, butterflies, finding the right guy! NO, thats not it at all. Death. Sex. Lies. Drugs. Guys.
It was their choice to have me, not mine. It was also their choice to have 5 other children, not mine.   It was their choice to have two cars, not mine. It was their choice to live in this house, not mine.
Trust me, you don’t want to know The thought that just flew through my head A game of quid pro quo with the status quo This cache of nostalgia makes my dread drop dead I keep craving for resolution
  They look like innocent birds,
My brain was stupidMy heart was blindMy body was fat.I would do anything to leave.
I hate the feelings of someone leaving
The Center Piece of any person Is a Calm that fills a certain type of rhythm Steady, Strong I think about this all night long My tick is a tock, my tock a strangled cry
Brain crackling like electricity touched it. Sharp taps at the back of the skull as if it hit cement. Chest tightening, heart missing, one large gaping hole, no lungs for a single breath. Bloody fingers.
Why does he talk so white? They ask with such confusion, such disdain, such arrogance  As if the color actually gripped him by the throat Poor kid, he wants to be a businessman during his better years
Walking down the street with tear in my eyes and you still have words to say to me? My head in the ground, dirt in my face and your still kicking me?
Every night... Senses show smite; Cut Clean Clever Closure. I dare you to drive down dusk demise... yet nobody knows the prize! A mite mind might miss minutes... before realizing its coexistence.
The only memory I havent yet blocked from my mind
When I hike, I am in sync. And when I'm in sync, I clearly think. My poles hit the rocks sounding out a clink, The repititious noise setting rhythm to the thoughts I think. When I clearly think,
What is the connection When around the melanin Feels electric communication   i feel his pain though he does not speak i feel her envy though she smiles sweet  
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
Its 11:55 right now and i began to think to myself why? Why me?  Why now? I work blood sweat an tears and do not know the reason why? Why does she lie? Why now?  My hands get weak when i think of this situation,
Words i don't care, if this is ever seen i dont care if my words connect if there is an effect i don't care if it is praised high or looked down all i care
When you meet an open person,
I forget the time that's passed, ironically I even forget what your face looked like as I remember our moments together. Most days it's as if you never existed. As if one tear never fell from my eye for you.
I told myself when I writeeverything
Not Stagnant By: Eric Turner
All the things I love about you.I love it when you open your eyes in the morning, and sometimes you look a little disgruntled.
Please don't say I'm perfect because you'll soon find out I'm not,  I have some imperfections, to be honest quite a lot,  I don't want to disappoint you, because on your pedestal I can't stay, 
You plan a future, though it's not promised to come. You plant seeds in your yard, but for weeks, the sun hasn't shun.  You know what you like, and know what you do, They're never the same, it's even obvious to you. 
We are the gigantic bowl of candy on top of the fridge
A boy I see with the eye.
Write all my wrongs. I hit my highs and I'm gone. You make it easy to stay, Grounded, and well rounded. I wish I recognized the difference Between how it felt and how it sounded.
Young like a kid and wild like a forest i meet him and felt complete for seven hundred thirty days i felt alive and loved.welcomed we wasted time, long talks on the phone,
Tick, tock, Trillions of thoughts race through in an instant.
No matter how much you hate, you have to love.  No matter how much you lie, you have to tell the truth.  dealing with reality, 
Most times my thoughts are simple A small idea They seem doable But out of no where they grow rampant Like a cells undergoing mitosis at a dangerous rate Then doubt starts overtaking.
A smile that is what I show Behind it a tortured mind that no one will ever know I walk my line, I do my time I try to be respectable, caring, and refined But on the inside what one does not see
Third eye intellect. Take time to self-reflect. Enticed by elevated wisdom. Non conformist conformed to intricate cognition. Mindfully, my mind is fully conscious . Keen insight in sight. 
The world is malicious Danger is naturally there Are you honestly ready?
i am my own women from my heart and my soul  i am my own women and dont need to be told  from the smile on my brown lips  to the curve of my thick hips  i am my own women  some people say that i am too big 
Peak into my mind, you'll see madness You'll see me trying to make things add up ME, trying to cope with this inner sadness My dangerous mind Its thoughts unruly They pray for my demise
Take our world. Take every inch of dirt, every blade of grass, every backyard, and every round beach ball on a summer day. Don't broaden anything. I mean every single one.
Not everything works Like it used to when We were young Disease fills us Disorders rot our minds and We’re never cured Anxiety creeps up Fire that you ignore but Can’t put out
Winding roads and fairy tales junk mail and seasonal spirits Nothing, empty; all the time Cluttered half the time by words and numbers Voices screaming, trapped in a place where no one can hear or see
Without all the make-up and accessories This is me Without all the lights and glamorous things
  Of all the dreams I dreams I think about my self-esteem It might me high, it might be low Just talk to me, so at least you’ll know
Now you see the thing about speaking your mind is like asking for a riot no no not any kind riot a riot about the mind you see the mind has a way of manipulating words
Music inspires seeds of intellectual concept to sprout from a fresh mind. Weeds find their way into a mix of ideals when the presence of spirit is in question.
Where did you see it, It ran off just moments ago, I really wish it wouldn't flit. and unfortunately it isn't slow Is it down the street? Through the park? On the bus seat? Hiding in the dark?
What makes us the way we are? The things we wear? The people we hang out with? The things we like? Or is it simply the things we do, say, or the way we act? I believe that the world has a way of shaping us all.
The nostalgia sets in as I attempt to remember a time in my life without music:  
I might look content  Or seem happy I wear a smile upon my face I hold my head high  Just like my mother told me  It may seem like i have a lot of confidence 
Maybe One day I hope I will make enough new memories To fill up all the gaps and holes you poked into my mind   One day nothing Will make me think of you again
chained to stone, to these pillars i know as home withered by time and awaiting to claim what's mine angered by the visions of shame. unleash the beast that resides inside undo my chains that i carry in my mind
I’ve been hurt I’ve been beat Been drug down by my feet-- I’ve been crying I’ve felt raged Tried to put down all the right words on the page-- I’ve felt the darkness of the bottom
My braids
When our species is summoned  Brought from the unknown Where in is one's spirit shown? It is hidden deeply within only obviously felt when  you feel it radiating remembering where
This is not just a hobby No, this is therapy THis is my private counseling session Poetry is the classroom and my pen is the lesson And my mind is the curriculum and I am the board of education
Thoughts are like water They can be deep and shallow They can be salty and fresh   How they shape the land A turgid wanton current  Sweeping away its victims    Maybe limpid still
There is a strange peace in loneliness,
I stand, as still as can be, and acceptingly watch as universal energy flows energy in and out of every fiber of my being.
it is 4a.m. i peer down at christmas lights strung across dusty anthills. 6 stories and 1 roof high, my metaphorical hand grasps the closest metaphorical hand; knees are pressed up against backs for warmth.
Dreams are straight fisty, if you don't chase it , then you'll never get the right seen,
I made it, i knew I'd make it just didn't know how They'd take it, who? the doubters, the haters,
To be heard is a marvelous thing To really see what isn't seen And feel what is really spoken Humans were made for this sort of connection You see to be truly human is to be truly known
Can you believe it? Neither can I. Those girls that are called ugly,dirty, stupid Who cry Replace their breasts, inject their lips Nip, tuck their thighs? Can you believe it? Neither can I.
Times will be harsh, but don't give up, You have to fight, even when you've said, "enough",
The vibes you give off cloud my judgment You don’t stimulate my creativity Instead of being independent Like the sun in the midday sky I’ve become like Many a star in your galaxy Your “wolf pack”
As this brewing math problem strives through my brain with its persistence, I sit and think 'these are the banes of my existence!'
Uh in this world We listen to the public To things society says Speak something of it Searching for the person to be Sit here do nothing Fighting while chasing our dreams Failures no option
what is there left to tell anymore? I'm presenting my case to an empty room filled with silence that illuminates my hurt. Don't worry about it, you're worthless to me now; you
In my mind My flower's
a tunnel a tunnel that is deep
You know what makes me tick....
My mind is a haven for imagination. No need for sleep in order to be dreaming. Stories are just constantly streaming. Visualizing unwritten characters is my daily preoccupation.
Where has the privacy gone? From homes separated by a large canvas Of green grass and long fences Now walls sit not a feet from walls Where voices can clearly be heard And privacy has dissipated into the
My brain is a computer - Yelling out binary code -  
Turning, they're turning. Cogs are swirling, Vines are curling, There's 72 songs playing in my head.   Turning, the world is turning. Phones are ringing, And I am still pinging.
Playing Peek-A-Boo through the bushes. I see a daisy, a damsel in distress, I wonder to myself; a flower that has never been caressed.
When all goes dark and quiet You know my song has started Close your eyes and imagine Thousands of little lights watching Can you guess where you are? The slow humming is all you hear
Dreaming is the language that my mind speaks
This: a whirling vicious cycle underneath
Hybrids are better than the rest because they are stronger, their lives are more fulfilled and they live longer. A human hybrid is both strong and smart, they are destined for greatness from the very start.
When will that exception appear?...
Abandoned once again Find strength, confidence, when? Smile when you're sad Cry when you're happy Nothing makes sense thoughts overlapping Long gone from this world Heart broken, lost, hurt once more
I don’t know what life is.. 
  what litters my Mind, is the Mind itself. how self-absorbed and arrogant of itself,
Before I was less caring Always complaining Even when things go my way I expected better More easier Before I wanted to Grow up faster Do what I want And be independent
I see you
I admit: I am selfish/greedy I am arrogant I am dumb I am a glutton I am clumsy I am a show off I am lazy I am a liar And I accept it...
My wings are controlled, By the ones who have created me, Am I not able to free myself, From this cage of security, Unable to fly, As freely as I want too, All I want to show,
My mind has seasons of its own.....crashes by stainless pressure critical remarks of laughter that i dont find amusing
Rushing, always rushing, Really no time to look back for what you wish was coming. Movement, perpetual movement, Making steps towards the revolution.   "You're so strong," they always said,
Hiding behind her own reflection Having to deal with her satisfaction The mirror tells no lies And at night she'll refuse to cry The knife will show her a new way To express what she has to say  
I am alive I am living this nightmare I am drowning in your eyes They're staring cold back at me I am scared Of what your mind holds for me   I am asleep I am tossing and turning
Set ablaze The fire Deep within my soul.   Let it burn Passionately And Intensely While it Wavers in the wind.   Let it grow While it feeds
When your vision distorts And ragged breath is the only audible sound Ears are pouring out discrimination Because for once, twice, or more they can no longer be chided
I scare myself It’s not being good at being bad Though that too plays in It’s what happens within dreams The reality and sin It’s the reflection of what you fear Thought up by your subconscious
What makes me tick. What makes me tick. Life. Life makes me tick. The feeling of not knowing my tomorrow makes me tick.
I'm losing my mind it's three in the morning and my mind is starting to unwind, I'm going on auto drive and everything is so intensified,
I have a house I call my own, within a white cerebral sky. It’s lively and it flows, but someday it’ll die.                                   Splattered with pink, red, and white,
Skyscrapers and boxes while the sound of adolescence crowds the halls.
At any given moment you could ask me what's on my mind      and I could give you a categorized list with bullet points to spare           left blank for the few memories that are climbing out of bed
Electricity and power and thoughts inside Music, and wonder and time It’s just a glimpse inside my mind   Worry and hope and tears I’ll cry Happiness and running and learning to fly
Who am I?  Am I the person you see right in front of you?  Am I the person you hear people talking about?  Am I the person crying out for attention?  Am I the person who needs your approval on who I am? 
Darkness surrounds. Sudden burst of lights. Flashing,  Running, and... Carrying? What do these stars carry with them? Like cars on the freeway, They travel head to toe.
The pieces never fit to begin with.    Given fragments of things that don't match;  they weren't even close...  Wanting rain for every moment,  lost in a place with no way out, 
in your mind you stand alone with the white walls and floor that never seem to end. step. nothing. step. nothing. step. something. stop. the floor rumbles as it spreads
Hope for the best, Plan for the worst, End up somewhere in the middle. My life it seems Is nothing more than a riddle. A web of words, With no meaning, Causing joy, sadness,
Troubled spirits speak the most... Because so much pain has the words flowing like the tears we cry.
oh, you like her? oh please tell me more. wow, shes pretty! thats in creaqdible she really sounds like one of a kind. listen, now you have to understand here you seem to have this brain defficiency 
What makes me tick? Where to even begin? How can I reply when I can’t rely On my own mind. Exactly what kind Of question requires a response to complex It perplexes me, thoughts so convex
I don't know what love is, Well, that's what they said. As they went and spouted that nonsense To their flavor of the week.I don't know what love is?I wonder... What is it that I feel,
The Human mind is very stouborn, very closed, and very tight. Ever since the day we were born, we lose our sight, to what WE think is right.   The way Humans think is not so great,
The renewing of my mind would not be an easy feat 18 years of conditioning will be a struggle to reverse 18 years of thinking that I was never enough; good enough, smart enough, pretty enough
My thoughts painted the mid night sky red and vibrant colors to show them i still hope.
Holding back, No longer allowing slack Pulling in the reigns On this issue that is causing me so much pain If I could create a world, would color be in it?
She doesn't care where you are coming from or going to She doesn't  care how old you are or how wise you've become
What do I do whenOpening my mouth to voiceTo carefully shape what I think are words of beauty to Your ears,I am flung roughly asideAnd, raising my headI find myself as aggravating background noise
Mind over matter But what really matters Controlling your mind or leaving the matter to the master
We forget the words of equality that once were said, In the fight for Civil Rights blood once stained the roads red. First it was women, then it was blacks. Round and round we went and now we're back.
My mind is wise but my heart is naive and my soul is worn and weary yet  my body is of a young girl   I don't even know how I'm so young but I'm so old.
I don't really know if my thoughts stay in my headThe thoughts that find me while I sink into my bedThey corner me, distract meNever leaving me a day
A talk with my conscious   He like me I like him Ahhh, no I don't He's always on me. Giving me hugs What's wrong with that? I don't like him Or I'm not sure
I think about you everyday.
many people do not understand the mind. The mind is infinate, the mind is our strongest asset. there are so many doors entering places you did not know of. yet it is your own mind. we blanace on a thin string of mental competance.
It's extremely loud in here, Though you do not hear it from there. You may not be able to tell, There are a lot of arguments  And the music is always up too loud.   Though the words spoken, shake,
Illuminated minds And related kinds Elated to find gold  In the mind that's my mind Unrefined, unaligned  With mainstream views As I daydream of good news Brighter days, righter ways
Have the eye of the tiger, the heart of a lion, and
The tattoos on my body are words. Read me like a novel, my body tells the story. Graze your fingers over the text, you'll see what will come next. The tattoo on my body signifies loyalty.
The people act like they know me. Act like they know what it's like to be "free". Freedom? What a fucking joke. Locked inside the bars of my own mind, rattling the cells but no one hears me.
'Where are you?', is what he called. The sweet childs sing-song voice called over the cloud of darkness. 'Where are you?', he calls again...giggling shortly after. 
My insecurities has taken Over all things me I can feel the change in my mind the hurt in my heart I no longer believe the words that are said I'm dead In the inside with no hopes of coming back you have broke me down to my last there is nothing
In Front of the camera she is the world’s beauty, But in front of the mirror she is her own enemy. Her make-up covers her flaws, Moreover, her appearance is a part of her moral laws.
Love is forever Love is fleeting Love is kind Love is harsh Love is ease Love is hard Love takes time Love makes time fly Love is fragile Love is enduring
In my mind, there's an empty room Void of light, of sound, Of any outside connection, I only have the faintest memory Of what it used to be An echo of despair, and loneliness,
     I’ve found there are questions and then there are questions.
Beautiful, truthful words can’t be spoken without being thrown out by others. This is why I throw all my little, meaningful words into a pretty little box… They are for no one else to see but me.
My heart burns hottest flames blue My body sweats being in the sun My mind's lost my heart's empty All my emotions now disperse For now my heart hurts A flash of an image And my mind suddenly works
Why is it that every time I try to write its like my heart and mind are having a fight?
I want to go deep in your thoughts and explore every inch of your mind
Seduce me not with thi
The Mind; it alters with time it makes matters better, or worse, in it's prime. It's peculiar to know that we all have a mind each different, unique each on of a kind. Some are poisoned,
An artist’s mind is often swallowed by indigenous thoughts. Trying to balance ones conceptions on a fine thread.
I'm slipping. You make me so confused sometimes. I'm still trying to figure out if you're good for me. You take my breath away. But, don't I need to breathe? I'm confused.
I am the black girl sitting in the back of your classroom The black girl that deals with racism day after day
the flourescent lightson her iridescent skinreveal the railroad tracksof her train with no brakes"all aboard," the ageless conductor criesshe climbs in.
Dear Lord, And then the thought vanishes Like ink words never written on a page. The words that fall like glistening coins from my lips Lack backing in a truer currency.
Sitting in silence turning this daymomments sweep by, memories stray. the beauty of change is that in the mind,even the sweetest momments go bye. So dont hold on to memories they arnt stillthey are simply important if you give them the will.let th
Ha, my mind is a mess take away my struggle and relieve my stress cause this unhealthy relationship isn't at it's best. Full me with drugs and lets peek at whats next.
It takes a while. Speaking. Writing. Communicating. These are all things which people take for granted. Luck. Something which does not come easily to me. Ouch! Unfortunately, this simple word is said a lot. Almost daily. Too often. Brain. Head.
It doesn't matter if I try all these feelings must slowly die. I don't care to tell my friends, but this will come to an end. I won't let them into my mind, all the secrets they would find.
I'm like a child who cries itself to sleep, but instead of crying, what I do is think. I think myself insane, analyzing every bit, until my heart rate quickens and I work up a panicking fit.
Why can't anything ever work out right? These are just words on a page. They don't actually change anything. They just barely offer an outlet to my rage. My heart and mind, Never see eye to eye.
Curiosity becomes a whisper and questions remain unanswered WE are drowned in our own famine for knowledge.
Your mind is like a winding road Singing songs of our past home Thoughts adjusting to the stale air And striking hope within   Your mind is like a steaming teapot Brewing with ideas
The voices I heard in my head are so loud, discombobulated, overbearing, That it makes me wonder how you can be so sure about what the hell you are talking about!
As I sit and think of why certain things must be. The anger, the confusion, which oh how frustrates me. We are blind by the emotional disconnection, when I witness such cruelty.
My heritage and my background, The color of my skin or the color of yours the length of my hair or the length of my nails, My hieght or my size only have as much power as i give them
  Have you fallen so deep, to where you can’t catch your breath?   Have you fallen so deep, to where you think it’s all in your head?   It’s not just all up there, no one can ever be prepared  
Feel sick to my stomach...Just want to throw-up... Trying to stay positive, but real, as well... Seeing things I dislike...Thinking about things that are out of sight, but still in the mind....
What do you do when all of your fears come true? When you want to run and hide But the only place to be alone is in your mind You take out a pen and paper & write as you cry
My mind summarizes my life. It was created only for me. It recognizes what I'm made of, my potential, and will for eternity.
  In our hearts are hopes and dreamsonly to be replaced by lies and screams.They ponder away so silent and cold,wishing they could be thought of and retold.
three hearts beating out loud it speaks it listens  in the silent crowd hands interlock and we all meet in a circle where we quietly greet each other's rhythms beating as one
There are secrets—Well, there are always secrets. But there are secrets that lie in wait for me. They lie just below the surface.
I have a bad habit of developingbad habits.
I walk into the class, Room nine and all I see are boys behinds I wish they would take school more serious cause what they're doing is delerious
  The apathetic deal with their emotions by not touching them. Thoughts, what thoughts? They turn feeling into physicality Some say its a brute, primal way. But it's genius, Brilliant,
Incumbent Ideas the shapes the sounds Twisting in the folds of my cerebrum clenching digging poking wriggling grey matter white matter irritation Swelling with the shapes the sounds
I don't know why, Why I feel this way. I don't know how, How to let you go. I don't know what, What to do. Confused about everything, Everything but you. I feel hollow.
Sand is sifting, The grains of time, tumbling Through, down to the dune of The underworld of times past. Moments descending upon us, We take no notice. Moments falling, behind and below existence,
Fear overwhelms the soul. Chains imprison the mind. What is the end of the line? Detour comforts the train.   The risk holds hostage love. Maniac masks on a good heart.
My eyes. The teardrops of the skies. The blackness of the night. Darkness made bright. My lips. The fruit of the lies. The taste of the men. Hunger in eyes. My hips.
Myself; As expansive as the ocean, Yet also a wanderer within its great depths. With no thought at all I flow with its motion, But resistance is found when I consider my breadth. Deeper than the submarines,
Their magnetic hands grab at mepulling me into the darkInebriated with emotions.. "NO! Won't stop..won't stop.."A spirit inside me is screaming"Can't lose myself-must keepgoing."
  Thoughts flood the mind in ample quantities. They provide attention for the unknown. They give power to reason and to imagine. Thoughts give the power to form or understand.
One day i noticed casually, the mind's a tricky thing. It helps and hurts and never stops until the final "ding." It helps you solve your problems, but also can make more,
Throbbing and pounding,I give you your deepest thoughts.You're not using me correctly,Everything about me gradually rots.
A slow, seeping pain enters my body,But I know too well that it was already there;Dormant, sleeping, then like a whisper,It shatters the silence, but its secret is only shared with me.
Her doleful eyes pierced his silhouetteThe mind, pushing back his tearsleft his heart unguardedAs lies escaped his breathso did their security
My thoughts sprawl across the night,even with closed eyes.I wish I could pluck little memories,and throw them miles away.They dance playfully in and out of my mind,confusing what is real.
Intrigued, intrigued by life I see everything surrounding me. I feel it too. I went from learning to tie shoe to being able to choose.. Choose who it'll be I'll see in front of this country.. Ain't talking U.S. when they talking bout Us man..
Thoughts fluttering my conscience mind as I try to unwind from time spent making seven twenty-five and a dime. How can I be at ease knowing that I have two mouths to feed and no one to take heed to the pain that is felt within. 
                                                  Did you ever wish you can turn back time To that one scene in your life.   When listening to your head just didn’t seem right?  
O’, terrible awful mind of mine. How can I even begin to think when you constantly barrage me with these blatantly hopeless thoughts? My young soul yearns for the freedoms of innocence, yet you dash these nursery time fantasies.
While I'm sleeping, my shadow dances. She creeps out from under me, cautiously at first, careful not to wake me.
I stole a peek inside today, and what peered back left me in dismay.   I myself, I must betray, today I shot myself, and walked away.
Be a mastermind. Be one of a kind. Be the best of the best,  and you may fly.   Become a better leader. Become the overseer. Become better than the rest, And you may rise.  
This healer, he produces words of wisdom His power is to reach into my soul and squeeze. He raises me up into his kingdom and brings me down upon my knees.
How am I?How am I?I'm fine I'm fighting back rageAt a broken down system I'm crying in painFor accepted ignorance I'm screaming bloodFor everyday injustice
One never gets to the path of the light so easy like The boulders of corruption block the path And the marching soldiers are seduced by the spiders of temptation And the carnations of asphyxiation
I am from the southern part of Dayton, Ohio. I am from my dad and granddad because my dad has anger management And because my grandparents didn't want children, And when I was born I was real sensitive on the inside
Words rising and falling like mountains and valleys.Letters form Heroes with passion and calling.Seas of ideas, all structured in stanzas.
  The words envelope me, Comfort me, Free me, And let me speak without saying a word. Each sylabl ringing, clearing my mind, and rolling off my tongue with every annouciation.
Escape Because a cruel world needs a safe place Dream Because sometimes a piece of paper and a pen can create a new reality Emotion Because tears come to often and tissue runs out Love
don't touch me! don't look at me with your eyes! let go of me! times like this scars reappear. fall on the cold ground, embrace the air, curl in a ball. try to feel anything other than you.
My Mind is a boat, it sails me to far-away places: My hopes and my dreams and my familiar faces. My Mind is a palace, it hangs my past on the walls: My loves and my friends and my favorite old dolls.
Poeticinsecuritieshauntingunbrokendreams in placesdeep beneaththe wavesof electrolytespulsingthrougheach brandnew idea.
  bounding on the river, while I had my thoughts   about "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For"               a summer and a winter life;            its fogs from frosts in the spring, 
For 18 years I've been lost about being lost and tossed around by meaninglessness Worried about pieces of paper in the future For the last 2 years, I've been eating the last doughnut And sneaking a glass of wine
I keep over thinkingAnd I give myself problemsThese problems only exist in my mindBut my mind won’t shut upSo I continue to have these problemsThat aren’t even real
Narcissistic Ned is driving; no surprise there. It's all about him. The others? Who cares? Contemplative Craig lays sprawled out behind.
I'm a princess, trapped in the tower called my mind, will the prince rescue me, the prince called psychology, will my demons win, will I be surpassed by my next of kin, will I be a pauper, 
To change the past was your mistake A broken life you can’t remake Scars become the lines that you have crossed.   A child’s yearning to be free Became your own worst enemy.
I broke the vow, and ran out of the church. I did for us! I did for our love! And nevertheless, I disappointed my father.
 I zoned emptiness into my mind as I lay dormant on my mattress with nothing but air My only safe haven is overtaken by infestations no being should bare.
                             A mind tied in knots and it cannot be set free! It is like everything is arising in distress, filled with anger, hatred, and revenge.                              The world constantly becomes a blur.
Try, you hear.  Because honestly, no matter how you were before this crept upon you, now ‘you’ is all you can think of.  Try, because that’s the best way to combat, because that’s what you should do! You know this, of course you do.  You know much
Feels like my mind is gone, my brain-is-fried,Thoughts keep coming, I guess it remains-alive,Driven to the point of insanity, which lane-do-I-drive?Trying to keep my head up, like a sniper, 'cause I aim-high,
anger with frustration is a nasty combination with a little confusion and you mind will cave in head simply spinning   can't concentrate forget the date and run in hell's direction
I write to exposethe venom that has strickenit is closing the windowclouding our astral vision As the venom sinks inIt is time to wonderWhat is the antidoteto be discovered
  Oh Angelic Extension of my mind's orchestra Form your divine halo  Block daily screeches from the my mental sanctuary Whisper meditative melodies that will help me transcend carnal noise
Words that tortureWords that blessWhat shall put my thoughts to rest? Heart held captiveBy the mindFeelings ever left confined Words that tortureWords that hauntConsequence of fate unkind
I wander throughout the earthSearching for my havenWhere is safety?All that I see is as the firstNothing familiar to my sightConstantly running from the pastForever hauntingHe hunts for my soul
Innocence…Enlighten my eyesYour memory haunts my soulWill you forget me forever?Is our separation an eternity?Innocence…Vileness consumes meDarkness blinds me
Art, mind, body, soul. All are connected. Poetry, theatre, dance, sing. All are therapy. With therapy we join. With therapy we live.
I may be one, but in my mind, I am a majority of one.
                                                                Shall I Compare Thee   Shall I compare thee to a bright star. Thou art more beautiful and more bright.
  My mind is a prison The prisoner locked inside the cell  is me Why you may ask because i can't gain control so i lose it every time and when the control is lost the pain takes over
My mind contains a world of its own.   I live among things natural, familiar and known Yet yearn for those lands of magic that I must leave With those gateways to fairies, witches, and miracles
I write for you. I write for me. I write for everyone.  Hundreds of thoughts run through my mind, Some bad some kind, But I write both down to save my peace of mind. I write to remeber the good times,
The Imagination is the key, to ones true self. Seeing the colors of a rainbow in different hues, The Imagination is the key, to one’s true self. Seeing the colors of a rainbow in different hues,
The world has shut me out. Told to never speak truths again. My mind holds back my hearts true nature and shoves it in a corner of doubt. My poor heart slowly becomes passive like a wild lion whipped into submission.
I am a teenager I am young but feel so old around my peers I am alone with my elders I am whole with the gossip I abhor- my heart just seems to break. Thepressures irr irreg
I walk these ghetto streets to and fro People have come but most of them go Looking around for a ray of sunlight Darkness follows me without the moonlight I have been on this decrepit road forever
She will fill me with glee, when she finally decides to come to California with me. I have always dreamed of traversing the wine country, though I have never been, so when, when, when?
The creaky, half-snapped sidewalk chalk talks out the problems of my lonesome childhood. My thickly-marked, Fruit-Loop colorings and blurred characters console me about my constant house-swapping because
Do you believe in life ? It's calling your name That persistent ringing in your ears Makes you feel the shame
From a fly on the wall to a man standing tall from a shell on the beach to a wave of coherent speech I am stepping out of the shadow of childhood and into a responsible brain. surrounded by gray matter
What If? What if sandwiches could talk? Cuz it looks like they have mouths. What if trees could walk? Cuz the roots look like legs. What if pictures were portals to the past? Cuz picture frame shapes look like small time machines.
The soliloquies in my heart and in my brain are begging to be released shouting loud, their words manifested on paper relinquishing all that has been trapped, like a caged bird or swirling wind in a cave.
Indifference blinds my generation with ignorance, it’s a lack of concern, of attention and lack of interest, for other people, for life, and for God in every sense.
Unsurpassed, unwavering, unthinkable fear. There is no assurance of tomorrow. Any known stability, ripped from my grasp. The voices without end. There is no escape! They will be coming for me. Too late!
Late at night, my thoughts come to play Dancing in my head, each leap of thought a new a brilliant point Sometimes bright and full, sometimes melancholy All creating a glorious web in my mind’s theater
Where do I fit? Standing among the crowds, Watching them all pass by, They all have an identity. Where do I fit? I break their molds, I am too good to be bad, And too bad to be good.
Sadness lurks on the street like an ancient greyhound—forlorn, lonely, With a heavy satchel strapped on his back, slowly limping on the road To nowhere. The rest of the known world has deserted him—left
I was a Stopper, a panic, a coil, Watching. With Awe. as my life would spoil Away with fear as I lay in my slumber. Falsely believing my days were numbered.
My blood runs cold, My thoughts are dark, But you already know, And I've left my mark. Even knowing this, You can't stay away. You wanted one kiss, Now keep yourself at bay.
I saw the world for what it truly is when i closed my eyes. She figured out her worth when she closed her thighs He truly saw himself when he left the guys We are all robots in disguise living lies
Too often we have to have "me time" you know... that free time that "I don't know, I gotta see" time... with oursleves A moment to reconcile and re-evaluate everything that equates to whats going on
Immortal souls don't last forever. They are taken by greed. Frozen in time and space. Never changing. Ceasing to live.
knowing when to run , knowing when to fly Knowing when to look back, knowing when to question why knowing when to run , knowing when to fly knowing when to live, and knowing how to survive
What do we have if not our minds? Any ownership we claim is fleeting Our possessions wither, wear, and decay Yet, we still cling to things in this world While our minds slip and fade.
I am alive in my room Where there are two windows One right, one left The right one is painted white, layered with curtains of daffodils The left window is clean and clear, framed in black porcelain
COUNCIL OF FIVE by Margarita Cavazos I have a council of five in my forehead. Sometimes some are out to lunch. And one or two must answer for them.
Cliques are just a form of people who have heartless thoughts , & feelings that you can't bare to think of with their evil stares demon like thoughts surround me every day, the way they move like a pack of cheetahs looking for their prey to fe
On the other side of sometimes, I wait with baited breath On the other side of sometimes, I keep away from death
It’s not until you say something truly meaningful That people start to hear your words
I'm sorry you think that I'm hopeless, I'm sorry I told you it's true. I'm sorry that you cannot see me, I'm sorry you cannot break through.
I’m afraid, To let people See the tears roll uncontrollably Down my face Each one mimicking the last. And, I don’t want To have to face them And show them that I feel.
The things I’ve been through Written about, which hold the Story line of my past. And I hope that the reader Can learn and laugh along with me. Feel my frustrations Realize the fullness of the path
here we are all alone, each of us a dry,    dead             bone. NOTHING left to loVe or haTe                          a barren wasteland of empty fate
Feeling a depth of despair inescapable, an entangled mindweb is my dwelling and my tongue tastes of bitter longing.
Memories cross my mind as they try to escape, I try to control which ones stay or go this method never seems to work but I keep trying anyways. I try to file my memories Into discrete sections
My days are blurring over Everything turning into one dark grey The thoughts I think all different shades Cool, Dark. Subtle, Sudden. Shocking, Gawking… The greys chase eachother through my mind
My heart my heart, my fickle heart Longs for the sun but lingers in dark And aims for my love, but misses the mark My heart my heart, my fickle heart
The ways to be noted within the masses require the mind to be one with self and posses high hopes.
Why lie when I can see it through your eyes? You just make it worse, But what can you say, that's just life's course. What your going through, isn't so good, relying on sorrow isn't so well.
Silently pondering Hiding the pain and strain Giving me no absolute gain Ranting mind, unforgiving memories Repressed feelings Wish I could take them away
Suffocation, suffocation Why must you be? Must you be so vast and prevent me from seeing? Tight grips on my neck Back against the wall What will I do?
I hold on to pain From which nothing is gained Remembering times When I was trampled down Down into the ground Beneath the soil where the bugs lay Instead of rot, I sought reality
Always on my mind Your presence never binds As of lately I can't let go Of these feelings, so low Zap away those neurons That make your face appear Very, extremely, and closely near
~chase your dreams it took a lot of rocks it took 10 times more stones i took the wounds i healed the broken bones those were only things pushing me towards the throne i never let you bring me down
Why did I feel that my presence was an abomination and that a cut on my wrist should be my only physical sensation? That at the drop of blood all my anguish would disappear,
In my childhood I climbed holly trees and magnolia. Innocence was a summer day Locked outside with your bicycle; Locked outside with the water hose; Locked inside your room.
As soon as you walk out of my line of sight, you turn to vapor in my mind; all of your wet particles sadly slosh against my occipital lobe like waves to an empty shore
Hey im the soul man; the inside man. Feeling every emotion, every mood swing. I can't help that everyone wants to get me high off of that good stuff, Weed is what they call it.
ignorant they are higher they get faster they drop blowing a blunt behind the yard soon i hop they hit the grave government strives to get them up ignorant am not straight A's all year
I see through you like clear water Like an absent man's daughter Positive on the outer But deep inside you are a doubter
This is the concrete jungle With a pocket full of dreams Where inspiration meets temptation A city oy in a small town The future is bright My thoughts ride a higher train Higher Than intution
the edge of tide, the edge of reality. Water is a mirror of Ourselves, with no place to call home. Calm or Turbulent, we are still us.
it looks in my eyes pleading me to use em but I tell him no I refuse but he knows my words were all lies I can't find myself to take any steps away so I join him seeing his effects so much from a small object
I can't take what's happening these days, people coming up with strange ways to do things. Can't find the right phrase, it's like I'm in a race inside this trapped maze, life? Such a big chase,
Bump and bop and knock then stop. It’s a rhythmic beat to reap the sleep and see what’s been shown, not meet what’s been known over and over again, just changing how it flows from pen to pen or mind to mind.
¿No entiendes la locura de mi mente? La locura creada por esta sociedad, por toda esta gente. No entiendes el tumulto en mi corazón creada por locura, no tiene razón. Estoy desesperada. Estoy confundida.
When the body dies, where do the thoughts go? Dreams stay just dreams? Do lost ambitions remain what could have been? Are the emotions once so drastic simply just pretend?
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