For The Flowers: Breaking The Cycle

Flowers are just so pretty. each and every single flower grow in such a graceful way and none of them every come out ugly. why can’t i be a flower?

being a baby is sort of like a seed if you think about it.

You cry, and crawl, and laugh, and cry some more for attention.

Sometime you don’t even need to look for attention because flowers like babies, just bring this x-factor of attention to where if a baby is in a room it’s just all eyes on the baby.


With babies being the seeds we start to go through puberty

as a teen you look decent, somewhat ugly, like a flower that hasn’t bloomed.

Just a green stem in the middle of a patch of grass.

blended in with patches of grass and weeds.


But as you  mature you show your pretty petals and everyone stops and stares and wants to push their cheeks agaisnt you and smell the heavenly aroma.


But when you grow older you die.

But why do you die?

Why do we need to die?

Why can’t we be pretty forever and never have to go through the pain of living most of our lives being ugly and for some they will become pretty.


why does this happen?  


Maybe I didn’t want to be born, but we never get the choice of decided to want to be born. Why do we let people control our lives. Why is it that two people have to control us for half of our lifetime just because we look like them.

We think like them. We grow up and become them. It’s all a cycle.

I just want to break this cycle and be my own person. I want us to stop controlling everything. Why can’t we just stop having offspring. That offspring you create and birth will have a mind of it’s own one day and i’m pretty sure you just like me didn’t want to live a life like this.

I was never prepared for this, I never wanted to be born, I never had a choice if I wanted my existence to be created, so why do I let other people get to control that and take that away from me.


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