The Moment I Come Alive

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 10:08 -- Crosby


Further I descend

Down into the depths of my conscience

Into the darkness until my mind is gone.

The darkness shrouds my mind like a veil

It fills my mind with clouds

And distorts my every emotion


They tell me this depression is just a phase

They say I can control the darkness

But no they don’t understand

They cannot see the chemicals

They cannot see the electric pulses

They do not know the depths of my mind


My mind is a cavern

It is Daedalus’s labyrinth

It is vast like the heavens

And as dark as the Mariana

I am lost in its vastness

Swallowed up by the darkness

Held fast by its fingers

I call out for light

But alas I am not God

I am alone in my mind

And I am afraid of the power it holds

I tremble and cry alone in the dark

Come to my rescue lover of my soul and heart

Only you can shine a light in the dark

Do what no drug can do

Break me from my holding cell

Only you can help me escape this hell.

My mind it laughs at me

It mocks me

It curses me

It is my worst enemy.


No, no longer shall my mind reign

No longer shall it burn my flesh.

I will throw off these chains

I will break free

I shall bind my mind in iron and steel

It shall no longer be my warden,

It shall no longer be my bane.

I will cast this ailment aside

I will enter into a brave new world

Where the light is king

And where the lion shall lay by the lamb


Fill me with life, oh God

Allow me to feel again

Let your love leave a mark

Let it bring me to life

Release me from my prison

Allow me to spread my wings and soar

Soar away from my mind’s grasp

Soar where Icarus could not.

I shall no longer be a slave

No longer shall the darkness control me

No longer am I dead to life

For this is the moment I come alive.

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