Within & Without

“Within & Without”


I see you from afar,

A distant blinking amidst the stars,

Clothed in the clouds of infant galaxies.

Infinitely far away,

Separated by a veil I cannot see through,

Cannot pierce or penetrate,

Yet from the moment of my conception,

We were destined to be inseparable.


I see you up close,

Magnified by decisive eyes.

Illuminated in the smallest grain of sand

Formed by the slow passing of time.

I peer through panes of glass

To see little worlds created by little gods.

You’re revealed in those tiny abstracts,

Those thoughts that have taken form.



I feel you on my skin;

Gone with an exalted breath,

Then inhaled again.

A fleeting flickering, tickling against flesh.

I feel you in my soul;

Twisting and turning,

Tumultuous, tortuous,

Relentless conviction.


I know what you’d say

If we stood face to face;

I’m killing myself

With the decisions I make.


I know what you’d tell them

If they’d only listen;

The same thing you’re telling me-

We’re consumed by insanity.


Now I hear what you’ve been saying,

Whispering gently since my infancy.

You only want one thing from me.

My temporal eternity.

My brief immortality.


The life that I covet,

Dedicate selfishly to myself.

A fiend defending my own depravity,

I am deceived

By a world that is not at all what it seems.


It’s not much to ask, you say.

I only want to take the pain away.

It’s a small price to pay.

And I know

But I ignore you anyway.


I can’t let you in.

Or rather,

I won’t let you stay.


Within me, you are the lover of my soul-

Untouchable, but never once letting me go.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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